Anime is really fun to watch and very addictive, to say the least. But, dressing up as your favorite anime character can be far more exciting. Cosplay allows viewers to step away from the humdrum of daily life and let their imagination run wild. However, cosplay is not just about picking a costume and dressing up. It is more about understanding the character and giving life to the costume. It is also about being drawn into a magical world where fans can become their favorite character.

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2019 had so much to offer in terms of anime, which makes it harder to choose from the many characters. From remakes of contemporary and cult classics to follow-up seasons and new releases, picking from the variety is pretty cumbersome. Here are the 10 most popular female anime cosplays of 2019.

10 Erza Scarlet

Erza Scarlet is an attractive woman of average height with long scarlet hair in Fairy Tail. Erza has a strong sense of pride in being a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild. She is very strict, impatient, and very socially awkward, which makes most of her guild-mates want to ignore her.

Requip is her signature form of magic, meaning she can swap into the clothes, armor, or clothes she wants. She is the only sword Mage capable of re-quipping weapons and armor while fighting. She is also a fierce weapon wielder. The look has been very well captured by the cosplayer.

9 Maka Albarn

She is a schoolgirl outfit-wearing girl whose outfit should not fool you. Maka Albarn is an evil-fighting teenage girl who attends Death Weapon Meister Academy to master skills in making sure the good prevails. She rocks pigtails, though she changes her hair sometimes into buns or wears it straight.

One notable thing about her outfit is that, even when she changes her uniform, she still wears a weird-looking trench coat, the ends of which split in two. Her weapon is a scythe, which she is an expert at using. She is a character in Soul Eater. This cosplayer really made the look come together especially with the scythe.

8 Zero Two

Zero Two's outfit is fun. She has waist-length pink hair with bangs, green eyes that you get lost into, and two red horns on the front of her head, as demonstrated by this cosplayer. The Darling in the Franxx character is half human and half Klaxosaur, which makes her a hybrid.

As a child, she looked like a monster, but, eventually, she grew up to be a tall slender girl with an athletic figure. Her outfits include a red military uniform, which is her signature look, a red bodysuit with white accents, and a white bodysuit with red accents among others.

7 Taiga Aisaka

She is a female protagonist with a short temper and emotional instability in the Toradora series. Taiga is short and has very long curly light brown hair. She is an elegant girl who comes from a rich family and dresses very decently.

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She is flat-chested, but her glare and sharp tongue make up for this insecurity. Mostly, she is dressed in a school uniform or long dresses. Coming from an unstable family where both parents are remarried, Taiga is very aggressive and sadistic. Despite this, she is very kind to people she trusts and is known for her loyalty. This cosplayer captures Taiga's physical features quite well.

6 Tomoyo Sakagami

The navy blue-eyed teenage girl is far from respectful. Tomoyo has long, silver hair that is thigh length with messy bangs. She wears a black headband and a light brown blazer uniform with high socks.

She is pretty tough and is known for beating up delinquents. This is one of the reasons why she isn't considered to be all that feminine. Tomoyo is very intelligent, and she's an athlete who does not talk much and dislikes initiating fights. She is also a skilled fighter who learned to use chakra and magic. She is a character in Clannad. This cosplayer captures Tomoyo's features with this look.

5 Sakura Kinomoto

This Cardcaptor character dislikes math and ghosts. She has big emerald green eyes, and short auburn hair which sometimes appears to be brown. She does not have specific outfits, as they change depending on the season, but her everyday outfits would be her school uniform and her battle outfit.

She is an athletic ten-year-old who is also in the school cheer-leading squad. Apart from this, Sakura is bubbly, loving, and cheerful, which makes her very friendly. The incorporation of a stuffed animal is a brilliant idea on the cosplayer's part, as it displays Sakura as the child she is.

4 Shirayuki

Shirayuki is a character in Snow White with the Red Hair. She has green eyes that compliment her uniquely red hair. Once, her hair was long, but she cut it later to chin length and tries to hide it because of the attention it draws.

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Shirayuki had escaped her country because she wasn't the least bit interested in becoming a concubine for the prince of the kingdom of Tanbarun. She usually wears a uniform as an official court pharmacist unless she is not on duty or is meeting a member of royalty. Additionally, she wears an identification tag since its the only way to access the castle where she works, as captured by this cosplayer.

3 Hanji (Hange Zoe)

In Attack on Titan, Hanji is a scientist who is missing a right eye. She wears her brown hair in ponytails and has brown eyes as seen from this cosplayer's look. Hanji usually wears the Survey Corps uniform or a white shirt with black pants when out of uniform.

She tends to get stressed and angry when responsibilities increase which can make her rather dark. Though that's rare, she is a genius who is a thoughtful leader, but she can sometimes use her brain to manipulate people into doing what she wants.

2 Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa is a character in Attack on Titan. She is a well-toned and physically fit woman whose outfits are usually Survey Corps uniform. The uniform usually has belts that hold all her gear, as demonstrated by this cosplayer.

She also usually has a scarf, which is a signature look for her casual outfits. She is partially Asian with gray eyes, short, black hair, and pale skin. Her hair is cut up to chin length, albeit with longer bangs. Additionally, she also has a scar just below her right eye which she got during battle.

1 Rem

Rem is a polite and charming girl who has beautiful large light blue eyes. She has sky blue hair which she adorns in purple ribbons, hair clips, and a hairband, as shown by this cosplayer. She also has an identical twin sister who has different eye color and hair, and they wear different ribbons. She has a larger chest than her twin, and, to hide it, she secretly changes the measurements. She is skilled in water magic and can either heal or attack using it. Rem is a character in Re: Zero.

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