Being the richest man in Gotham comes with its perks. Besides being able to buy almost anything he wants, he also gets to wear literally anything he likes to his heart’s content. Even with as much access to versatile clothing as he may have, he tends to stick to his wardrobe.

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And this isn’t even talking about his civilian wear. As Batman, Bruce Wayne has created a large number of suits that he has only worn on a few special occasions. Many of them are more robust armors that are capable of bringing down powerful aliens. Others are a bit more simple in their function working mostly as fans service for avid readers.

10 Insider Suit

batman insider suit

Making its appearance in Bruce Wayne: The Road Home #1, the insider suit is visually a more simplified suit than most of any other suits he has worn in the past. Covered in armor plating, it still gives him plenty of range of movement while protecting him from blades and projectile weapons.

While it does lose the cape and the pointed ears, it technologically mimics all the powers of the core Justice League members. It is, however, fairly energy-intensive and requires quite a bit of time to charge between uses.

9 Exoframe Powered Suit

batman exoframe power suit

Frank Miller’s Batman in The Dark Knight Returns had lived a long and stressful life that wore heavily on his body. On top of this, the government ended up sending Superman to bring him in. In order to have a fighting chance against the Kryptonian, Bruce developed the exoframe powered suit.

In terms of dealing damage, the suit is extremely simple in its function. It enhances Batman’s strength and uses gauntlets that emit electricity—possibly addressing a new weakness to Superman considering, electricity wasn't an issue for him in the past—and acid. He also had a gun that emits high powered sonic waves, which were enough to give him a bloody nose. It was fairly rudimentary because it relied on being connected by wire to a power source, but with some help from a few allies, he was able to hold him off for a short time.

8 Stealth Suit

batman stealth suit

Used briefly in Superman Unchained #2, Bruce had the ultimate idea of how he could hide from someone like Superman. He introduced the stealth suit stating that it functions by determining the wavelengths on the electromagnetic spectrum being used to detect it, and it immediately adapts to make the wearer undetectable.

The suit does seem extremely light compared to many of the others he has built in the past. It does however seem to suit its primary purpose which is to stay hidden in plain sight.

7 Thrasher Suit

batman thrasher suit

Many of Batman’s suits in the past have been made to withstand strong attacks or have helped him to stay hidden. Leaving no stone unturned, he also made a suit to help withstand the extremes of temperatures he may have to face when fighting a villain.

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The thrasher suit is what he built. During the Court of Owls Saga, Batman realized that dropping the temperature of the Batcave to sub-zero temperatures was the best strategy he had against his opponents while they invaded his home. In order to survive the extreme cold, he threw on this suit. Aside from being resistant to extreme temperatures, it also has an extended oxygen supply and enhances his strength.

6 Haz-bat Suit

batman haz-bat suit

In Justice League (2011) #36, the team faces the assault from the Amazo virus. A virus created by Lex Luthor that was intended to inhibit their metahuman abilities. Unfortunately, the virus is spread and infects regular people, making them sick but also giving them superpowers before ultimately facing death.

Batman had a suit ready for exactly this type of catastrophe. The suit is extremely unique, keeping him perfectly isolated from the surrounding environment so that he doesn't get infected. It also is highly resistant to all forms of attack, with Batman being able to withstand being completely covered in flames.

5 Justice Buster

batman justice buster armor

When facing threats much more powerful than himself, Batman needs to think about ways that he can match that power. Another invention of his was the Justice Buster, a suit designed to take on the Jokerized Justice League during Batman’s Endgame Arc.

The suit is built with contingencies for each of the Justice League members, including red giants to take out Superman, and the Bind of Veils which helped him escape a beatdown from Wonder Woman.

4 Winter White Batsuit

batman winter white suit

Once again facing extreme cold, Batman dons the winter white suit (the actual name is never really mentioned) when visiting Superman’s fortress of solitude in the series The Widening Gyre. He changed into it while taking Silver St Cloud on a tour, which eventually leads to him proposing to her.

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The suit is not described much and doesn’t appear fascinating in any way at first appearance. It features a breathing apparatus, likely to warm and filter the air as it is inhaled. It also has specifically designed lenses, which would be assumed to help improve visibility, reduce sun exposure, and prevent cold. He also decidedly made the cape from thick white fur, which might actually be as warm as it sounds.

3 Suit of Sorrows

One of the oldest suits in Batman’s collection, the Suit of Sorrows was constructed during the crusades in 1190 CE. While it seemed at first like a simple piece of armor, there was the belief that it was enchanted and brought increased speed and strength to whoever wore it. The first person to wear it, the knight Sir Geoffrey De Cantonna, went insane and ended up killing a horde of people.

Batman was gifted the suit by Talia al Ghul, but he realized that the suit was making him more violent. He ended up putting it away for safekeeping, only for it to be stolen and eventually worn by Michael Lane's version of Azrael.

2 Mask Of Tengu

batman mask of tengu

After his battle with Bane that led to having his back broken, Bruce needed some time to recover. Aside from letting his body heal, he also had to spend a considerable amount of time retraining his old fighting skills.

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During this process, Lady Shiva gives him a tengu mask representing the spirit of the Bat. In reality, she had killed the Armless Master while wearing the mask. His students, seeking revenge, came after Bruce mistaking him for the killer. She used this as a test of his skills, to which he eventually decided to stop using the mask after defeating all seven of his disciples.

1 Son Box Suit

batman son box suit

One of the newer suits, which was introduced in Justice League (2018) #24, was Batman’s Son Box Suit. If there is any argument to believe that Batman is overpowered as a character, this might be one of the first things brought to the table.

Other than the obvious protections against harm, this suit is basically designed to alter the minds of the target, which can be achieved by molecular rearrangement. It also has abilities that allow it to adapt to many of the attacks that the Justice League throws at it.

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