Akame Ga Kill's best antagonist is, without a doubt, Esdeath. While the anime had plenty of powerful heroes and villains, Esdeath's dark and exciting character overshone them all. While she was a brutal and strong fighter she also had beautiful features which made her look even more special in most fans' eyes.

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Akame Ga Kill quickly became one of the most beloved and darkest anime with spectacular fight scenes and some of the strongest anime characters ever. The anime loosely followed the manga, but after a while, it got new characters and exciting new storylines as well as a unique anime ending.

10 Her Father Died In Her Arms

Anime Akame Ga Kill Esdeath Uniform

While it might be hard to believe,t Esdeath wasn't always a heartless monster. When she was a child she had to watch her father die in her arms after her whole village was burned down to the ground.

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Everyone died in the village except for the then kind and soft Esdeath. After the tragic incident, she vowed that she'll get stronger and will harden her heart.

9 She Cut Off Leone's Chest

Leone after activating Lionel

Esdeath was cruel and her darkness even showed in her curiosity. During an especially tough fight, Esdeath decided to cut off Leone's breast purely out of curiosity. Esdeath wanted to see how fast would her breast grow back.

It was surprising for most fans since she didn't do it to win the fight but because she had a twisted mind. Leone had regenerative abilities and lost not only her chest but even her arms multiple times. She was always able to grow them back, but it was still cruel.

8 She Was A Sadist

esdeath, Akame Ga Kill

Esdeath was a sadist who enjoyed humiliating and torturing others. She was feared on battlefields because she was ruthless during fights. She also enjoyed mentally and physically dominating her opponents.

During the series, she tortured many characters and even preferred younger boys than her age since she wanted to be dominant in her private relationships as well. Over the years Esdeath became one of the most sadistic and powerful female villains not only in Akame Ga Kill, but in anime history.

7 She Buried Over 400,000 People Alive

esdeath, Akame Ga Kill

Esdeath was almost unbeatable and she could also use demon extract which helped her manipulate and create ice.

General Esdeath and her forces were sent to the Northern tribes where they easily defeated the locals. The easy win wasn't enough for Esdeath who decided to use her powers and bury 400,000 people alive. Her forces, especially the Three Beasts, were happy to help her out in humiliating the rebels. This became one of the most shocking deaths in anime.

6 She Turned Numa Seika Crazy

Numa seika, Akame Ga Kill

During Esdeath's Northern Tribe attack she also captured one of Akame Ga Kill's most powerful heroes, Numa Seika.

Numa was famous for being the Northern Tribe's best warrior and while Esdeath was first impressed by his skills she became disappointed after she defeated and killed most of Numa's tribe. Esdeath took everything from him and broke the brave hero and eventually, she was successful. She reduced him to a dog and even made him lick her boots.

5 She Had The Most Kills In The Series

Numa seika, Akame Ga Kill

Esdeath was Akame Ga Kill's most popular character despite her often inhuman behavior.

While the show had many skilled fighters who killed hundreds of people no one came close to Esdeath's high body count. She was easily ahead of everyone with most kills. Since she was not only one of the most powerful fighters in the series but also enjoyed torturing and killing everyone who got in her way she left behind thousands of dead people wherever she went.

4 She Was The Leader Of The Jaegers

Esdeath with sword from Akame Ga Kill

Esdeath was not only a powerful villain but also a leader of a special police squad. The Jaegers were some of the most powerful fighters in Akame Ga Kill who could all wield teigu. Teigus were powerful relics that were almost impossible to wield and only the strongest fighters were able to do so.

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The Jaegers were supposed to defeat rebels and criminals, however, they were happy to go beyond that and not only kill but torture whoever they wanted. While the group seemed impossible to defeat the group eventually came to its end.

3 She Was Obsessed With Tatsumi & Kissed Him Twice

tatsumi, Akame Ga Kill

Esdeath was completely obsessed with the boy and even gave him his first and second kiss too. One time Esdeath even knocked the boy unconscious and dragged him to their headquarters.

There the desperate Tatsumi tried to reason with her and convince her to change her mind and leave the ruthless and corrupt military. However, he couldn't change Esdeath's mind who was sure that eventually, she will change Tatsumi's mind and not the other way around.

2 She Could Create Ice Soldiers

esdeath, soldiers, Akame Ga Kill

While Esdeath was a general and had her own army she didn't necessarily need it since she was able to create her own ice army if she needed it.

Her second Trump Card gave her the power to create thousands of ice soldiers. While it took her a few days to create that many ice soldiers, it was worth it. She could not only use them in fights but were able to store some of her energy in them. This was also important since the energy backup helped her and she was able to withdraw it whenever needed it the most and even power her third and most powerful Trump Card.

1 She Died

esdeath, Akame Ga Kill

While Esdeath was extremely strong and had supernatural powers she wasn't invincible. Unfortunately, the Empire's last battle was the last for Esdeath. She was attacked by some of the most powerful fighters including Akame, 10 teigu users, and even an army of soldiers. However, Esdeath easily defeated the 10 teigu users as well as the 100,000 soldiers.

For a while, it seemed that everything is lost especially when she managed to shatter Akame's teigu as well. However, Akame stabbed Esdeath right in her heart. Esdeath froze herself in ice and then shattered herself into tiny little pieces.

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