Jiraiya was a member of the Legendary Sannin and one of the most powerful shinobi to exist in the world of ninja. He mentored Naruto Uzumaki and paved the way for the peace that the shinobi world gained after the Fourth Shinobi War. In his fight against Pain, Jiraiya lost his life and thus ended the Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant.

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Surprisingly, in Boruto, Jiraiya's body is revealed to have been cloned by the genius scientist of Kara named Amado. The clone, named Kashin Koji, is incredibly powerful and, like Jiraiya, an extremely important character in the current story. In some ways, Kashin Koji might even be better than the legendary shinobi he's cloned from.

10 Kashin Koji Possesses Greater Strength Than Jiraiya

Kashin Koji is an incredibly strong ninja, and his skills appear to be on par with some of the greatest fighters in the Naruto world, such as the likes of Code. Being a Kara Inner, it goes without saying that Koji is among the strongest characters in the story. Within the organization, he's second only to Jigen, the leader of the group. Jiraiya, while strong, wasn't capable of getting the better of Pain, someone who couldn't compare to the likes of Delta in combat.

9 Kashin Koji Is Much Faster Than Jiraiya In Combat

Kashin Koji is superior to Jiraiya not just in terms of strength but speed as well. Although Jiraiya was quite a powerful ninja, speed was never one of his specialties. That said, Jiraiya did possess enough skill to fight the likes of Pain and keep up with him in terms of both speed and power. Kashin Koji, on the other hand, is an exceptionally fast shinobi who could sneak up on the likes of Victor and kill him quite quickly. In fact, Koji could keep up with Isshiki's speed, which is quite a feat in itself.

8 Kashin Koji Is Much Younger Than Jiraiya & In His Prime

There is no denying that Jiraiya was a skilled shinobi, but he was beyond his physical prime in the Naruto series. His former teammates, Orochimaru and Tsunade, were beyond their best years as well. Thanks to Amado's incredible skill, Kashin Koji is brought to life in his prime years, meaning he's physically better than Jiraiya in almost every aspect.

7 Kashin Koji Has A Body With Scientific Ninja Tools

Every single member of the Kara organization has had their bodies altered with Scientific Ninja Tools, thanks to Amado's terrific skill, and Kashin Koji is no exception.

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Although his exact body modifications haven't been delved into completely yet, he likely possesses a high regeneration rate. This was confirmed by Kawaki during his fight against Boro, and according to him, every member of the group has some sort of modifications made to their bodies.

6 Kashin Koji Has A Very Keen Eye & Picks Up The Smallest Details

Koji is an incredibly smart person who knows when to sit back and observe and when to strike. He picks up the smallest details with ease, and his skills with stealth and deduction remain to be top-notch. Jiraiya also possesses similar abilities, but he isn't nearly as good at it as his clone. This was seen when his infiltration of Amegakure failed terribly and, in the end, cost him his life.

5 Kashin Koji Has Perfect Mastery Over The Art Of Sage Mode

Kashin Koji Sage Mode

Both Jiraiya and Kashin Koji are Sage Mode users and, as expected, they've both attained this skill from Mount Myoboku. Jiraiya displayed his usage of this ability during his fight against Pain in Amegakure, but his Sage Mode was imperfect, which gave him certain frog-like features and didn't allow him to attain the true power offered by this form. Meanwhile, Kashin Koji has complete mastery over the Sage Mode and can access it within a matter of seconds.

4 Kashin Koji Has Stronger Jutsu Up His Sleeve Than Jiraiya

Jiraiya has four nature transformations up his sleeve, while Kashin Koji has displayed only two so far. However, the skill Koji has with his nature transformations far exceeds that of Jiraiya.

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Kashin Koji is able to access the power of True Samadhi Flames which are capable of incinerating the target until nothing is left of them. Just like the Amaterasu, these flames appear to be inextinguishable, and on top of that, they are strong enough to overpower the regeneration abilities of even the strongest people.

3 Kashin Koji Can Keep Up With Isshiki Otsutsuki In Taijutsu

Isshiki Revealing His True Form VS Kajin Koji

Koji's taijutsu is extremely refined, as seen during his clash against Jigen where he could fight him off without any trouble whatsoever. In his fight against Isshiki, Kashin Koji was able to hold his own for quite a while and, using Sage Mode, impressed the fans with his taijutsu skills to an extent. Jiraiya's skills were barely enough to keep up with Pain and were thus far inferior. Undoubtedly, Jiraiya pales in comparison to Kashin Koji when it comes to taijutsu.

2 Kashin Koji Has Access To A Space-Time Ninjutsu As Well

Koji spies on Kawaki from afar

Kashin Koji also has a decent mastery over Space-Time Ninjutsu, as seen when he used the skill to enter the dimension with the Ten-Tails and then leave at will. Jiraiya's skill with Space-Time Ninjutsu was very limited, which made him inferior to Kashin Koji in yet another way. In addition, by using this power, Kashin Koji is able to summon flames from the Flaming Mountain that are strong enough to burn even Jigen. As real flames, they cannot be absorbed.

1 Kashin Koji Hasn't Shown A Perverted Side

Although Jiraiya was a respectable ninja, his perverted actions often affected his likability quite a lot. His debut in the story saw him peaking on women in the Hot Springs, which most fans found distasteful and rightly so. Kashin Koji, on the other hand, hasn't been seen doing anything similar to Jiraiya and is thus much better than him in this regard. He appears to be a calm and calculating person but, at the same time, one who is respectful of the boundaries set by others.

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