My Hero Academia takes place in the future, where supernatural Quirks are absolutely everywhere, and they have redefined society. The clash of law vs. crime has been taken to a whole new level as fearless Pro Heroes take on powerful villains, and the terrifying All For One is the big boss of the villains' side.

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All For One is called the symbol of evil, the dark counterpart to All Might as the symbol of peace, and All For One bears a remarkable Quirk of the same name. That Quirk, combined with incredible intelligence and an army of Nomu, allowed All For One to become the ultimate threat to peace and justice in modern Japan. What are ten particular perks of wielding the Quirk known as All For One?

10 All For One Can't Be Easily Stolen

Most Pro Heroes face the constant threat of the villain All For One stealing their Quirks, and that is indeed what happened to Ragdoll, one of the four Wild, Wild Pussycats. All For One cornered her and swiped her Search Quirk, and Ragdoll was devastated by this loss.

All For One is the Quirk that allows it users to steal other Quirks, so its wielder is never concerned about this happening to them. Conceivably, even other villains are at risk of All For One stealing their Quirk, but AFO's bearer is free of this threat.

9 All For One Can Build A Reputation

Few Quirks are truly legendary, especially since nearly everyone has a Quirk of their own by now. Even powerful Quirks such as Shoto's fire/ice Quirk don't typically grab headlines, but All For One is a different matter.

Due to this Quirk's enormous power and sinister nature, everyone in the hero and villain worlds alike knows what AFO is, and villains see it as a beacon of courage while heroes might be demoralized or terrified of it. And the media will pick up on that, too.

8 All For One Includes A Longevity Quirk

All For One can steal Quirks, and it can even steal copies of Quirks, so an ally can lend AFO their Quirk without sacrificing it in the process. In particular, the mad scientist Dr. Garaki has a longevity Quirk, and All For One obtained a copy of that Quirk.

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This has allowed both Dr. Garaki and All For One the villain to live for well over a century, so they can hold onto their power and use their vast experience to their advantage. Any heir to AFO can obtain this Quirk and also live for a long time, building a criminal empire for the ages.

7 All For One Includes Massive Physical Strength

The epic All Might vs All for One fight.

All For One the villain has amassed a huge collection of Quirks, and he made sure to include some physical strength-enhancing Quirks in that collection. Even he needs to fight barehanded sometimes, and he would struggle against All Might and other melee heroes otherwise.

All For One, and any successor who claims his Quirk, can trade blows with All Might himself, which is saying a lot. All For One even managed to punch All Might across the battlefield and into a building, which is something no other villain could do. It must be satisfying to give the symbol of peace a knuckle sandwich like that.

6 All For One Can Combine Quirks In New Ways

The villain All For One understands that Quirks can be more than the sum of their parts, and a collection of Quirks can grant its wielder unique powers. All For One took care to collect Quirks that have strong synergy with one another, and augment one another. He might even collect several Quirks of the same type for added effect.

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All For One can combine physical strength enhancement Quirks to trade blows with All Might, and he can combine other, more complex Quirks to create all-new effects that even the Quirks' original users never could have imagined. AFO really is more than the sum of its parts.

5 All For One Can Help People With Their Quirks

All For One making loyal henchmen

The villain known as All For One nearly always uses his AFO Quirk for evil, thus giving it a fearsome reputation as a villainous collection of killer Quirks. However, AFO's basic nature is not inherently villainous. It's merely a Quirk that can transfer Quirks to and from other people, including its user.

As a flashback clearly showed, the All For One Quirk can be used to swap the Quirks of two other people, and AFO can be used to grant a Quirk to someone who has none. In the right hands, AFO can actually be a benevolent force, and help people gain, trade or discard Quirks as desired.

4 All For One Can Bolster A Villainous Ally

The villain All For One is rarely seen doing this, but in theory, he can grant any of the Quirks in his collection to a villain ally, and help them in a wide variety of ways. All For One tends to steal Quirks for himself, but Quirks can flow in the opposite direction, too.

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All For One likes having loyal minions by his side, and those minions might need a boost. So, AFO can grant a skin-hardening Quirk to a vulnerable ally, or graft a ranged Quirk onto a melee fighter to make them more flexible. Villains such as the flaming Dabi or the gecko-like Spinner probably wouldn't mind getting some help like this.

3 All For One Can Inspire Loyal Followers

all for one my hero academia walking

A side effect of granting Quirks to needy parties is that All For One can inspire that person to become a loyal follower. All For One didn't swap people's Quirk strictly out of altruism -- he did that so people would be happy with their new Quirks and, out of gratitude, swear fealty to him.

Such loyalty was AFO's true aim, and only a Quirk like All For One could make this possible. In past decades, the villain AFO amassed thousands of loyal followers, and AFO could do the same for petty villains who need new powers. Any villain would become loyal to All For One's power if they get a Quirky gift first.

2 All For One Can Easily Be Passed On

tomura shigaraki in action mha

The heroic Quirk One For All can be passed on to a new wielder, and it has had nine total users. Something similar can happen with All For One, though it hasn't had nearly as many wielders. For many decades, the villain All For One kept his Quirk to himself due to his selfish nature, but even he needs an heir eventually.

All For One can be passed willingly to a new wielder, and All For One chose the troubled youth Tomura Shigaraki as the heir to that Quirk. In that way, the symbol of evil can live on, and Tomura can become far more powerful than his original Decay Quirk alone would allow.

1 All For One Can Be Copied

Sometimes, Quirks become duplicated in the story of My Hero Academia, such as when Neito Monoma uses his Copy Quirk on other people. Meanwhile, All For One can be copied too, and a weaker version of this Quirk can be grafted into other people as needed.

The villain Nine once wielded a copy of All For One, and he juggled a few Quirks with it to fight the students of Class 1-A in the Heroes Rising movie. Such copies may not be on par with the original All For One, but even a weaker copy is bad news for the heroes. Not even One For All can be duplicated so easily, but at least it can be shared.

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