The star of Hunter x Hunter, Gon Freecss is a rather extraordinary character, even for a shonen protagonist. He appears to be tender and uncomplicated for the most part, although there have been instances when he does things he had never dreamed of before.

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Gon isn't great at general academia, as seen by his distaste for studying and homework. His intelligence, however, can be categorized as naturalistic and bodily-kinesthetic because there are very few characters in the series capable of taking him down in a fight. Then there is the matter of his willpower — an aura with such force that it eclipses Nen itself.

10 How Old Is Gon? Anywhere Between 12 & 14

Gon is around 12 years old during the Hunter Exam arc, having been born on May 5th, 1987. His age can be extrapolated from several events in the manga, the most important of which is that the Hunter Exam takes place in January 1999.

Since the last event of the story takes place in August 2001, Gon should be just over 14. What's strange is that he doesn't look like he has aged a day since the beginning.

9 Is Gon Smart? Not Always, But He Can Be Highly Discerning

hunter x hunter gon killua kite

The interesting thing about Gon is that he can be the smartest person in the room when required, especially if the problem requires unorthodox solutions.

One instance is when he smartly uses Sedokan's candle-trick against the villain, similar to when he tricks Nobunaga by escaping through the walls rather than the main door of the room he and Killua are trapped in. Unfortunately, Gon is pretty clueless about a lot of other stuff, although his lack of knowledge about more mature matters is portrayed in quite an endearing manner.

8 How Are His Arithmetic Skills? Quite Below Par

When it comes to scholastic experience, Gon is really quite average, if not below par. This can be seen when he tries to figure out calculations in his head and gets them wrong, like incorrectly estimating the weight of the Zoldyck gates or reading a number as 580 million when it's actually 5.8 billion.

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Gon can't handle more complicated math at all, as shown when his ears produce steam and his eyes glaze over during Knuckle's complicated explanation of Hakoware's accounting abilities.

7 What Are His Hunter License Benefits? Free Transportation, Unrestricted Itineraries, Among Others

Interestingly, Gon's Hunter License number is the only one known to the audience: 109824803287. Aside from the requirement for such a long number when there are only a few hundred Hunters, the License offers some pretty spiffy benefits.

Nearly all public facilities are available for free, as is the website dedicated to Hunters. Gon can theoretically commit murder and receive very little punishment, if at all, by simply flaunting his card. The Hunter License also works as a passport/visa, permitting access to dozens of nations that deny ordinary travelers.

6 What Is The Status Of Gon's Mother? Currently Unknown

Hunter x Hunter — Ging holding baby Gon

One of the most curious things about Gon is the identity, nature, and backstory of his mother, none of which has been revealed currently. Ging merely tells his grandmother and cousin that Gon's mother and he weren't together anymore, before leaving Gon with Mito (who furiously changes her nephew's legal guardianship from his father to herself).

Gon is happy to consider Mito his "real mother," which makes sense given that she raised him, but fans are desperate to learn more about his biological mom.

5 How Does He Pick Up The Art Of Zetsu? His Childhood In The Wilderness

Hisoka Gon Hunter Exam

Wing is astonished to learn that Gon's Nen skills were already highly refined, with specific observations made about his Zetsu. Wing believes that his student's innate talent at Zetsu arises from his childhood, spent mostly in the wilderness hunting animals and fishing in the Whale Island swamp.

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In fact, when Gon "hunts" Hisoka during the Hunter Exam, the only reason he isn't instantly caught is that he unconsciously manifests Zetsu around himself, thereby hiding his aura.

4 What Is The Height Of Gon's Power? Presumably At Meruem's Level Or Higher

Before his Vow, Gon's aura levels are about the same as a Pro Hunter, which is certainly impressive but not when compared to the likes of Netero, Ging, Chrollo, Hisoka, Silva, and the other powerhouses in the story. After requesting "all the power [he'll] ever have," he makes a Nen contract that augments his aura beyond imagination.

Killua suspects such aura would not be achievable without years of incessant training. Further, Neferpitou confirms that Gon's "powers have reached those of the king," which is an accurate, albeit terrifying, assessment.

3 How Many Nen Types Can He Use? Mainly Enhancement, But Also Emission & Transmutation

Gon relies heavily on his Enhancer nature, and most of his combat techniques revolve around physical strength, durability, and restorative features. The Rock in his Jajanken is powered by Enhancement and can pack a serious punch when it makes direct contact.

Scissors is not as strong, because it draws from Transmutation, but it is quite effective in a pinch. Paper is based on Emission, and it allows Gon to shoot ball missiles from his hands, giving him the long-range advantage.

2 Does Gon Resolve His Many Internal Conflicts? It's A Work In Progress

Gon Angry Crying

Gon is a paradox — he is extremely compassionate, honest, amiable, and polite when his mood is positive or neutral, but this changes uncharacteristically when he gets angry. For the most part, Gon's rage is moral, like when he accuses the Phantom Troupe of merciless bigotry for whining about Uvogin's death, despite what they have done to others.

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However, he can reach a point in his fury that basically negates all the good that he normally radiates. Killua is most likely going to help Gon resolve his conflicts, but it's not going to happen overnight.

1 Is He Based On Yu Yu Hakusho's Yusuke Urameshi? No, But The Similarities Are Striking

Hunter x Hunter Yu Yu Hakusho Gon and Yusuke

Yusuke Urameshi from Yoshihiro Togashi's first major manga, Yu Yu Hakusho, doesn't exactly look, act, or sound like Gon Freecss. Still, there are a lot of similarities that bind these two characters together.

They both wear green outfits almost constantly, and their combat modes are usually direct rather than elaborate. Gon and Yusuke have absent fathers, with female characters chasing after both of them. Finally, each of them, while averse to unwanted violence, have murdered enemies in the name of vengeance (Neferpitou and Toguro).

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