Mephisto is one of Marvel's most dangerous villains, a powerful trickster that has bedeviled the heroes for years. Mephisto isn't the devil, but an interdimensional demon who patterns himself after Judeo-Christian myths. He's proven to be more than a match for most heroes, as his powers allow him to fulfill any deal he makes with any mortal foolish enough to treat with him. He can even manipulate the fabric of space-time, making him an extremely deadly force to all who encounter him.

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Mephisto has faced many heroes over the years and lost, as improbable as it seems. Some of these victories have been forgotten by fans over the years.

10 The Fantastic Four Has Taken Down The Trickster

Fantastic Four Heaven

When one thinks of the Fantastic Four, they mostly think of intrepid scientists battling interdimensional threats or powerful alien races. This is pretty accurate but the Fantastic Four have branched out over the years. They've even battled Mephisto, something that not even their science and wherewithal could prepare them for.

One of the best things about the Fantastic Four is their ability to adapt and they were able to adapt in their battle against Mephisto. As powerful as Mephisto is, the FF were able to outthink him and use their unique abilities to win.

9 Thor Takes On All Kinds Of Threats, Including Mephisto

It's not an out-of-left field thing to think that Thor has beaten Mephisto but it happened so long ago that most fans don't even remember it. While Thor has mostly dealt with Norse stuff in recent years, back in his earlier days, he fought all manner of villains, including Mephisto. While Mephisto's power put him out of Thor's league, that didn't stop Thor from trying.

Thor isn't exactly the smartest hero out there but he has a lot of experience fighting people more powerful than him. His battles against Mephisto were always entertaining affairs and tested him to his limits.

8 Ghost Rider Has Had To Fight Mephisto Many Times

For years, the various Ghost Riders believed their power came from Zarathros, a powerful vengeance demon, but this wasn't the case at all. Instead, it was revealed to have been Mephisto all along. Ghost Rider's power makes him one of the scariest Marvel vigilantes but even it paled in comparison to Mephisto's power.

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At first, Danny Ketch and Johnny Blaze battled Blackheart, Mephisto's son, but eventually, they'd find themselves in the father's crosshairs. It took a lot but they were able to defeat him and have been free of his influence ever since.

7 The X-Men Were Able To Stop Mephisto

X-Men Rogue Synch Sunfire

After being warned by the Fantastic Four that Mephisto was on a soul-stealing spree, the X-Men came up with a plan to stop him just in case. Unfortunately for them, he came after them eventually, tried to get Jean Grey. The X-Men sprang into action and using their plan and Rogue's abilities, were able to stop him.

The X-Men have some experience battling demonic enemies, so while Mephisto challenged them, he wasn't enough to defeat them. They'd clash with him again, after an alternate universe version of Illyana Rasputin made a deal with him that almost ended the X-Men all over the Multiverse. This one is kind of cheating, though, as they mostly just survived against him, rather than actually beating him.

6 As The Infamous Iron Man, Doctor Doom Defeated Mephisto

Infamous Iron Man 12 Mephisto vs Dr. Strange and Dr. Doom or Iron Doom

Mephisto and Doom have tangled before but only once when Doom was considered a hero. For a short time, Doom subbed in for Iron Man, trading his distinctive armor for a more streamlined, Iron Man-esque suit. No one trusted him and he was confronted by his mother, which was strange in the extreme.

A younger Reed Richards also started appearing to Doom. The apparitions turned out to be Mephisto, who wanted to get his win back after Doom and Strange had tricked him years appear. Doom was able to defeat Mephisto again, extending his win streak over the demonic trickster and proving that none truly rival Doom.

5 The Avengers And Mephisto Have Tangled More Than Once

Avengers Captain America Thor She-Hulk feature

The Avengers are another team that readers know intuitively must have had battles with Mephisto. Even then, it feels like he'd be too much for them. Mephisto and the Avengers have faced each other several times and every time the Avengers have pulled out a win. While the team usually deals with foes who aren't as magical in nature as Mephisto, they've always been able to pull it together and defeat him.

While the Avengers are rife with people to manipulate, Mephisto hasn't been able to conquer them. The team has supported each other, working together to ensure that Mephisto can't take advantage of their weaknesses.

4 The Hulk Was Unaffected By Mephisto's Power

The Hulk and Mephisto haven't technically fought but the Green Goliath did prove that the demon had no power over him, which is still a win. It all stems from One More Day when Mephisto erased global knowledge of Spider-Man's identity and healed Aunt May. The whole world forgot that Peter Parker was Spider-Man, except the Hulk.

The two met and Hulk called him Peter. Seeing as how Hulk never knew Spider-Man's identity before the reveal in Civil War, this was a big deal. While Banner forgot, the Hulk didn't. While it's not punching out the demon lord, it's defeating his power, which can be the next best thing.

3 Mephisto And Adam Warlock Have Clashed Often

Adam Warlock is one of Marvel's greatest forgotten heroes. He's defeated multiple extremely powerful beings over the years, even gaining the Infinity Gauntlet for a time. He was created to be a perfect man and has lived up to that, doing an unprecedented amount of good for the entire universe. His pure soul has made him a tempting target for Mephisto but the demon has never been able to take it.

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Adam Warlock often had the Soul Gem when he battled Mephisto but he's even been able to beat Mephisto without it. As powerful as the demon lord is, Warlock has proven able to always stop Mephisto from getting what he wanted.

2 Doctor Strange Has Been Able To Defeat Mephisto On His Own


Doctor Strange and Mephisto know a lot about each other and have been at odds for years. They clashed often but the worst of it came when Doctor Doom and Strange teamed up against the demon. After that, Mephisto had a grudge against the Sorcerer Supreme and it was now personal, as Mephisto did not like to lose what he had taken.

Since then, Strange has had to beat Mephisto several times, using all of his powerful magic and his intelligence to defeat Mephisto. While Mephisto is obviously much more powerful than him, Strange has made a business of beating foes like that.

1 Silver Surfer's Pure Soul Has Been Mephisto's Unrealized Target For Years

Norinn Radd Silver Surfer Herald Galactus

Silver Surfer is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. He's also one of the purest and that has made him a target for Mephisto. For a long time, Silver Surfer was Mephisto's main enemy in the Marvel Universe and the two repeatedly clashed. Their battles were great and the two went together as foes rather well.

Surfer and Mephisto were interesting foes. They don't seem like they'd go together but the pure-hearted wanderer and the devil are a tried-and-true trope. Mephisto tried so many times but Silver Surfer has foiled him every time.

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