Many trainee heroes make up the main cast of My Hero Academia, high school students who are learning to use their unique Quirks to become true heroes someday. At the U.A. school, protagonist Izuku Midoriya has plenty of classmates around him, and their Quirks are highly diverse. What about Kyoka Jiro, who goes by the hero name Earphone Jack?

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Kyoka Jiro hasn't had many major scenes to herself, but even if she doesn't often steal the spotlight, Jiro has proven herself a dedicated and tough trainee hero, and she has many assets on her side. A few factors might be holding her back, though, and Jiro will have to work hard to overcome them. What are her biggest strengths and drawbacks?

10 Strength: She's Not Easily Rattled

With a few exceptions (more on that soon), Kyoka Jiro has nerves of steel, and she isn't easily upset or intimidated, even when she is surrounded by villains. During the USJ event, some characters were panicking (like Minoru Mineta) while Jiro kept her cool.

When the odds are against her, Jiro isn't scared. She will crack her knuckles and say "come at me!", which is a great trait for a hero to have. This can also inspire any teammates who are by Jiro's side and soothe their nerves.

9 Weakness: She Doesn't Like Spooky Things

There's not much that can scare or intimidate Kyoka Jiro, but a few things really can get to her. For example, she can't stand darkness or eerie places, and the threat of jump scares bothers her a great deal. This sets her apart from Fumikage Tokoyami, who gets stronger in the dark.

This weakness doesn't come up often, but it did pop up when classes 1-A and 1-B had to do a forest test of courage one night. And if Jiro has to face creepy villains at night, she might get totally unnerved, especially if those villains use fear as a weapon.

8 Strength: Her Musical Talent

At first, Jiro treated her inclination to music as a silly hobby, but in truth, it can benefit her a great deal. Making music can be therapeutic and boost one's mood, and besides, everyone needs a hobby to blow off steam. Jiro chose a great hobby.

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What is more, Jiro's aptitude for rock 'n roll was vital for class 1-A's musical performance during the school festival, where Jiro performed lead vocals and taught her classmates how to play their own instruments.

7 Weakness: She Has Insecurities

No one can really blame Jiro for having a few insecurities; she's an adolescent, and they all have issues like these. Jiro's insecurities don't horribly sabotage her as a hero, but they can make her everyday life rather awkward at times.

Jiro is needlessly concerned that the other girls in class 1-A, especially Momo Yaoyorozu, are much more attractive than her, and she was needlessly embarrassed about her musical hobby. Fortunately, that live performance erased her insecurities about her chosen hobby.

6 Strength: Making Sonic Assaults

Kyoka Jiro is one of those trainee heroes who rely mainly on their Quirk, such as Shoto Todoroki and Yuga Aoyama. Kyoka's Quirk is Earphone Jack, and it takes the form of two electrical plugs coming from her elongated earlobes.

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On the offensive, Kyoka Jiro can emit powerful soundwaves from her earphone jacks, and these soundwaves can blast the very earth apart with a sonic assault and throw the enemy off their feet. No one ever sees it coming until it's too late.

5 Weakness: She Has Limited Physical Abilities

Some trainee heroes can really throw a punch, while others are better off standing back and using their ranged Quirks. Rikido Sato and Izuku are excellent melee heroes, and they have worked hard to build up a strong physique that can withstand melee combat with villains, with or without Quirks.

But Jiro can't keep up with those melee heroes if she plays by their rules. She is fairly petite and has low muscle strength, and she isn't very durable, either. Jiro must make sure that melee villains stay away, or else she's in trouble. Her fists can't do much to protect her.

4 Strength: She Can Detect People

kyoka jiro

Jiro's Quirk is useful for launching ranged sonic attacks, but that Quirk is even better for receiving sound than emitting it. Kyoka Jiro can plus those earphone jacks of hers into a wall, the floor, or even the ground, and pick up sounds from all over the place.

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In this way, Jiro can detect the location, speed and numbers of her enemies, then relay this intel to her teammates so they can make a plan. And if the enemy stops moving, then Jiro will sense that too, and she can avoid enemy ambushes.

3 Weakness: She Has Limited Motivation

kyoka jiro

When it comes to motivation and willpower, Kyoka Jiro is a rather mixed bag, and she's not the only U.A. student who is like that, Some trainees, such as Izuku, Katsuki Bakugo and Ochaco Uraraka, are positively burning with motivation and the desire to succeed. And what about Jiro?

Jiro's motivations are the most basic kind: to be a hero and protect people from villains. Nothing wrong with that, but then again, lacking a clear end goal such as "I'll surpass All Might!" can slow down Jiro's progress. She needs something more specific to work towards.

2 Strength: She Can Combo With Momo

Being a hero means knowing how to combine one's talents with those of a teammate. Few heroes fight alone all the time; more often, these heroes form small teams and combine their Quirks to create devastating effects, and that's what Jiro can do with Momo.

When these girls combine their talents, Jiro can plug her Quirk into a massive stereo that Momo makes, and emit sound on a much larger scale than Jiro can manage on her own. And Momo can also create headphones to protect Jiro and her fellows from the sound.

1 Weakness: Her Apathetic Demeanor

All Might is known for his radiant and uplifting smile and catchphrases, such as "I am here!" Meanwhile, Kyoka Jiro is the type to slouch onto the scene and say "Yo, I'm here." As a pro hero, Jiro will be less than inspiring when she's fighting on the streets.

It's true that Jiro can boost her teammates' courage with her unshakable confidence in the face of the enemy, but Jiro might struggle to inspire and cheer up the frightened and confused civilians around her when disaster strikes. Jiro had better hope that someone else on her team can handle that heroic duty.

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