Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is the latest installment in the Naruto franchise. The series primarily focuses on the children of the Konoha 11, introducing new characters to continue on in improving and protecting the peace of the shinobi world.

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One of the children introduced in the new series is Orochimaru's child, Mitsuki. Mitsuki is friendly and cheerful, despite his snake-like appearance and abilities. He befriends Boruto immediately and eventually ends up on the new Team 7 with him. Although Mitsuki is generally a beloved character, there have been times throughout Boruto where he has ruined his likeability.

10 Being A Little Suspicious In The Beginning

Mitsuki From Boruto

When Mitsuki is first introduced into the series, his character is a bit mysterious. Not much is known about the new student who has transferred to the academy with Boruto and his friends.

Mitsuki immediately becomes fixated with Boruto, even calling him his sun. In the evenings, Mitsuki sneaks away to have secret conversations with his snake, who is clearly communicating with someone else.

9 Befriending Boruto When He's Kind Of Annoying

Boruto and Mitsuki Friends Naruto Next Generations

At the beginning of the series, Boruto is a rather annoying character. He's constantly causing trouble, defacing the great stone faces of the past Hokage, and being very disrespectful to his father.

Despite being a real pain, Mitsuki seems to find something redeemable in Boruto. Perhaps by being associated with Boruto, Mitsuki potentially ruins his likability as a character.

8 Not Being Honest With His Friends

Even though Boruto considers Mitsuki his friend and he and Sarada spend a lot of time with him in Team 7, Mitsuki is not honest with them. Mitsuki seems to be struggling with something, and instead of confiding in his friends, he stays silent.

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Though both Boruto and Sarada fail to realize that Mitsuki is struggling, Mitsuki could have been upfront with them. Friends are there for support, but Mitsuki chooses to stay silent and essentially keep his friends in the dark.

7 Running Away From The Leaf Village

Mitsuki decides to leave the Leaf Village

Mitsuki begins to feel like his thoughts are not his own and questions whether he is living and making decisions according to his own true will. Mitsuki doesn't tell anyone he is struggling, not even his friends.

When two unfamiliar people show up in the village and offer Mitsuki a way to find an answer to his question, he decides to run away from the Leaf Village with them.

6 Attacking Two Leaf Village Guards

Mitsuki leaves the Leaf with Kokuyo and Sekieie

When Boruto and Team 7 suspect that Mitsuki is missing, they begin to search for him. Meanwhile, two guards are discovered at the gates of Konoha, unconscious from a suspected intruder attack.

Ino, of the Sensory Division, probes into the memories of one of the guards and makes a shocking discovery. Mitsuki is actually the person responsible for attacking the two Leaf Village guards.

5 Attacking Boruto With His Lightning Technique

Mitsuki Hits Boruto with Lightning Snake

Even though it's a dangerous mission, Boruto and Sarada decide to go after Mitsuki to try and bring him back to the Leaf Village. The two leave against the orders of others, facing possible punishment.

When Sarada and Boruto finally find Mitsuki, Boruto pleads with Mitsuki to come back to the village. Mitsuki approaches Boruto and attacks him with his Snake Lightning Technique, shocking his two friends.

4 Joining Up With Ku's Creations

Mitsuki befiriends Sekiei

Not only does Mitsuki attack one of his best friends, Boruto, but he turns his back on his friends. Mitsuki abandons his friends and fellow members of Team 7 and instead chooses to go along with Kokuyo and Sekiei.

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Even though Kokuyo and Sekiei attack and fight Mitsuki's friends, he remains with them to selfishly pursue the answer to his question. What's even worse is that he actually befriends Sekiei.

3 By Just Being Orochimaru's Child

Boruto Orochimaru Mitsuki

Mitsuki's disappearance is a concern for the village, not only because he attacked two village guards, but also because he is still a child. Konohamaru feels particularly responsible for Mitsuki's disappearance.

When Konohamaru finds out that Mitsuki is Orochimaru's child, he is internally conflicted about his feelings for Mitsuki. By just being Orochimaru's child, Mitsuki is already in a position to not be liked by most, as Orochimaru committed many crimes against the Leaf Village.

2 By Being Way Too Powerful

Mitsuki fights Deepa with Sage Mode

Not only is Mitsuki Orochimaru's child, but he is also one of Orochimaru's creations. Orochimaru modified Mitsuki's body with powers that are far advanced for someone like him.

Even one of the Otsutsuki comments that Mitsuki should not possess such power when he steals his chakra. Mitsuki's Sage Mode is very powerful and dangerous and he is not to use them under any circumstances.

1 Damaging His Body Too Much & Costing His Brother His Organs

Mitsuki wakes up and is hurt

Mitsuki's Sage Powers come from Orochimaru's tampering with his body. Despite embuing with the incredible power, Orochimaru warns Mitsuki that using the power will be very dangerous to him and his body.

Despite Orochimaru's warning, Mitsuki uses his Sage Powers to help save Boruto and Sarada. While this is a noble act, he also damages his organs beyond repair. This act causes his brother to sacrifice his own organs to save Mitsuki.

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