There is a lot in anime that fans wish they had, whether it is magical powers or just getting to be friends with such interesting characters. However, some focus more on authority figures like teachers. Teachers can have a great influence over the life of a student, for better or worse.

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Anime, which often delves into student life, has sported a lot of interesting teachers. They are mentors but are also so much more than that. Sometimes they are protectors, true friends, or just total goofballs that can make us laugh. Here are ten teachers from anime that we wish we had in real life.

10 Koro-Sensei From Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom actually has a lot of interesting teachers that deserve a spot on this list, but none are quite as loved by fans as the strange octopus-like homeroom teacher, Koro-sensei. He plays a huge role as both a secondary protagonist as well as an antihero. His personality and history are his most interesting aspects.

If fans had to choose a single teacher from this anime, most choose this guy.

9 Kakashi From Naruto

Naruto is another anime with a ton of memorable teachers. A favorite among them is Kakashi, as he is one of the first that the audience gets to bond with as he trains Naturo, Sasuke, and Sakura. He has everything one wants in a teacher, some mystery, a ton of talent, and a sense of humor. He can get joy from little things like his books and can be quite laid back despite having serious duties.

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He is an easy character to cheer for, and any fan would want to be his student. He would be a teacher you would never want to disappoint.

8 Eikichi Onizuka From Great Teacher Onizuka

Unlike a lot of anime teachers, this one is the actual protagonist of his show. He is very interesting too, as he used to be part of a gang and took part in a lot of illegal activity. The anime is about him teaching social studies.

However, he winds up teaching way more than just that. Due to his past, he teaches the students a lot of life lessons. He is a man who learned a lot by making mistakes and makes sure that his students don't fall into the same path as he did.

7 Glenn Radars From Akashic Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor

Glenn is quite young for a teacher, as he is actually 19-years-old. He becomes a substitute after his favorite teacher disappears. Due to his age, he is a pretty immature and fun teacher. His lazy personality is just at first glance though. He is actually a powerful magic user and does well in teaching magic to his students.

Due to his personality, his opponents often don't take him seriously. That is a fatal mistake.

6 Izumi Curtis From Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is known to be one of the best anime shows of all time, so of course a character from that show should make it to this list. She is the teacher of the Elric brothers. No school and no classmates, as she is a teacher to no one else. In a way, she serves a role as a guardian as well as a teacher.

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She is both a master alchemist as well as a skilled martial artist. Her humble exterior makes her already likable, and she gets awesome the more you learn about her.

5 Master Roshi From Dragon Ball

Master Roshi may come across as an old pervert at first, but he is a martial arts master. He is over three hundred years old and despite his powers, he enjoys simple things like watching TV, ordering pizza, and reading books. However, he is still an extreme pervert so it would be no surprise that any woman wouldn't want him for a teacher.

Still, he was good to his students, Goku and Krillin. If he could let go of his perverted tendencies, then he would be a great teacher to have in real life.

4 Shota Aizawa From My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is another show with a lot of beloved mentor figures. One of the most popular of them is Aizawa. He is the homeroom teacher, and definitely not your average one.

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He is a little similar to Kakashi in that he comes across as apathetic but actually cares strongly for his students. He can also be pretty blunt, and hurt the feelings of a sensitive student. However, you can guarantee he will push you to be your best and to surpass your own limits.

3 Franken Stein From Soul Eater

As a teacher, Franken Stein can definitely come across as scary at first. He is a man of science and sees everything as an experiment. In his youth, he was morally bankrupt with a total lack of love and sympathy.

However, he has another side to him. He is kind to his students and feels a need to protect them.

2 Biscuit "Bisky" Krueger From Hunter X Hunter

Don't let her looks fool you; Biscuit is actually over 50 years old. Her true form is large and incredibly muscular. She trains Gon and Killua and is quite stern and serious when it comes to martial arts. She is one of those teachers who will push their students past their limits.

There is another side to her though, a more fun side. She manipulates others and gathers information through her looks. Also, she loves money.

1 Aikuro Mikisugi From Kill La Kill

This homeroom teacher disguises himself while teaching. His true form is a delight, though, as he transforms from a rather bland and unenthusiastic teacher to a flirtatious smooth-talker. He is also part of a resistance called "Nudist Beach," which is hilarious.

Honestly, seeing your teacher transform like this could be scary at first. However, everyone loves this character. He is a lot of fun.

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