My Hero Academia has tons of heroes in all shapes and sizes. However, there aren’t many heroes that grow in size in the world of My Hero Academia quite like Yu Takeyama AKA Mt. Lady. It is a unique trait that Mt. Lady has, but her personality is also what makes her a fan-favorite female character in the series. Being a Pro Hero, she has taken part in some of the biggest storylines in the series, no matter how big or small her role was.

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10 Mt. Lady Can Grow Up to About 68 Feet

The power that Mt. Lady possesses is known as Gigantification, which allows her to grow into a humongous size, up to 68 feet. Her quirk can basically make her as tall as any building around her, possibly bigger. If we are talking precise height, she is actually 67’7”. In her size, Mt. Lady gets increased strength and stamina, managing to destroy buildings and deliver powerful attacks that she wouldn’t be able to do in her regular size. With her size, Mt. Lady is careful where she uses her quirk by not transforming in confined spaces by not destroying nearby buildings or crushing any civilians.

9 Her Quirk Doesn’t Variate Between Her Two Sizes

Even though Mt. Lady can grow in size up to 68 feet, her quirk doesn’t allow her to change to any other size other than that. The only sizes she can use is her regular height of 5’4” and 67’7”, so she can’t grow into any sizes in between or any higher than what her quirk allows her to grow into. Perhaps it’s the only limitation of her powers whenever she uses it, which is not surprising as most quirks seem to have restraints on them. Despite not being able to variate between sizes, being able to grow up to 68 feet is plenty enough for Mt. Lady to go straight into battle with bigger enemies or crush smaller ones. She can also be useful in saving civilians in situations where her power can reach high places or protect them from debris.

8 Mt. Lady Has Two Super Moves

With her quirk, Mt. Lady has two super moves that she uses in battle. The first attack is Canyon Cannon, which allows her to use a flying kick in her giant form. It’s a move we’ve seen in action that can really knock an enemy out with her big feet. Her second move is called Titan Cliff, which she also uses with her quirk by headbutting the enemy. Mt. Lady has used this move effectively against League of Villains member Mr. Compress when he went after Bakugo during the Hideout Raid Arc.

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The second one seems to take a riff on Attack on Titan with the move’s namesake and does have that similarity with her size. Her two power moves match her quirk perfectly and are useful on the battlefield.

7 She Has the Power of Seduction

Other than her superpower, Mt. Lady often uses her sex appeal to her advantage to get what she wants. She seems to like the attention she gets with her quirk and alluring beauty. We see her demonstrate her seduction technique during the U.A. School Festival Arc when she uses it on a vendor to get free food. It seems like she likes to utilize her seductive power when she’s not on the field to her benefit. Mt. Lady does love to use her quirk to gain fame and attention wherever she can get it, which is how we get to see the paparazzi get a good shot of her when she’s out on missions.

6 Fame and Money Is the Only Thing on Mt. Lady’s Mind

Being a hero, Mt. Lady has a reputation to uphold to the public. As a pro hero, one does heroic deeds for different reasons, like for the sake of making the world a better place or just because you love your job. However, Mt. Lady isn’t just doing the job just for that, she also cares about getting attention and money for her work. She seems to exploit her status as a pro hero just for favors and treats those who work for her like dirt, like UA student Mineta. The first time we see her, she ends up stealing the spotlight from her peers. Since she’s in the hero business to become famous, she chooses to operate in the city rather than an open area where she can move around with her quirk.

5 Mt. Lady Seems to Share Similarities with Some Western Superheroes

The characters of My Hero Academia seem to take inspiration from many popular superheroes and villains in comic books and media. Mt. Lady’s quirk and her appearance may take some influence from heroes like Stature, Giganta, or Garganta. With her costume, Mt. Lady appears to have taken visual cues from Marvel superhero Cassie Lang AKA Stature.

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As far as her ability to change in size, it is similar to DC’s own villains Giganta or Garganta. Whether these inspirations were used or not, we can’t help but see the similarities between Mt. Lady and other characters from the comic books of the West.

4 She Doesn’t Wear Shoes with Her Costume

If you have seen Mt. Lady’s costume, you would have noticed that she isn’t wearing any shoes with them. That is because, with her quirk, it wouldn’t allow her to wear shoes since it would end up breaking when she has them on. To accommodate that, Mt. Lady has her latex costume close up her feet as part of the suit. However, she does have to watch out where she steps because it could hurt her feet while breaking things as she walks. Guess you can say that she has socks rather than shoes on whenever she’s on patrol.

3 Her Family Name Is Related to Her Quirk

Mt. Lady’s real name is Yu Takeyama, which contains the kanji symbol for “mountain” when written in Japanese. With that in mind, it relates to both her hero name and her quirk. Her first name has the kanji symbol of “superiority”, which explains her need for attention and wanting to control her image and having her apprentices work for her. It is kind of ironic to know that her name also explains the superpower that she possesses on the show, which can have a double meaning for her personality as well. Sometimes just a name explains so much about who the person is.

2 Mt. Lady Is the Youngest Female Pro Hero

For being able to turn into the tallest superhero in the world, it turns out that Mt. Lady is actually the youngest female hero on the roster at No. 23 in the hero rankings. Her age is actually 24, which is quite young for a superhero. Much of her colleagues are much older than she is, but Mt. Lady does act like an adult most of the time. Next to Hawks, who is considered the youngest pro hero, she is also a young hero among her peers, and it shows in her personality whenever she tries to get herself into the center of attention.

1 Mt. Lady Is a Part of a Superhero Team Called The Lurkers

In the world of My Hero Academia, there are several Pro Heroes who would form their own teams, kind of like the Avengers or the Justice League. For Mt. Lady, she was a part of a superhero team known as the Lurkers. The team consisted of herself, Edgeshot, and Kamui Woods. Each of the team members like Mt. Lady is known for their strength and adaptability, which was probably how this team came together. The team formed after All Might’s retirement with Edgeshot coming up with the idea of forming a team by inviting Kamui and Mt. Lady. Even though Mt. Lady’s hero ranking is lower than Kamui and Edgeshot, it seems like her joining the team was just based on her strength and power.

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