Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of the most critically acclaimed animated series out there, and this success lends itself to the show's nuanced and complex depiction of its characters. Each character is given their own weaknesses and fears, and no two are the same. Considering how dark this show can get at times, it's no surprise that it takes a great deal of fearlessness for characters to overcome these perilous obstacles in order to achieve their goals.

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Despite most of the show's characters having to endure terrifying situations at one point or another, some characters are notably more fearless than the rest. These characters dive head-first into situations that could realistically end in death, and, as fans of the series already know, a few of them do. Such high stakes only make the characters' reactions to immediate danger more commendable.

10 Zhao Is Self-Destructive Yet Fearless

Zhao's Final Moments

It's admirable that Zhao is well-written enough that fans of the show loathe him as much as they do. He is cruel and calculating but lets his fury get the best of him. Despite this, Zhao is one of the boldest characters in the series.

This fearlessness is born of a stubborn refusal to change or ask for help. When the Ocean Spirit takes Zhao, Zuko lends his hand to save him. Zhao, however, chooses to die a supernatural death as opposed to asking for help from an enemy. This act alone is proof of fearlessness, but it's self-destructive at its core.

9 Ozai's Fearlessness Became His Downfall

Fire Lord Ozai begins his assault on the Earth Kingdom in Avatar: The Last Airbender

Similar to Zhao, Ozai is a villain whose fearlessness becomes his downfall. After his son joins the Avatar to defeat the Fire Nation, Ozai is virtually unaffected. In his mind, he will become the most powerful bender in the world during Sozin's Comet and Zuko's defecting makes no impact on his inevitable victory.

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Ozai's fearlessness matched with his ego is the very reason Aang can take him down. Aang allows Ozai to feed into his own pride, and once the Avatar state reawakens and a moment opens up, Aang is able to subdue the Firelord.

8 Mai (and Ty Lee) Show Their Bravery In Unique Ways

10 mai and ty lee

When Azula is tasked to take down Team Avatar and Zuko, she doesn't give her childhood friends much choice in aiding her. Mai quickly agrees to join the mission, but Ty Lee initially declines the offer until Azula not-so-subtly threatens her with lots of fire.

Being in such proximity to the scariest character in the show proves to weigh on Mai and Ty Lee, but at the Boiling Rock, Mai betrays Azula to save Zuko, claiming her love for him outweighs her fear of Azula. Just as Azula is about to attack Mai, Ty Lee temporarily paralyzes the princess. Having gone years fearing Azula, Mai and Ty Lee's betrayal is a defining moment of bravery in the series.

7 Yue Accepted Her Fate Without Hesitation


When Yue almost dies as a baby, her parents borrow life from the Moon Spirit in a desperate attempt to save her. Years later, Admiral Zhao destroys this same Moon Spirit in its physical form as his armies attack the Northern Water Tribe.

Yue understands that the only way to protect her people is to bring back the moon and ultimately gives her life back to the Moon Spirit, allowing the Northern Water Tribe to defend their home. While this idea can be credited to Iroh, Yue follows it through without hesitation, leaving behind Sokka and her people. Seeing as Yue is just 16 years old, her sacrifice is beyond fearless.

6 Katara Uses Bold Tactics

Katara Vs Azula

After teaming up with Aang, Katara travels the world and enters countless battles, always managing to defend herself and her team with impressive waterbending skills. Regardless of her excellent winning streak, there are times Katara is left worried for her own safety or the safety of her friends and family. When Azula seems to have "killed" Aang, Katara is the only person around who could heal him; that's a lot of stress.

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Katara, despite being one of the more level-headed characters in the show, occasionally puts herself in immediate danger on a whim. This fearless approach leads Katara to bait Azula into a trap and the firebender's hand ends up mere inches from Katara's face. Most fans would agree that using such a bold tactic on Azula of all characters deserves praise.

5 Sokka Led A Group Of Kids

Sokka with sword

Being one of the few main characters without bending, Sokka doesn't possess the same defenses against attacks as his teammates do. Despite this, Sokka still takes on enemies like Zuko, Azula, and even Wan Shi Tong, who is one of the most terrifying spirits in the series.

As the oldest member of Team Avatar initially, Sokka has to lead a group of kids meant to save the world. That's a lot of weight to put on a 15-year-old's shoulders and yet Sokka takes on this challenge all while keeping his upbeat attitude and sense of humor.

4 Zuko Defies His Father

Zuko Avatar The Last Airbender

Zuko's childhood seems to be defined by fear, between his cousin's death, his father's treachery, and his mother's mysterious disappearance. Ozai is so disappointed in his son's weakness that he scars and banishes Zuko for speaking out of turn at a meeting.

It makes sense that Zuko tries to avoid fear as a teenager, choosing to rely on anger over any emotion as he chases Aang around the world. However, Zuko's true fearlessness is proved when, after being accepted back to the Fire Nation, he chooses to defy his father and train Aang in firebending. Zuko delivers a powerful speech to Ozai despite knowing his father would regain his bending at any moment and finally tackles his truest fears.

3  Aang Is Just A Kid

aang avatar

It may feel cheesy to call the protagonist fearless (because most of the time that's a prerequisite) but in Aang's case, it would be an insult to avoid doing so. Aang even faces the most terrifying spirit on the show, Koh the Face Stealer, who is meant to snuff out any emotion.

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At 12 years old, Aang becomes the world's last defense against the Fire Nation, and he sees this through to the end.  Aang has to improvise his training, having about two years to fit in a lifetime's worth of practice with all four elements. With such little time to prepare before Sozin's Comet, it's shocking that Aang can face Ozai on the day the latter's bending is at its most powerful.

2 Azula Is As Fearless As She Is Feared

Avatar TLA Azula is Impressed

Azula is as fearless as she is feared. Even as a 14-year-old, Azula is one of the most terrifying villains on the show, demonstrated through not only her bending prowess but her ability to manipulate and control those around her. Azula is so confident in her power that it seems she abandons fear altogether.

During the eclipse, Azula is confined to a wall and without her bending. Knowing that Sokka could easily kill her, she further taunts him, so assured in her own ability to emotionally play with the heroes, that she doesn't need fear to keep her grounded.

1 Toph Embraces Her Fears

10 Toph Beifong from avatar

Throughout the show, Toph proves that she is the toughest member of Team Avatar, consistently kicking butt and doing so with attitude. She takes down opponents twice her size, sometimes all at once, and even enters an underground earthbending tournament behind her parents' backs.

Toph is the only character who consistently stands up to her friends to defend her opinions. This bullheaded fearlessness has forced Team Avatar to reconsider a few of their past approaches and overall balances the team dynamic. Even in battles where the odds are stacked against the heroes, Toph isn't above admitting her fears. This doesn't change her headfirst approach to fighting; she simply embraces her fear and fights with the same conviction.

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