Everyone knows Robin as the Boy Wonder, the sidekick to the Caped Crusader, Batman. They may even know that Robin was apart of the Teen Titans for a while in between his crime-fighting adventures with the Dark Knight. But many of those who aren't die-hard fans don't realize that there is actually more than one Robin, more than two even.

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There have been five people to take up the mantle in the main timeline of the DC Universe and a fair few in alternate universes. Such as Carrie Kelley who has been pretty exclusive to the role in The Dark Knight Returns miniseries by Frank Miller. While all of the Robins may look pretty similar (four out of the five Robins have black hair and blue eyes), they are all totally unique in their own ways and graduate from being a sidekick to one of the most formidable heroes in DC to becoming their own solo characters.

10 The 1st Robin - Richard (Dick) Grayson

Dick Grayson is the first Robin and the most known out of the bunch. He is the Robin featured in the live-action Batman Forever and Batman and Robin films from the mid-90s. He also was the Robin featured in the Teen Titans animated series in 2003, the live-action Titans series, and was the first Robin in Young Justice before becoming his own hero. Dick has a pretty iconic backstory. His family was part of the circus as an acrobat and was the youngest member of the Flying Graysons. After witnessing his parents die after a high wire snaps, Batman takes the young orphan in and adopts him.

9 Nightwing

Nightwing is the alter-ego to Dick Grayson once he realizes he is a capable hero in his own right. Like Dick Grayson as Robin, Nightwing is also the most famous hero out of the Robins. After disagreeing with the way Batman handled a lot of his crime-fighting, Nightwing decided to do things his own way. Dick moves to Blüdhaven, the neighboring city to Gotham that has a pretty high crime rate. Though Nightwing has his own city to protect, he often goes back to Gotham whenever Batman or anyone needs help.

8 The Tortured Soul - Jason Todd

Jason Todd is the second young orphan to take up the mask. Jason is a lot more troubled than Dick was and proves to be a much more difficult challenge for Batman. Jason was a street rat, rough around the edges, and was a lot more ruthless than Dick ever was. While Dick found Bruce's tactics too harsh, Jason felt like they weren't harsh enough.

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Unfortunately, Jason wasn't too well-liked by fans, leading the DC comics to actually hold a telephone poll as to whether or not the character should die by the hands of the Joker. The poll succeeded and Joker killed the young boy, becoming Batman's greatest failure and biggest guilt.

7  The Red Hood

Nearly 20 years later, Jason Todd made his return to the DC world as the newest Red Hood (a name in which the Joker used before even becoming the Joker). The Red Hood is popular amongst fans due to his aggressive and warped nature. After Jason's body was dug up by Ra's al Ghul and thrown into the Lazarus Pit to be resurrected, Jason went back to his former ally. Red Hood is an anti-hero, and is a lot like Batman but with guns and an ease with killing. He isn't afraid of anything which makes him more dangerous than most. However, the character still has a ton of humanity and was recently fighting alongside the Bat-family in the comics.

6 A New Robin - Tim Drake

Tim Drake was introduced as the third Robin shortly after Jason's murder and felt a little conflicting for DC to establish. Tim was like a new version of Bruce, he was from a wealthy family, incredibly intelligent, athletic, and taught himself how to be Robin. After a young Tim had actually met Dick while he still worked in the circus with his family, he began to idolize the young acrobatic which later led him to realize that Bruce and Dick were Batman and Robin based on one of Dick's moves.

After Jason's death, Batman went into an aggressive and dark spiral. Tim took it upon himself to make Batman see that he is the best option for the next Robin.

5 Red Robin

After Bruce "dies" and Dick takes up the mantle of Batman, Tim gives up the title as Robin to become the Red Robin in order to conduct his own investigations to try and find any potential traces of Bruce. Tim travels around the world in order to find traces of Brrce and thwarts the League of Assassins along the way. As Robin, Tim also joined the Titans and continued to aid them as Red Robin.

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A lot of fans feel like Red Robin might be an even better detective than Batman himself, which had brought up the character's popularity a ton.

4 The New Girl Wonder - Stephanie Brown

Stephanie Brown was Tim Drake's girlfriend and took up the mask in the wake of Tim's move up to Red Robin. Stephanie only lasted as Robin for a little while and was in a constant struggle to prove herself to Batman. Yet through all her attempts, she continued to disappoint Batman and was fired from being Robin on multiple occasions. Stephanie ends up faking her death only to return much later as one of her two alter egos.

3 Spoiler

Spoiler is Stephanie's main hero role and one she spends the most amount of time under. She made the costume herself and names herself after the plans she made to "spoil" her father's (Cluemaster) crime life. Stephanie uses the guise of Spoiler before and after her time as Robin and actually begins dating Tim as the Spoiler. Stephanie's alignment is often confusing but is ultimately a crime fighter alongside the Bat-Family.

2 The Third Batgirl

It is after her time as both Spoiler and Robin that Stephanie Brown is offered the cowl to become the third Batgirl by Barbara Gordon (the first Batgirl). Stephanie stays in this role for a while before the events of Flashpoint and is the Batgirl for Bruce's Batman and Damian's Robin. Stephanie stays close to Cassandra Cain (the second Batgirl) and Tim Drake throughout her time in the Bat-Family. After the events of the New 52 and the Flashpoint, Stephanie remains as Spoiler throughout her duration in the Bat-Family.

1 Son Of Batman - Damian Wayne

Damian Wayne is the biological son to Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul. Bruce was unaware of Damian's existence up until later in his life when Talia left Damian with him. Damian is violent and lacks morality due to the fact that he was raised by his mother and grandfather who lead the League of Assassins. It takes a lot of work, but Damian eventually becomes a stand-up (though incredibly sassy) Robin and is still taking on the role of the Boy Wonder.

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