Near the conclusion of the Attack On Titan series, Eren Yeager acquired the power of the Founding Titan fully for himself. This unlocked an unprecedented number of opportunities, including the ability to influence Eldian memories, change their bodies, and even initiate the Rumbling that would wipe out eighty percent of the population.

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There were many ways that Eren could have utilized his powers better to guarantee Eldian prosperity, whether deciding upon a new plan of action or simply perfecting the one he chose. By identifying them, we have a firmer understanding of how the vengeful islander's godlike power went to waste.

10 Eren Could Have Transformed Connie's Mom Back Into A Human To Win His Favor

Connie's mother was transformed into a pure titan by Zeke in order to assist in his machinations against Paradis. With the power of the Founding Titan, Eren could have easily returned her to her original state, preventing Springer from almost sacrificing Falco (and Armin) arbitrarily.

If Eren saved her, he would have had a much higher probability of winning his comrade to the side of the Yeagerists and securing his loyalty.

9 Eren Shouldn't Have Turned Eldians Into Pure Titans To Defeat Reiner

After being disconnected from the source of all living matter, Eren was no longer able to control the Rumbling. Since Reiner was preventing it from reuniting with its host, Eren sought to expedite the process by creating pure titans out of nearby Eldians and using them to attack him.

Not only did this go against Eren's notions of free will, but it also defied one of the desired outcomes of his mission to make his friends and kin appear as heroes, not monsters. By using the Founder so recklessly, he compromised everything that his genocidal agenda stood for.

8 Eren Could Have Deployed A Colossal Titan To Back Up Floch Against Intruders

Floch betrayal, Attack on Titan season 4

Floch was in charge of maintaining the bay and ensuring that Eren's Rumbling was conducted undisturbed. He was soon accosted by the coalition of Eldian and Marleyan rogues, whose combined power was enough to thwart his forces and eventually kill him.

If Yeager left a single colossal from the Rumbling behind to oblige Floch's commands, they likely would have been able to defeat the encroachers before they ever left the island of Paradis. They nearly defeated Reiner and Annie with thunder spears alone, evincing their skill and prowess in battle.

7 Eren Should've Removed Karl Fritz's Edict & Returned The Founder To Historia

The Reiss family had proper ownership of the Founding Titan, a fact that Eren himself acknowledged during his abduction by Rod. Now that he possessed its unadulterated power, he could have reasonably returned it to Historia after her pregnancy was completed.

His only previous inhibition was because the last monarchs were bound to the will of Karl Fritz. However, he could just as easily have overruled the man's final order, superimposing his agenda over the man who had long since passed away.

6 Eren Could Have Used The Rumbling Simply To Obliterate Marley

The original intention behind the Rumbling was to destroy the nation of Marley. They had been the architect of Paradis' suffering since the beginning and were directly responsible for the death of Eren's mother.

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If Eren had limited his wrath to the imperialistic nation, the Scouts may have been more inclined to agree with his decision and back him up. It would have also sent a message to the rest of the world that the Eldians were not to be trifled with while simultaneously minimizing the casualties of unaffiliated parties.

5 Eren Could Have Used His Power To Save Dot Pyxis

Dot pyxis titan aot

When it began to seem as if Zeke's resources were dwindling, he used the power of the Beast Titan in order to convert Paradis' military officials into monstrosities that would finish off the remaining Marleyan invaders. One among them was Dot Pyxis, a man who had saved Eren's life from Kitz Woermann early in the series.

If Eren had bothered to consider him even for a moment, he would have not only been able to repay the debt he owed him but also save many of Paradis' innocent civilians from the impending titan onslaught.

4 Eren Should Have Had A Titan Shifter Guarding His Nape At All Times

Eren skeletal head founding titan

Mysteriously, Eren had titan shifters posted across most of his large, skeletal body except for the nape of his neck where he was the most vulnerable. The only entity to disturb Pieck's efforts in saddling him with an explosive belt was a single War Hammer titan, who was later joined by several others.

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If he stationed a cluster of his minions where he was most vulnerable (especially the colossal titans of the past), the Marleyan and Eldian coalition never would have been able to get near his weak spot.

3 Eren Should Have Used The Founder To Encourage Eldian Birth Rates

Attack on Titan Season 4 Historia

Ironically, one of Eren's best strategies to guarantee Eldian success was to simply invert Zeke's own. Instead of sterilizing all Eldians, he would use the Founding Titan to encourage higher birth rates.

Doing so would have caused a massive population boom that Paradis could afford now that they could make full usage of the surrounding countryside. Since Eren has displayed no reservations about influencing free will (as he turned Eldians into pure titans on a whim during the final battle), this notion wouldn't be out of character, either.

2 Eren Should Have Used The War Hammer Against Armin

aot final fight

During the final fight between Eren and Armin, he manifested as a colossal titan and initiated a slugfest that would define the future of the world. While Eren was predictably a superior fighter to his heroic opponent, he neglected to use the War Hammer's power.

Remembering to do so would have afforded two possibilities. Not only could it have defeated Arlert much sooner, but it would also have allowed Eren's body to be protected by a crystal shell just as Lara's was. In this state, it would be impossible for Mikasa to harm him.

1 Eren Could Have Gotten The Eldians To Rise Up & Return Home

eldian restorationists attack on titan

As illustrated in Eren's ploy in transforming Eldians into titan shifters, he wasn't unwilling to influence the free will of others. Since his mission was to bring about the salvation of the Eldian people, he could have used the Founder to stage a revolution in Marley and convince all Eldians to return to Paradis.

While this may not have been a guaranteed success, it would be a more ideal fate than forcing his kin to be crushed alive along with the rest of the world in the Rumbling.

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