The Naruto franchise has captivated an entire generation of fans. So much so, that they have seen the characters grow up and achieving the dreams that they strived for. Not only that, but they also paved the way for the future generation to follow in their footsteps.

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While also forging out their own paths. The most obvious example is Boruto, the son of the 7th Hokage Naruto. However, one other character that is liked is Sarada, the daughter of Sasuke and Sakura. Here are some facts and trivia about the character that fans and newcomers may not know about.

10 Sarada's Shares Her Name With An Indian Mystic

Similar to how some characters are named in a specific way, Sarada's name is also based on something. Specifically, it is named after an Indian Mystic named Sarada Devi who is the wife and spiritual counterpart to the Hindu saint Ramakrishna. With her teachings being directly related to the mind itself, which may have some passing mention to Sarada being highly intelligent.

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Of course, in reality, Sarada's name most likely stems from it just being a combination of many close people of the Uchiha family. Such as Sasuke and Sakura being combined as well as potentially her uncles' name of Itachi. 

9 She Hates Tomatoes

One of the few little character traits about the character is how much she hates tomatoes. Similar to how many people have their own foods they personally dislike, having it be tomatoes for Sarada, however, is actually ironic. As her father Sasuke loves the food, so it's funny how this is something that she didn't inherit from her dad.

8 She Could Have Had Long Hair In The Development Stage

During the concept phase of her character, Sarada was gonna have long locks similar to her mother during the first few arcs of Naruto. However, due to some thoughts from the authors' end, he decided to keep it short. As having it long and flowing would've contrasted heavily with the serious goals of Sarada.

7 She Loves Black Tea Flavored Foods

Contrasted with her hatred for tomatoes, she actually has a fondness for anything related to black tea. The more mellow flavor combined with sweetness depending on the item would really make it a treat. As opposed to the more sour flavors of tomato. Nonetheless, it also somewhat represents Sarada as a character. Being mostly mellow with a sweet side to her.

6 She Was Originally Going To Have A Different Personality

Going back to her development process, when Kishimoto was first working on the character, outside of the hairstyle he was also considering Sarada's personality. During that development time, she was meant to different from how she is now. Although it's clear that didn't go through. This is because Kishimoto felt that her arc should be fairly dark.

5 Chocho Was Designed To Bounce Off Of Sarada's Development

That being said, in order to contrast this, elements of Sarada's personality eventually transferred to Chocho Akimichi. Using her more lighter personality as a way of balancing out Sarada. That way, her development would form in a way that would benefit both of them. A nice interesting contrast being a decent way of forming some further character development.

4 The Focus On Sarada And Her Family Is Core To Her Character

As clearly shown with the arcs and her development as a character, the general idea behind Sarada is her connection with family. To be fair, this is also applicable to the majority of the characters in the franchise since they are the next generation. However, Sarada's case is more specific due to her father being away from the village most of the time. This is why she had her own arc and a deeper connection with her mother.

3 The Glasses Were Developed In Order To Make Her More Appealing

This is one of the more interesting choices on Kishimoto's end. In terms of the story, it is revealed that Sarada gained her glasses from Karin as a gift. However, when looking into the actual development, it was really just there for a design aesthetic. For Kishimoto, it was to make her look cute even if she had glasses which were often defined as looking cute when taken off.

2 A Fever Damaged Her Eyesight

In the actual narrative of Boruto, it turns out that the reason behind Sarada's eyesight wasn't as simple as being near or farsighted. Rather she actually had it due to a fever. Apparently, she had such a high fever that it ended up giving her this condition.

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Nonetheless, this doesn't mean that she isn't capable of doing the sharingan like her father. Essentially making her extremely capable anyways. Even then, she also inherits many of the capabilities of her mother from her intelligence to her strength.

1 If She Succeeds In Her Goal, She Will Becomes The First Uchiha Hokage

This is more based on a technicality. But for the majority of the Hokage's that have appeared throughout the series, it is clear that there was never an Uchiha that has ever become the Hokage. While it's true that there were characters around the same tier, the fact still stands.

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However, since Sarada wants to become the next Hokage, if she were to succeed, she would easily be the first Uchiha to be one technically. Not only that, but while the sixth Hokage candidate Danzo Shimura had the Sharingan, that doesn't mean he was an Uchiha. This essentially makes Madara's role of almost sharing the Hokage role to be fulfilled.

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