During the original run of the Naruto anime, Hanabi never got much play beyond being Hinata's little sister. She was the colder and more confident version of Hinata -- essentially the antithesis of her. She had very little role in the story beyond that, only popping in sporadically. Thankfully, Boruto decided to expand on her character.

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She's allowed to be a character all of her own, and her interactions with Hinata and Naruto's kids are always heartwarming. She's been able to grow a ton by the sheer fact she's on the screen more, but there are still parts of her old personality that linger around.

10 Grew up: She Saw Naruto As More Than An Outcast

Hanabi isn't alone in seeing nothing in Naruto, casting him aside as nothing more than an outcast. To her, he was only going to drag her sister down with him, besmirching the Hyuga name.

As she grew older, she started to see what a special person her future brother-in-law was. It wasn't the fact that he achieved his goal of becoming Hokage; It was how he changed the view of others, namely Neji and Hinata. She's forever indebted to how he helped her sister find happiness.

9 Stayed The Same: She Ended Up The Heiress Of The Hyuga

Much of Hinata's early storyline is centered around being the heiress of the Hyuga and how she desperately wanted to gain the approval of her father. Hanabi played into this by being their father's favorite due to Hinata being deemed too soft or kind-hearted.

Even after he came around to Hinata, seeing how truly talented his eldest daughter was, she could never be the heiress due to her feelings for Naruto, leaving the mantle at Hanabi's feet.

8 Grew up: She No Longer Feels A Person's Fate Is Sealed

Fate is something that has been engrained in Hyuga for ages. It was Hinata's fate to be the heiress and Neji's to never rise above his station within the clan. It's such a steadfast feeling that never changed until Naruto came along and managed to open Neji's eyes to reality.

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It wasn't just his eyes that were opened as Hanabi's were as well. Naruto helped show her that fate was what she made it, that there was no predestined path.

7 Stayed The Same: She Still Looked Up To Her Older Sister

Despite the appearances, Hanabi always looked up to her older sister, as younger siblings often do. She spied her from afar, keeping tabs on her training with their father as a future heiress to the clan.

She even watched her infatuation with Naruto bloom more and more, wondering why she was interested in an outcast. As an adult, those feelings still exist, only now they are centered around the family that her older sister made for herself.

6 Grew up: She Regained Her Joyful Personality

For most of the series, Hanabi was cold as steel, never showing much emotion and being the antithesis to Hinata. It was hard to tell that she had once been a girl so filled with life. As the series went on, some of that started to crop up again, especially with how happy she saw Hinata with Naruto.

Their happiness made her comfortable to let it out, and as Boruto showed, she isn't above cutting loose with her fellow jonin. Her getting drunk with Konohamaru was the perfect bit of anime filler.

5 Stayed The Same: She Retained The Confidence She Had As A Girl

Confidence is one thing that Hanabi was never lacking. She was always sure of her abilities, never having the doubts that always crept into the back of Hinata's head. It's part of what made her more suited to be the heiress than Hinata was.

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She was more capable of withstanding the grueling training she'd be put through. That confidence is still with her as a jonin teacher, always sure of herself and willing to take action rather than shrinking under pressure.

4 Grew up: She Expanded Her Taste In Fashion

Gone are the dull tones that she often wore in Naruto, back when her father no doubt had control over her wardrobe. Now that she's fully in charge, she's always wearing some variation of yellow and red, hinting at her fiery sense of personality.

It also shows how fashionable she is, often wearing some of the best-looking outfits in Boruto, as she isn't afraid of a little color. It's one of the things Boruto does well, giving characters more varied appearances.

3 Stayed The Same: She Still Has The Same Level Of Dedication

There are no half measures with Hanabi. You either do it to your fullest abilities or not at all. Even as a child, that's something she believed in while she was groomed as an heiress.

It's on even further display in Boruto since she's a jonin and a teacher to her own team. She's hard on them and a known authoritative personality. That personality even comes out when she's helping Boruto with his training, switching off her normally doting persona.

2 Grew up: She Became Proficient In Her Clan's Hiden Techniques

Hanabi had always been treated like a prodigy, someone who could give Neji a run for his money when she was older. That's proven correct as her jutsu list began to grow, including a few of the Hyuga's most powerful techniques, such as the Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven.

It's a technique she isn't afraid to bust out even in a training session as she used it to deal with Boruto's shadow clones to help prove a point to her nephew.

1 Stayed The Same: She Remained A Taijutsu Specialist

As with all Hyuga, Hanabi's fighting style continued to center around hand-to-hand combat. To divert away would be stripping her of her Byakugan's main strengths.

She needs to be up close and personal to properly take advantage of the gentle fist, focusing on her opponent's chakra passageways. While she rarely fights in Boruto, her talents are shown off against the title character himself, deftly dodging his attacks, even when shadow clones were involved.

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