The first film released under Studio Ghibli, Castle in the Sky, is a heartwarming piece centered around the two protagonists, Sheeta and Pazu, as they try to find the mysterious floating island of Laputa. While they meet under extraordinary circumstances and have only known each other a few days by the film's conclusion, they quickly become good friends and prove they are willing to go the extra mile for one another on multiple occasions.

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That being said, there are some standout moments from Castle in the Sky where the two go above and beyond what many would consider to be the act of a friend. These acts aren't limited to just with each other, though, as there are times when Sheeta and Pazu go out of their way to help others too. They're just good people.

10 Pazu: Caught Sheeta Before She Fell Into The Mine Shaft

In the first scene post the opening credits, Pazu sees Sheeta fall from the sky and races to stop her from falling into the mineshaft. Without giving it much thought, except for putting down his boss's meatballs first, he catches Sheeta before she can fall all the way to the bottom.

This was the first in a long list of acts that show Pazu is just an all-around good guy, but especially when it comes to Sheeta.

9 Sheeta: Tried To Separate Herself From Pazu So He Wouldn't Be Taken

After the revelation that the goons who took Sheeta from her farm were working for the military, Sheeta quickly makes a break to run by herself, knowing that if Pazu was to stay with her, he would certainly be captured as well for helping her.

While this break didn't last more than a few seconds, with Pazu quickly following behind, her actions to try and save the boy she had just met aren't something you would expect from total strangers. Although, he did just call her an angel a few minutes beforehand, so he probably already made a lasting impression.

8 Pazu: Took On Armed Soldiers To Keep Sheeta From Being Taken

After a grueling chase scene between the military who want to retake Sheeta and the pirates who just want her crystal, one side finally catches up to the kids and it seems like all hope is lost. Without batting an eye, Pazu throws himself in front of Sheeta, staring down multiple guns and boldly claiming they won't take her, before quickly being knocked out from behind.

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This wouldn't be the only time Pazu stood face to face with certain death for his friends, but considering he had only known Sheeta for a few hours at this point, it just shows how good a person he really is.

7 Sheeta: Pushes Pazu Away To Keep Him Safe

Captured by Muska, the mysterious man who knows a great deal about Laputa, Sheeta is offered a deal when her requests to be left alone are refused. Muska offers to let Pazu go, who at this point is locked away in prison for aiding in her escape, in exchange for her help in finding the floating island.

Naturally, Sheeta takes him up on the offer and Pazu runs home, heartbroken, as he has his own reasons for finding Laputa as well. Of course, he takes the first opportunity to get Sheeta back when Dola and her pirates offer to help, cementing in both children that separation isn't an option for them.

6 Pazu: Went Out Of His Way To Help Dola

After braving a mysterious storm and passing through a portal made of lightning, Sheeta and Pazu land gracefully on the grassy ruin that is Laputa. The two celebrate their survival and finally finding the castle they have both been looking for, but the celebration is short-lived.

The Tiger Moth, Dola's airship, was badly damaged during the storm and the family is captured by the military to be executed. In an act of athleticism that could only be pulled off in anime, Pazu climbs a sheer column, with nothing beneath him but open air, and takes a bullet scrape to the face just so he can set the pirates free.

5 Sheeta: Tries To Save The Military Men From Muska

At this point in the story, it's clear that Sheeta is not at all a violent person. As Muska takes control of the castle, gaining power over all the destructive forces the Laputan's left behind, he prepares to drop the military who brought him to Laputa into the ocean far below.

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Even though they kidnapped her and wanted to abuse the power of Laputa as well as its riches, Sheeta stops Muska long enough to warn the men to run and save themselves. Even though it didn't matter and the military was all but wiped out in one fell swoop, she still gave it her all to try and save them.

4 Pazu: Went Back For Sheeta When She Told Him To Throw The Crystal Into The Ocean

Sheeta manages to grab her crystal back from Muska and makes a run for it, trying to stop him from causing any more chaos than he already has. Pazu is also looking for Sheeta at this time, with a grenade launcher to boot, and is given the crystal and told to throw it into the ocean to ensure Muska couldn't use it.

Despite seeing for himself the kind of power the crystal gave Muska, Pazu pursued the pair in a last-ditch effort to save the girl that means everything to him.

3 Sheeta: Ran In Front Of Bullets For Pazu

In a scene mirroring an early act by Pazu, Sheeta throws herself in front of live fire to make sure Pazu gets away safely so that he can rescue Dola. While this wouldn't be the only time she was shot at, it was an act of pure instinct with no hesitation that shows viewers just how close the pair had become over the course of their adventures.

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Even though the effort resulted in her once again being kidnapped by Muska, she cared more about Pazu's life than being taken by the man from whom she had only just escaped.

2 Pazu: Willing To Uproot His Whole Life For Sheeta

Before Sheeta fell from the sky to literally land in his arms, Pazu had a fairly decent life. He was fed and taken care of by the mining town, had a roof over his head, a solid job working as a mechanic in and around the mines and the citizens helped him and Sheeta without question when they were chased by pirates.

Although he had a dream of one day finding Laputa to prove to the world his father wasn't a liar, he didn't seem to be in a hurry to get there until he met Sheeta.

1 Sheeta: Willing To Die For Pazu

In a final desperate act to save the world from Muska's insanity, Sheeta planned to trap them both in the tombs deep within Laputa so that the power of the aetherium crystals couldn't be used by man ever again. Even after everything she and Pazu had been through together, she was willing to go one step further and die to keep him safe.

On top of that, she willingly cast the spell of destruction with Pazu over Laputa, knowing it would probably kill them both in the process.

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