Shounen anime fans quickly fell under the spell of Demon Slayer as it was an inspiring series. 13-year old Tanjirou Kamado had a tough childhood who had to grow up way earlier than others. After his father passed away, Tanjiro was doing his best to support his family. Later, things become even sadder and far more complicated. Fans were often stunned by all the devastating plot twists.

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The anime is superbly written and it is highly praised by viewers and critics alike. There were some enthralling moments and memorable characters, and Tanjiro was one of the most beloved by fans. Here are some things fans may not know about him.

10 Tanjiro's Voice Actor Is Natsuki Hanae

Tanjiro, Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer was often praised for the quality sound effects and the talented voice actors from the art.

Tanjiro’s voice actor is Natsuki Hanae, who is among the best in the industry. He was the voice of countless beloved characters in many hit anime. To name a few, he was Takumi’s voice in Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma and Ken’s in Tokyo Ghoul. Furthermore, he gave his voice to Kyouji Shinkawa in Sword Art Online and Jako in Dragon Ball Super.

9 His Family Was Murdered

Tanjiro Kamado In Demon Slayer

Tanjiro went to the nearby village to sell charcoal, and he didn’t make it back home before dusk. He had to find shelter for the night, and thankfully he met a kind man who took him in.

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At night the man told a strange story about bloodthirsty demons. In the morning, when he returned to his home, Tanjiro had to find proof of those demons’ existence the hard way. All his family was brutally murdered, and her sister was turned into a demon. After these tragic events, the young boy decided to train and hunt down the creatures responsible for his family’s death.

8 He Had A Supernatural Sense Of Smell

Even before Tanjiro joined the Demon Slayer Corps and received sword training, he had a special ability.

Tanjiro had a heightened sense of smell, which allowed him to locate others from a distance or smell blood from afar. Once he received training, he could use his senses to anticipate his opponent’s moves and find the right time to strike. Later, he could even smell emotions and items from afar. Just like many animals with his enhanced smell, he could remember every person’s scent.

7 He Had A Kind Nature

Tanjiro, Demon Slayer

Tanjiro was a very kind person who could never hurt anyone. Even though he was filled with anger and revenge motivated him, he was still good to everyone.

Fans were surprised to see Tanjiro forgiving or helping even demons during his adventures. What made his character so remarkable is the fact that he didn’t take negative behavior easily. In anime history, fans have seen many kind characters who never stood up against others, but Tanjiro was both brave and thoughtful with everyone. However, Tanjiro got annoyed very quickly if someone was rude, cowardly, or hateful.

6 Muzan Was Afraid Of Him

Tanjiro, Demon Slayer

Muzan had every reason to be since he was the demon responsible for the Kamado family’s death.

When Tanjiro learned who was behind the terrible act, he did everything he could to chase Muzan down. Knowing Tanjiro, it wouldn’t end well for anyone who got in his way. Tanjiro became a powerful slayer, unstoppable in his quest for finding Muzan and killing him without hesitation. Out of fear, Muzan did everything he could to avoid fair fights with the skilled demon slayer.

5 He Married Kanao

Throughout the series, fans were convinced Kanao and Tanjiro would end up together, and they were right. Although, upon their first meeting, the two didn’t seem to hit it off. At some point, they even fought each other, but events brought them together.

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Kanao was very loyal, and everyone liked her as she was loving and brave. Her character also evolved a lot over the episodes. In the end, Tanjiro and Kanao get married and even have children.

4 He Was The Most Powerful Demon Slayer

Tanjiro, Demon Slayer

Thanks to his natural ability and determination, Tanjiro improved very quickly. On top of his enhanced sense of smell, he possessed extreme strength and speed.

His reflexes were remarkable, and after he finished his training at the Sagiri Mountain, it all improved immensely. His Waterbreathing ability made him as strong as demons. He had several special moves that won plenty of battles for him during his search for Muzan. Tanjiro was also bearing his Demon Slayer Mark, which showed how strong he was.

3 He Was Poisoned Then Maimed by Muzan

Tanjiro’s second encounter with Muzam didn’t end quite well. In the Infinity Castle, they engaged in a fight, and the demon managed to injure Tanjiro’s right eye.

Then he was hit by a poison that left no chance for him to win the fight. Muzan leveraged the situation and cut off Tanjiro’s left arm. That was among the most surprising fights in anime history. Most fans expected Muzan to flee again, but he was able to overcome the demon slayer.

2 He Became A Demon

Tanjiro, Demon Slayer

Tanjiro’s unfortunate fight against Muzan ended much worse than anyone would have imagined.

Muzan transformed him into a demon even though Tanjiro used all his techniques. Tanjiro's personality turned upside down. The kind and caring person was gone, and a mindless killer took over. As a demon, Tanjiro attacked everyone, even his fellow slayers. No emotions appeared in his eyes, but hatred. Many fans considered it the darkest transformation in anime.

1 He Was Turned Back To Human Form

Thanks to Kanao and her Flower Breathing Final Form: Equinoctial Vermilion Eye, Tanjiro turned back into a human. The loving girl did everything in her power to save the Kamado siblings. The Equinoctial Vermilion Eye created an opening, and the demon-to-human cure could be injected. Fans were extremely relieved; otherwise, they wouldn’t have seen a happy ending for Kanao and Tanjiro.

There was an upside to his transformation though, it gave him regeneration abilities, and his arm grew back, although he couldn't use it after he turned back into a human.

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