Kazuma basically wears his heart on his sleeve. He isn't shy to say what he thinks and act on what he wants despite what others might think of him. While he has redeeming traits that prevent him from traveling down the road of an absolute degenerate, he is so unfiltered that it is easy to tell what this young man is all about.

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Still, despite how open he is about himself and his opinions, some things still fit through the cracks and aren't well known about our boy Kazuma. So here are 10 facts you didn't know about our favorite Isekai protagonist!

10 He Was Older In The Web Novel

Before turning their stories into light novels, a lot of authors premiere their works online. These "web novels" often serving as a beta test to drum up interest in their story to potentially turn them into light novels if they are popular enough.

Though just like any beta test, there are often some changes when it comes time to the final release. One such change being Kazuma's age in comparison to his Web Novel version. While he starts off 16 years old in the light novel version of Konosuba, he is a bit older at 20 in the web novel. In fact, he isn't the only one aged up in that version. Most of the cast seems to have a few extra years on them.

Fanart by みずの みつ.

9 Why He Became A NEET

NEET is shorthand for "Not in Education, Employment, or Training" and is sometimes compared to being a shut-in. Before Kazuma's untimely demise, he definitely qualified as such. Though, why exactly did Kazuma decide to shut himself away from the world? It was simple. A girl.

When he was young a childhood friend promised to marry him but when he saw her riding a bike with a local delinquent later on in life it broke his heart. Her "supposed" betrayal making the young man want to shut himself away from the world. Eventually deciding to deal with games instead of real life.

8 "Yes, I'm Kazuma" Was Improvised

A lot of the reason why Konosuba works so work is that it is a wonderful parody of the Isekai genre while also being funny in its own regard. So you might be surprised to hear that one of its ongoing gags was entirely improvised.

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The gag where Kazuma simply replies with a "Yes, I'm Kazuma" was something that his voice actor, Jun Fukushima, improvised on the spot. Since then, it's been a fixture in the series whenever a girl calls out Kazuma's name frantically despite never appearing in the light novel.

7 Kazuma Is The Voice Actor's Biggest Role

Jun Fukushima is now well known for playing Kazuma. To the point where his voice is now synonymous with the character. Knowing that, it may catch you off guard to hear that he hardly had any major roles before Kazuma.

Before Jun Fukushima became Kazuma he was mostly known for playing bit parts. These include such "fine" characters as the Atrum Galliasta in Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works and Ged Laysh from Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou Ka as well as other characters you probably forgot. Other than that, he did Star in Koutoura-San and Yowamushi Pedal but those roles weren't nearly as famous as Kazuma.

6 Kazuma's English Voice Actor Has A Similar Story

At least when it comes to anime. Arnie Pantoja has played many supporting characters in anime like Kan from Re:Zero and Watchdog Man in One-Punch Man but Kazuma is one of his few main roles. Besides Kazuma, he only headlined as Pegasus Tenma in Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas.

It is interesting to see that both of the actors chosen to be Kazuma have similar stories. Both of them mostly relegated to bit parts and main roles in lesser-known anime before landing their big part in Konosuba.

5 Tried To Make C***oms

Among his many talents, Kazuma has a keen eye for what modern conveniences could make a lot of money in the world he reincarnated into. Among those are items like lighters, kotatsu, and dynamite. Unfortunately, he couldn't quite recreate everything.

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Even if he was faithfully able to recreate many objects from his previous life, Kazuma just couldn't make these work in the light novel. Try as he might, they just weren't thin enough to work. Instead, they served as a distraction for Aqua and Darkness who mistakenly thought they were balloons. So... ah... yay... for re-purposing objects...!

4 He Only Lost To One Person At Rock, Paper, and Scissors


Major spoiler ahead. You have been warned! Kazuma is basically a god-like being at Rock, Paper, and Scissors. Claiming to have never lost a match in his life, he usually wipes the floor with whoever dares to challenge him at the game of luck and wits. Though, despite his boasting, there is actually one person who has beaten Kazuma in the light novel.

As it turns out, it takes a god to beat a person with god-like skill. Chris, the silver-haired thief and Kazuma's friend, (who is the goddess Eris in disguise) actually manages to beat Kazuma at Rock, Paper, and Scissors whenever they play. Of course, she has a bit of an advantage since she is a goddess of luck. Spoiler Ends.

3 Reason Why Kazuma Steals Undergarments


Kazuma has the impeccable ability to steal a girl's panties right from under her with the skill he learned from Chris, Steal. No matter the circumstances, if his target is female he manages to get that private piece of cloth into his grimy little hands. Though, there may be a reason why that always happens.

The way Steal works is that the user gets a random item from their target depending on their luck stack. Since Kazuma's luck is only second to the luck stat of the goddess of luck herself, Eris, he almost always manages to get the most valuable item they have. If it is Mitsurugi, then he gets his prized sword. If it is Beldia (the Dullahan Demon King General), he gets his head. If it's girls, it is their undergarments. Apparently, they are quite valuable in the world of Konosuba.

2 Kazuma Has A Little Sister Complex

Throughout the series, it has been no secret that Kazuma is a horny young man with a wide list of fetishes he wishes to explore. Though, one thing he hasn't been quite upfront about is that he has a little sister complex.

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While he doesn't seem to be into blood-related siblings, Kazuma seems to like to fantasize about little step-sisters and other younger girls that could qualify for a similar role. In fact, one of the first times his parents hit him was because he asked them to get a divorce and remarry to someone with a daughter so that he can have a younger and not blood-related sister. Later on, he meets a character named Iris who is the perfect example of the sister he always wanted. To the point where he says that he would marry her if she asked.

1 He Becomes An Accomplished Thief

Kazuma makes quite the name for himself as the Chivalrous Masked Thief in some of the later volumes of the light novel. After teaming up with Chris to steal a divine relic, they cause enough of a ruckus to become wanted felons. Thankfully, the world runs on comic book logic and a simple disguise was more than enough to prevent most people from recognizing Them. Leaving only their aliases to go by for the bounty on their heads.

So how much trouble did Chris and Kazuma cause while stealing a divine relic? Well, about 200 million eris (read: dollars) worth, a prize that is just below the bounty for the Demon King.

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