There are quite a few characters who play decisive narrative-shaping roles in Hunter x Hunter — nearly all of them revolve around or have something to do with Gon Freecss. Although the story begins with the young boy from Whale Island, it soon expands on the increasingly complicated world they all live in.

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There are a variety of Hunters, Chimera Ants, Greed Island gamers, and even a Phantom Troupe who drops into the plot now and then. How much do audiences really know about the characters from Hunter x Hunter, though? Has everything about them been straightforward from the start?

10 Is Kurapika A Girl? No, But Many Fans Initially Believed He Was

Kurapika is a teenage boy from the Kurta Clan, appearing in the first arc as a Hunter Exam applicant. However, his appearance and, to an extent, voice, have feminine overtones, explaining why many viewers assumed he was a girl when they began watching the series.

Interestingly, Kurapika is not the first character created by mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi who was thought to be female — that title belongs to Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho.

9 How Old Is Leorio? He Starts The Story At 19

Leorio spends half the first arc complaining about the other three not giving him the respect he deserves. In fact, he nearly gets into a serious fight with Kurapika over the latter refusing to attach the honorific -san to Leorio's name.

On the other hand, when Killua and a few secondary characters refer to Leorio as old or middle-aged, he furiously tells them that he's a teenager. And he's right, Leorio is actually 19 years old when introduced, making him 21 in the current timeline.

8 Does Netero Have Children? Yes, A Secret Son Named Beyond

Hunter x Hunter Beyond Netero

Isaac Netero's son, Beyond Netero, is only revealed after his father's funeral, which is when he announces an expedition to the so-called Dark Continent and asks for those interested to apply.

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The only reason this is possible is that Chairman Netero's death allows Beyond to openly declare his ambitions, considering that the old man had firmly prohibited his son from journeying back to the Dark Continent.

7 What Is Ging's Nen Type? Emission, But He Is A Potential Specialist

Ging Freecss has displayed a few abilities until now, most of which fall into the Emission category. Emitters are overwhelming in battle, explaining why Netero calls Ging one of the five most powerful Nen-users in the world.

However, Ging has shown his skills at Transmutation, Manipulation, and Enhancement as well. Seasoned fighters are usually capable of handling multiple Nen categories, but Ging's performance strongly implies that he might be a Specialist.

6 Why Does Biscuit Hide Her True Form? To Gain A Tactical Edge In Battle.

Biscuit might look like a schoolgirl, but she's actually 57 years old when she meets Gon and Killua in Greed Island. The two boys are stumped to learn that she taught Wing, their previous Nen master, but Biscuit quickly proves that she cannot be brought down in a fight.

Against a Bomber, Biscuit reverts to her real form, a massively muscular body, allowing her to end the battle with a single punch. She states that she doesn't like how "masculine" she looks — nevertheless, given Biscuit's general cunning, it's more likely that she camouflages herself for tactical purposes.

5 Who Is Ultimately Responsible For Meruem's Death? Netero

The battle between Netero and Meruem is incandescent in many ways, but mostly when the Chairman triggers a nuclear bomb grafted to his heart to end the Chimera Ant threat once and for all.

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Meruem emerges from the blast in terrible shape and would have died had Youpi and Pouf not found and transferred their "essence" to the Ant King. Netero gets the last laugh, though, when Meruem collapses and dies due to the poison contained in the Poor Man's Rose.

4 Does Chrollo Ever Fight Hisoka? Yes, & The Battle Is Spectacular

Hunter x Hunter Chrollo vs Hisoka

Chrollo Lucilfer returns in the manga, not just with Kurapika's Nen exorcised, but a few extra stolen techniques as well. He finally agrees to face Hisoka, with their battle taking place in Heaven's Arena.

An unexpected Floor Master, Chrollo has the upper hand from beginning to end, and it's all Hisoka can do to barely stay alive. Unfortunately, Chrollo's shameless use of innocent human lives as his puppets seemingly defeats (and kills) Hisoka. Or does it?

3 What Are The Two Prongs Of Killua's Godspeed? Whirlwind & Speed Of Lightning

Killua gains an uncanny level of control over his Godspeed, which is a Nen technique that uses the electrical field around him to increase his speed beyond scientific belief.

Whirlwind circumvents Killua's neural activity and uses his Nen to broadcast signals instead, an ability that works defensively and offensively. Speed of Lightning is less about reflexes and more about his general velocity — allowing Killua to run considerably faster than most motor vehicle top speeds.

2 Can Gon Use Nen? Not Currently, But He Probably Will

Neferpitou Attacks An Adult Gon

Gon loses all control and places a "contract" on himself, giving up everything so he could manifest enough strength to take on a Chimera Ant Royal Guard, which he does. He loses consciousness soon after and is only brought out of a coma after Killua has Alluka/Nanika restore him through wish-granting.

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Regardless, Gon's survival means that his ability to sense or utilize his Nen is lost in the process. Since he's the protagonist, it's very probable that he will regain his powers.

1 How Much Is Known About Hisoka's Past? His Favorite Childhood Candies

Hisoka Hunter Exam

Hisoka's past is shrouded in mystery, not for any plot reasons but because he doesn't care to talk about it very much. Even his birthplace is unknown, unlike those of the secretive Phantom Troupe members (Meteor City).

Hisoka does reveal to Machi that his two main Nen skills, Bungee Gum and Texture Surprise, refer to chewing gum brands and stickers from his childhood. Still, it's always great to have a villainous character with ambiguous motivations.

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