Many characters have been introduced throughout Attack on Titan, with Gabi Braun being one of the newest. In the manga, she was introduced in volume 23, which released in 2017. As for the anime, she first appeared in season 4, only a few months ago. Despite not being around for as long as characters like Eren, Mikasa, and Levi, she is another main character.

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Gabi's played an important role in the story so there are a lot of things that fans should know about her, even though a lot of them hate her. Here are the answers to questions manga readers may ask, including what she did to be despised by so many people.

10 Why Is Gabi Braun Hated? she ended up killing Sasha, which was unforgivable in a lot of people's eyes

When Gabi was first introduced, most people didn't have strong feelings towards her. However, she ended up killing Sasha, one of the most beloved characters in the franchise.

Sasha's death was one of the most tragic, for both audiences and other characters in the story. Though Gabi had personal reasons for killing Sasha — that some have been able to understand and even justify — this was unforgivable in a lot of people's eyes.

9 Is She An Eldian? Gabi is in fact an Eldian, but she hates being one & wishes that she was Marleyan

There are multiple fictional races in Attack on Titan, with the main two being the Eldians and Marleyans. These two races were in war hundreds of years before the series began. This is because the Eldians are the only people that can become Titans and used to torture the Marleyans.

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Due to their fear and hatred, the Marleyans fought back, treating the Eldians in their country the same way their ancestors were treated. Gabi is an Eldian, just like most of the other main characters, but she hates being one and wishes that she was Marleyan.

8 Where Does She Live? she was born & raised in Marley

The reason why Gabi hates Eldians so much despite being one of them is that she was born and raised in Marley. Surrounded by people that convinced her that she was a devil, Gabi obtained the Marleyan's mentality.

When she was first introduced, she believed that all of the Eldians in Paradis deserved to die because of the actions of their ancestors.

7 Is She A Warrior? Yes, Gabi is one of the best warrior candidates that Marley ever had

Gabi and Falco

Due to her mentality and loyalty, Gabi became the perfect warrior candidate for Marley. The Warrior Unit is a group of Eldian children that joined the Marleyan army and could inherit one of the Titans that Marley obtained in the Great Titan War.

Gabi is one of the best warrior candidates that Marley ever had as she would follow any order given to her and she trained very hard to be better than those around her.

6 Who Are Her Friends? Gabi met Falco, Zofia, & Udo in the Warrior Unit

New characters from season 4 jumping out of a train.

There were three other children around Gabi's age in the Warrior Unit. These three children were Falco, Zofia, and Udo. However, Udo and Zofia died shortly after they were introduced. As for Falco, he cared about her very much and trained really hard to surpass her so that he would live longer than she would by inheriting a Titan.

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This caused her to turn against him for a while, but the two needed to work together once the Survey Corps imprisoned them. When they escaped, they met Sasha's younger sister, Kaya, with whom they became friends.

5 Is She Related To Reiner? Gabi is Reiner's younger cousin & the two are very close

One of the main characters in Attack on Titan is Reiner Braun, the inheritor of the Armored Titan that broke into Wall Maria at the beginning of the series, causing all of the following events to transpire.

As Gabi shares his last name, fans can correctly think that the two are related. Gabi is Reiner's younger cousin and the two are very close. Reiner would do anything to protect Gabi and she looks up to him.

4 Which Titan Did She Want To Inherit? she hoped that she'd be able to take Reiner's place, inheriting the Armored Titan

Since Reiner is the Armored Titan and has been for a long time, his term is coming to an end. Since Gabi thinks so highly of her cousin and wants to become Marley's greatest warrior, she hoped that she'd be able to take Reiner's place.

Not only would this give her his powers, but she would also gain his memories, allowing her to learn things about him that she never knew.

3 Is She A Titan Shifter? she is only either a normal or abnormal Titan, rather than an actual Titan shifter

Gabi, Jean, and Connie titans

A Titan shifter is an Eldian that can willingly turn into a Titan or a human when they please. Characters like Reiner, Eren, and Zeke are good examples of Titan shifters as they can control their powers.

In chapter 138 of the manga, Gabi was turned into a Titan, along with other Eldians at Fort Salta. However, she is only either a normal or abnormal Titan, rather than an actual Titan shifter and will need to eat someone that has one of the Nine Titans' powers to turn back into a human.

2 Did She Learn From Her Mistakes? Gabi learned that she was wrong to take her anger out on innocent people

Gabi shrugs

When Gabi was first brought to Paradis, she was determined to return to Marley and kill anyone that stood in her way. However, after meeting Kaya and the truth about her killing her sister being revealed, Gabi learned that she was wrong to take her anger out on innocent people, despite what their ancestors had done.

She realized that people shouldn't be judged based on things that happened before they were even born and accepted that she was wrong. Thanks to this, she was able to team up with the Survey Corps members that she was trying to kill earlier in the story and some fans think that she redeemed herself.

1 Is She A Good Fighter? Gabi is one of the best fighters in the franchise despite being so young

Gabi shoots Sasha

When she was introduced, she played an important role in winning Marley's battle against the Mid-East Allied Forces. She has also killed multiple people and temporarily decapitated Eren.

After he began The Rumbling, she also teamed up with the Survey Corps to stop him and helped in any way that she could during the battle.

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