When thinking about heroes in the Marvel universe who the average fan could see turning bad or going evil, even for just an issue or two, few would ever think a hero as iconic and bright as Spider-Man would be in that category. Yet thanks to evil alien symbiotes, genetic experiments gone wrong, and the Multiverse as a whole, there are some bad eggs among the Spider-Men.

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From doppelgängers and monsters to apocalyptic versions of himself and beyond, Spider-Man is capable of evil. Here are the ten most terrifying versions of Spider-Man.

10 Symbiote Spider-Man

Spider-Man was at his worst when he was taken over by the symbiote, becoming the black-suited Spider-Man. The symbiote Spider-Man was a powerful anti-hero, using more brutal tactics in his attacks and becoming less a symbol of hope and more a symbol of fear for criminals.

It took all of Peter Parker's will and strength to rid himself of the alien symbiote, but unfortunately, his actions led to the creation of Venom and a whole slew of villainous symbiotic foes.

9 Doppelganger

This evil version of Spider-Man is known as Doppelganger. The entity was created by Magus, the dark aspect of Adam Warlock, during the event known as the Infinity War. Presented more as an animalistic version of Spider-Man rather than a fully intelligent human being, this evil version is truly powerful.

Doppelganger has Spider-Man’s super strength, speed, wall-climbing, and spider-sense, but also comes with far more dangerous powers like razor-edged webbing, claws, fangs, and six arms, making it a deadly opponent.

8 Pestilence

One unique evil version of Spider-Man fans may not remember is the Earth-5701 version of Peter Parker, which takes place in an alternate version of the Age of Apocalypse world. In this version of the event, Peter Parker was taken by Apocalypse and chosen to become one of his four horsemen, known as Pestilence.

With six arms and poisoned fangs, Pestilence joined Famine and Archangel in a battle with Earth-616’s Deadpool, Cannonball, and Siryn as they searched for a lost Cable among the multiverse.

7 Assassin Spider-Man

One of Peter Parker’s defining traits is his refusal to take a life to save the day, taking the high ground morally and opting to always find another way to stop a villain or threat. Yet on Earth-8351, Peter Parker chose a different path and become one of the world’s top black ops assassins alongside Wolverine.

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After following Wolverine to Russia, Peter accidentally took the life of a friend Wolverine had wanted to put out of her misery as the KGB hunted her. Haunted by his actions, Spider-Man stayed with Wolverine and trained to become an assassin.

6 Superior Spider-Man

One of the most dangerous versions of Spider-Man was known as the Superior Spider-Man. This version of the hero was born when Otto Octavius’s mind took over Peter Parker’s body, creating a Spider-Man who enforced justice in a much harsher and more brutal way than the true hero.

Growing a Spider-Bot army and taking on villains and heroes alike who challenged his justice, Superior Spider-Man ruined Parker's reputation amongst the superhero community, at least, until the latter managed to reemerge and take back his body.

5 The Spider

One of the most feared versions of Spider-Man is his alternate version known simply as The Spider. What made this version of Peter Parker so dangerous was that he merged with the Carnage Symbiote, the creature known to be attached to the serial killer Cletus Kassidy.

This version of Peter became a psychotic killer and had been on death row for a time on his world, Earth-15. He would also become a member of the Weapon X team.

4 Ghost Spider

One thing that can change the fate of Spider-Man in other worlds is if Uncle Ben survives the night he originally was meant to perish in, changing the rules that Peter was meant to learn from that horrific night. One instance of this was Earth-11638's Ghost Spider.

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After Ben survived, Peter and Ben went on to start bringing other Spiders across the Multiverse to his world and draining them of their powers in order to increase his own and protect his world. After the true Spider-Man defeated him, Earth-11638's Parker realized his mistakes and allowed himself to perish, later becoming the Ghost Rider infused Ghost Spider.

3 Patient Zero

One of the more tragic evil versions of Spider-Man was the one from the acclaimed series Punisher vs The Marvel Universe. In this universe, Spider-Man became infected with a monstrous virus that transformed him into a cannibal, leading him to eat The Rhino on live TV and starting an infection that took the world.

Later when the world had ended, Patient Zero took control over a portion of the former New York City and hired Frank Castle to rescue a pregnant Mary Jane. After rescuing her, Frank took Patient Zero’s life.

2 Zombie Spider-Man

Another monstrous version of Spider-Man is the Spider-Man of the Marvel Zombies universe. Like most of the heroes of this Earth, Spider-Man was infected with a virus that transformed him into a zombie, joining the other heroes of Earth in devouring anyone and everything in their path, including former allies.

In this world, Parker even attacked and consumed Aunt May and Mary Jane Watson. While horrified by his actions, he could not control his hunger and became one of the Galacti, a collection of heroes who consumed Galactus and took some of his cosmic power.

1 The Other

The most powerful evil Spider-Man is The Other. In a storyline known by the same name, Peter Parker began having weird dreams and symptoms related to his Uncle Ben and spiders. Worried about his mortality, he began fighting more crime and was beaten so badly by Morlun that he ended up in the hospital.

Eventually, Parker fought Morlun again, taking the villain's life by biting his head. Peter later seemed to pass away, only to emerge from a cocoon with more powers and calling himself The Other, until he eventually returned to his normal self.

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