Inuyasha is a classic anime series that follows the adventures of Kagome and her half-demon love, Inuyasha, in feudal Japan. By a chance of fate, Inuyasha's former lover is reincarnated into Kagome in the future and is dragged back in time to the feudal era by Mistress Centipede. As it turns out, Kagome has the powerful Shikon jewel inside her, and before long, it ends up shattered and flies off to different parts of Japan.

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The pair gets stuck together on a lengthy journey to retrieve it and kill a half-demon named Naraku. The only problem is that Inuyasha is a pretty bad boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend comes back from the dead.

10 The Time Kikyo Tried to Kill Kagome

Kikyo borders on being a villain during a large part of the series, and despite her kind nature to children, she is pretty nefarious. In episode 33, Kikyo teams up with Naraku and lures Kagome into a trap away from Inuyasha, where she tries to kill her.

Afterward, Inuyasha shows up, and even Kikyo herself admits that she attempted to murder Kagome. Despite this fact, he still pursues her later in the series.

9 Every time He Insulted Kagome's Intelligence

Inuyasha really isn't that nice of a man when you think about the way he talks to Kagome. Throughout the show, he asks her if she is stupid and regularly insults her intelligence when they are getting into arguments.

Despite this fact, Kagome seems to forgive him pretty easily, but fans can easily see that she is much more intelligent than he gives her credit for.

8 When He Rejected Kagome in Front of the Thunder Brothers

Thunder Brothers in Inuyasha

In episode 9, Kagome is captured by the Thunder Brothers, a duo of demons that killed Shippo's father. They take Kagome to their home, and Maten tries to use her in a potion to help make his hair grow.

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Kagome says that Inuyasha loves her and tells them that he has Shikon Jewel shards. When they bring Kagome to Inuyasha to trade, though, he is offended when they say that he has feelings for her.

7 When He Ran Off to See Kikyo

Kikyo repeatedly put Inuyasha and Kagome in harm's way, but despite this, he repeatedly ran off to see her. One of the first times this happens, he even was going to let Kikyo drag him back to Hell with her and leave Kagome.

While Inuyasha does always end up running back to Kagome at some point, there aren't many people who would actually put up with this behavior.

6 When He Asked Maroku if he Could Have Both

After Inuyasha once again runs off to meet Kikyo in episode 48, Kagome finds the two embracing and returns home. Afterward, Inuyasha waits around the well as normal, waiting for her to return to the feudal era.

During this time, he actually ends up talking to Miroku and tells Miroku that he wants to have both Kikyo and Kagome at the same time.

5 When He Kissed Kikyo Behind Kagome's Back

It's not the fact that Inuyasha is just going to see Kikyo, but he gets a bit physical with her as well. Inuyasha has no problem kissing, hugging, or holding Kikyo for long periods of time during the show.

Kagome was even forced to watch the two kiss due to the fact that Kikyo pinned her to the tree. While Inuyasha didn't know she was there, that doesn't really change the fact he did it.

4 When He Got Mad at Kagome Over Koga

Despite cheating on Kagome several times, wanting to have both women at his side, and running off to see Kikyo, Inuyasha actually gets mad at Kagome over Koga. This is shown in both episodes 37 and 38 after Kagome is rescued.

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Koga actually forcibly kidnapped Kagome, and Inuyasha knew it. Despite this, he blames her for enticing Koga and being way too friendly with him, even though he was actually the one cheating.

3 Every Time He Told Kagome She Wasn't Attractive

Inuyasha really has a way with words during the series, especially when talking to Kagome. He even repeatedly tells her that he isn't attracted to her and never really calls her beautiful or compliments how she looks.

While this did have a lot to do with her looking like Kikyo, it was still pretty rude of him to say to her, especially when the two just had met.

2 When he Refused to Apologize For Being Downright Rude

Not only is he rude, but he has a serious problem with actually apologizing. This is brought up whenever Kagome gets mad and returns to the feudal era, and there are many times that he just never apologizes.

Kagome always seems to be the one closing the distance between the two, and it honestly just seems like he doesn't care at times.

1 When He Compares Kagome to Kikyo

Anime InuYasha The Final Act Inuyasha Kagome Peaceful

Inuyasha likes to compare Kagome to Kikyo and is always bringing up his ex-girlfriend, even before she was revived. He seems to think that Kikyo is a woman that can do no wrong and that she is perfect at everything.

He sees Kagome as flawed and, for a part of the series, isn't able to establish that Kikyo and Kagome aren't supposed to be the same person.

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