My Hero Academia is a series with a ton of characters. That honestly isn’t that much of an exaggeration, all things considered. Even just class 1-A (the main class that we’ve been introduced to) has a huge number of characters to learn about.

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So it’s really no surprise to learn that there are quite a lot of details that one can miss about any single character. For example, there is a lot that fans don’t know about Toru Hagakure, aka the Invisible Girl. So, we’re here to tell you all of the facts you’re missing out on. We hope you find her as fascinating as we do.

10 Influences

Go ahead and take a guess at who influenced the creation of Toru. Seriously, it won't be that hard to guess this one. That's right — it's the Invisible Woman. That's pretty obvious, we know. And it holds up with a lot of the other characters we've seen in MHA, as the series has been heavily influenced by American superheroes.

At least they kept her hero name a little different since Toru is the Invisible Girl. Though we have to wonder if the name will change as she gets older. Based on the age of Recovery Girl, we're betting not.

9 Theories About Her Quirk

Fans have been theorizing about Toru's quirk for quite some time now. After all, she apparently has the quirk on 24/7. Fans have been trying to figure out if that is a choice on her part — or if her quirk activation is non-optional.

Considering the fact that we've seen her both asleep and unconscious, we're leaning towards non-optional. "Seen" is a figurative word choice here, since we literally could not see her, being that she was still invisible and all.

8 Light Refraction

Toru's quirk gives her the ability to be invisible. Duh, we know. What that means is that light literally passes through her skin. That might sound like there isn't much room for her to push her quirk forward, but Toru found a way.

Toru has one special move right now, known as Light Refraction. Here she bends light inside her body, which again, allows light to pass through. She can then use the light taken inside her to blind her opponents. Pretty handy, right?

7 Originally Male

Here's a bit of news that might surprise you: Toru's character was originally quite different during the initial sketches. For one thing, she was originally meant to be a guy. But then Horikoshi (the author of the series) decided to change that when he noticed the serious imbalance between male and female characters in Class 1-A. We're thankful for that change. Also, a fun little side note: Toru is not the only character that had their gender changed thanks to this discrepancy.

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6 The Meaning Behind A Name

Like many of the characters in My Hero Academia, there is meaning behind Toru Hagakure's name. Toru roughly translates into "transparent," while Hagakure can be taken to mean "hidden in the leaves."

Both of these names are non-subtle references to Toru's quirk. This leaves us with some questions. What quirks, if any, do her parents have? Are they also invisible? And was Toru born invisible? That would be mighty tough for new parents to deal with.

5 Her Original Costume Design

Toru was also originally designed to be carrying more in her superhero outfit. We're used to seeing her wearing just shoes and gloves (which is really all we can see of her). But originally there was a mask and several other objects included as well.

Again, this whole design was back in the days when Toru was still a guy. So the mask itself is very masculine looking, and thus not something Toru would have ever considered wearing.

4 Rankings

Thanks to all of the testing the U.A. students have gone through, we have a good idea of Toru's rankings (along with the rest of the students in class 1-A). Toru came in number 16 for her class, 18th during the Quirk Apprehension Test (the one run by Aizawa), 16th again for their grades, and 42nd during the massive U.A. Sports Festival.

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Next, let's talk about her stats all from the Ultra Archive Book, which means they're the official stats to go by. Toru's power is the weakest of her ratings, coming in at a 2 out of 5. Next is speed, which is at a 3. Technique and Intelligence are equal, and both come in at a 4. And finally, Cooperativeness gets Toru a nice big 5 out of 5.

3 Untapped Potential

Toru's quirk is one that seems to come with a lot of downsides. For one thing, she can't seem to turn it off. But we can't help but feel like there's more Toru can do with her quirk. After all, she's already come up with one super move involving it.

The more we think about it, the more it makes sense that Toru should be able to push this quirk more than she has. We're really hoping to see this happen sometime during the next few seasons because there's some serious untapped potential there.

2 The Need For Attention

Toru is a character who is desperately in need of attention. If you observe what is happening in the background, you can see it — well, not literally. She's constantly worrying about what people think of her, and her love of bright and bubbly colors is a clear indication of her desperation to be seen as a normal teenage girl. It's actually a pretty sad situation when you think about it.

1 A Dark Possibility

And the last item on our list of things to know about Toru Hagakure: the biggest fan theory surrounding her. There's a strong theory out there that Toru is actually the traitor that U.A. has been looking for.

Think about it. She'd make the perfect spy, since she could really go anywhere she wanted with no detection. Additionally, there have been a few vital times during the attacks where we just can't verify where she is. We know where she said she is, but that's completely different. Fans are concerned that this is all because she was sitting somewhere nice and safe, knowing in advance that the attacks were going to happen.

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