The Hidden Leaf is among the strongest villages in Naruto. The village is under the leadership of the Hokage. The role of the Hokage is very difficult and only being powerful in the village isn't enough to make a ninja one of the candidates. Being the Hokage means protecting the village against every single threat, be it within the village or outside it.

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So far there has been a total of seven Hokage. The First Hokage was Hashirama Senju, who was the strongest shinobi of his time. He did not live long enough to see how the Hidden Leaf would progress. Currently, Naruto holds the position and looks after all the affairs of the state. The two characters are fan favorites and there is plenty of debate about who is the better Hokage.

10 Hashirama: Founder Of Hidden Leaf

Hashirama is the founding father of the Hidden Leaf. He founded the Hidden Leaf with his best-friend Madara Uchiha. The village was supposed to be a haven for their fellow clan members. Madara actually named the village.

It is said that Hashirama created the Hidden Leaf with the help of his Wood Release. Hashirama's role as the founder as the Hidden Leaf will never be forgotten.

9 Naruto: Peaceful Era

Naruto's reign as the Hokage is far more peaceful than Hashirama's. Under Naruto, not just the Hidden Leaf but the entire ninja world saw peace. Naruto was the main reason behind it.

He toiled throughout the Fourth Great Ninja War in order to secure the victory for the Five Nations. The peacefulness is something that Hashirama tried to achieve for a long time, but shortly after the Hidden Leaf was created the First Great Ninja War broke out.

8 Hashirama: Mentor For Future Generations

Hashirama Senju was heralded as the "God of Shinobi." He was the strongest Kage of his generation, but he wasn't boastful or anything. Hashirama trained the future generations of ninja, which included Hiruzen Sarutobi.

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Hiruzen learned a lot from Hashirama and he also became an avid believer in the Will of Fire due to Hashirama's influence.

7 Naruto: Stability Throughout

Naruto's reign as Hokage has been far more prosperous for the Hidden Leaf than his predecessors. The progress of the Hidden Leaf is all due to Naruto's efforts. It has enabled the Hidden Leaf to improve in every aspect.

Currently, the Hidden Leaf is miles ahead of everyone else, especially when it comes to creating scientific ninja equipment.

6 Hashirama: Improved Relations With Others

The creation of the Hidden Leaf was not an easy task, but Hashirama Senju managed to do it. When other ninja villages came into existence, Hashirama tried to form good relations with them.

Since he was blessed with the Wood Release, Hashirama tamed the tailed beasts, who roamed freely. Once he got the tailed beasts under his control, Hashirama offered them to the other villages. This gesture was appreciated by every village and helped to solidify their relations with each other.

5 Naruto: Leaf Over Everything

A Hokage's job is to protect the village at all costs. A few Hokage have given up their lives while trying to protect the Hidden Leaf, which shows their love for the village. Like the others before him, Naruto prioritizes protecting the Hidden Leaf over anything else. However, it does seems that he has taken things up a notch.

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Naruto doesn't even give time to his own family while working. It is baffling to see especially when Naruto never had a family of his own. Naruto considers the entire village to be his family.

4 Hashirama Role Model For Everyone

When Hashirama Senju created the Hidden Leaf other ninja nations took notes. They were thrilled by the idea to have ninja villages that resembled the Hidden Leaf. This gave rise to many other ninja villages such as Hidden Stone, Hidden Rain, Hidden Mist, etcetera.

Without Hashirama, the other villages would not have come into existence, which makes him an important part of their histories as well. 

3 Naruto: No Internal Conflicts

Internal conflicts are deadly to the prosperity of the village. The entire Uchiha clan was in unrest under Tobirama, who ostracized them. Over the years, the unrest began to grow and it led to the Uchiha planning a coup d'etat, however, the plan was never carried out because of Itachi. Almost the entire clan was wiped out in one night, Itachi had to kill his parents and torture his kid brother.

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The massacre of one of the Hidden Leaf's noble clans shocked everyone, and it could have easily been avoided if the Hokage had more trust in the clan. Under Naruto things are different, every villager is treated equally and no clan is in discontent.

2 Hashirama: Will Of Fire

The villagers in the Hidden Leaf adhere to an ideal known as the "Will of Fire." The Will of Fire states that love is the way to peace. It was Asura Otsutsiki who put this belief forward for the first time.

Later it became the life philosophy of Hashirama Senju and the rest of the Senju clan. This ideal was adopted by almost all the villagers. Fast forward many years into the future and the rest of the village also took up the same belief.

1 Naruto: Protecting The Village

By the time the war ended, Naruto had become the strongest ninja in history.

He managed to surpass all the previous ninjas. His position as the Hokage ensured that the Hidden Leaf would never be under threat again, and due to his incredulous power, he has managed to defend his village without fail.

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