Although My Hero Academia is primarily an action shonen series about superheroes, the story does find time to deepen its characters and savor its "magical high school" setting. High school is a time when adolescents can meet their peers and make friends, and good-hearted students such as Ochaco Uraraka have no problem making friends.

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Ochaco Uraraka is noted for her sheer grit in the face of adversity and her fierce determination to emulate Izuku, who has become her role model. She is also kind and compassionate toward others, making her easy to like. More than a few of her classmates and other associates have become her friend by now.

10 Fumikage Tokoyami Cooperated With Ochaco During The U.A. Sports Festival

Although the spooky Fumikage Tokoyami isn't an outgoing social butterfly like Ochaco, he does have an agreeable personality, and he knows the value of teamwork. Fumikage's biggest moment with Ochaco was when they were both on Izuku's team during the cavalry sequence of the U.A. Sports Festival.

Ochaco and Fumikage are hardly best friends, but they get along and respect one another, and they have Izuku as a mutual friend. Fumikage doesn't seem to have many friends of his own, but at least he has Ochaco around.

9 Melissa Shield & Ochaco Got Over Their Iffy First Impressions

melissa shield

Melissa Shield appeared in the first My Hero Academia movie as the Quirkless daughter of the American scientist David Shield, an old friend of All Might. Like her father, Melissa is seeking to improve the world and assist superheroes with gadgets and inventions. She's doing a fine job so far.

At first, Melissa and Ochaco Uraraka were at odds, since Ochaco's possessive side flared up when she saw Izuku hanging out with Melissa. Soon enough, though, the two girls became friends, even using each other's first names. Ochaco might not have many more chances to meet Melissa in person, though.

8 Momo Yaoyorozu & Ochaco Are Fine Teammates & Friends

Momo Yaoyorozu is a highly intelligent girl who was born into great wealth, but she never developed a superiority complex by any means. Instead, Momo is humble and patient as a student hero, and she is making a serious effort to befriend and cooperate with everyone around her.

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Momo is fiercely passionate about becoming a pro hero, which is a sentiment she shares with Ochaco. While the two of them don't have many scenes together, they do respect one another and get along fine, and they are often seen together in a larger group of friends.

7 Ochaco & Nejire Hado Learned To Get Along While Fighting With Ryukyu

Nejire Hado is one of the "Big Three" at U.A., and as a third-year student, she doesn't often spend time with Class 1-A's or Class 1-B's students. However, she is a kind and outgoing girl, just like Ochaco, and the two of them simply needed a chance to meet and become friends.

Nejire and Ochaco are both interning with the pro hero Ryukyu, and the two girls soon learned to support one another, and they have a great deal of mutual respect. That, combined with their similar personalities, means they get along wonderfully.

6 Ochaco Simply Adores Her New Friend Eri

my hero academia eri smile

The young Eri suffered greatly at the hands of Overhaul, but Izuku and Mirio Togata risked everything to rescue her, and now Eri is finally getting a chance to enjoy a relatively normal childhood. Eri is deeply grateful to everyone who rescued her, and she is eager to make many new friends, including Ochaco.

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Eri is closest to Izuku and Mirio, who rescued her personally, but she is also quite fond of Ochaco and the other students of Class 1-A. With her warm and fuzzy personality, Ochaco is sure to make a great impression on Eri, who might soon see her as a big sister. Eri certainly enjoys her company, at least.

5 Toru Hagakure Is Always Happy To Have Ochaco Around

toru mha

Toru Hagakure, Class 1-A's invisible girl, has a personality rather similar to Ochaco's, though her drive to become a pro hero isn't quite as fierce. Still, Toru is outgoing and cheerful most of the time, and that means she and Ochaco have plenty of overlap.

Ochaco and Toru are often seen together in the same group of friends, and they must have all kinds of fun things to talk about. Toru also once held Ochaco and Tsuyu tight out of relief when Ochaco and Tsuyu returned from the Eri rescue mission.

4 Tenya Iida & Ochaco Both Look Out For Izuku

tenya iida happy

At first, the high-strung Tenya Iida seems like an unusual candidate to become one of Ochaco Uraraka's friend, but the two of them actually have plenty in common. For one thing, they both have a role model to drive them as trainee heroes: Ochaco looks up to Izuku, while Tenya looks up to his brother, Tensei.

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Ochaco once felt awkward about having money as a major reason to become a pro hero, until Tenya assured her that this goal is noble since it's for family's sake. Ochaco has also told Tenya that she and Izuku are always available to help if Tenya ever needs their aid. Now that's friendship.

3 Mina Ashido Understands Ochaco's Heart So Well

Mina Ashido may not be a brilliant student, but she has a big heart and is an enthusiastic fighter. Like Toru and Momo, Mina is often seen in Ochaco's company during moments of downtime, and better yet, Mina Ashido just might understand Ochaco better than Ochaco understands herself.

Mina knows Ochaco well enough to read her like a book, and it's wonderfully clear to her that Ochaco's heart belongs to Izuku Midoriya. Ochaco might deny it, but it's true, and Mina is rooting for them 100%, like a true best friend.

2 Ochaco & Tsuyu Asui Always Look Out For Each Other

Froppy during the first League Of Villains attack

Tsuyu Asui, the frog girl, is highly insightful and wise for her age, and she has recognized Ochaco Uraraka as someone worthy of respect. Tsuyu cares deeply about all her classmates, and Ochaco has returned the favor many times.

The two of them are on a first-name basis, and Ochaco is quick to comfort Tsuyu anytime she is upset or afraid. Also, the two of them are often seen fighting together, combining their Quirks to form the Meteor Fafrotskies combo.

1 Izuku Midoriya Is The Sun In Ochaco's Sky

Ochaco's friendship with Izuku is one of a kind. She was the first one to warmly greet Izuku when he arrived on U.A.'s campus on the first day of school, and Ochaco quickly realized that there was something special about Izuku. She trusts him completely and looks up to him as her idol and role model.

Ochaco will go to any lengths to protect Izuku or live up to his example, and Izuku will return the favor anytime he can. The villain Himiko Toga could sense right away that Ochaco was "a maiden in love" when it came to her relationship with Izuku, the same observation that Mina Ashido made.

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