The popular anime series My Hero Academia features an ensemble cast of characters, almost all of whom are memorable in their own way. This makes it easy for fans of the series to keep track of which one is which. For instance, most fans know that Tamaki Amajiki, also known by his hero name Suneater, is a student in U.A. High School Class 3-A, and a member of the "Big Three," a group made up of the three strongest hero students in Japan. Fans following his story arc also probably know of his aloof personality and unique quirk.

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However, beyond the basics, there's still a lot to learn about Tamaki. Here are 10 of the most interesting facts about the character.

10 His Name

Kanji are Chinese symbols—literally "Han characters"—used in Japanese writing. Like almost every character's name in the My Hero Academia universe, Tamaki's name has a hidden meaning when you look at its kanji.

To start with, the name "Tamaki" comes from the kanji for "ring." Meanwhile, the name "Amajiki" actually contains the kanji for "eating"—apt, considering that Tamaki's quirk involves attaining the physical characteristics of whatever he eats—and the kanji for "sky" or "heavens."

9 His Birth Date

According to his character profile, Tamaki was born on March fourth. This makes him 18 years old in the series' current timeline.

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It also means that he shares a birthday with fellow My Hero Academia character Untenmaru Kurumada, a man who worked as the driver for Pro Hero Endeavor.

8 His Height

Another thing Tamaki's character profile reveals about him is his height. Tamaki stands at 177 centimeters, or roughly five feet, nine inches.

For context, this puts him right in the middle of the Big Three height-wise: he's taller than Nejire, who's 164 cm (or about 5'4"), but shorter than Mirio, who's 181 cm (or about 5'11").

7 His Blood Type

Tamaki's blood type is AB, which is by far the rarest blood type in the world. It's found in just 10% of Japan's population.

According to the Japanese blood type personality theory, those with AB blood can be controlled and rational, not making decisions on-the-fly or jumping to conclusions, but also aloof and unapproachable. While this summary isn't a perfect match to Tamaki's personality, it's not that far off, either...

6 His Voice Actor

Tamaki's English dub voice actor, Aaron Dismuke, has been doing voice work for nearly 18 years and is known for his work on anime such as Fairy Tail, Dr. Stone, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

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Interestingly enough, Tamaki isn't his only role in the MHA English dub, as he also provides the English dub voice of Class 1-B student Kosei Tsubaraba.

5 His Likes

Not much is known about Tamaki's likes and dislikes, largely because he's just not that "open" with others, but, once again, his character profile comes to save the day. According to My Hero Academia mangake Kohei Horikoshi's write-up, Tamaki's favorite thing is butterflies.

It's kind of an out-of-nowhere choice for him, and nowhere in the series is it explained, but considering how much of his personality Tamaki keeps hidden, it's not that out of character.

4 His Childhood

Again, beyond a few moments when Tamaki lets his true feelings slip, there just isn't that much that's been revealed about how he interacts with others. However, his childhood is much more plainly laid out.

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Based on flashbacks shown throughout Tamaki's story arc, we learn that he has been close friends with Mirio ever since the third grade. When they first met, Tamaki had just transferred to a new school and was understandably nervous, but he and Mirio were able to bond over their shared love of heroes.

3 His Anxiety

Each of Horikoshi's characters contains at least a bit of himself. Tamaki's experience transferring to a new school and meeting Mirio was, in fact, based on a real-life experience of Horikoshi's. Similarly, Tamaki's anxious nature found its origins in Horikoshi's own social anxiety.

Back in 2017, Horikoshi visited the 2017 Jump Festa expo held by Weekly Shonen Jump, the magazine in which My Hero Academia is published. The huge attendance, rumored to be more than 100,000 people, unnerved him, inspiring him to create a character with similar issues.

2 His Super Moves

Tamaki's two super moves are both based on fabled creatures from ancient history. The first, "Chimera Kraken," is named after the Kraken, a giant, tentacled sea monster found in Scandinavian folklore. The second, "Chimera Centaur," is named after the Centaur, a half-human/half-horse creature in Greek mythology.

"Chimera" itself is another mythological creature; a monster made up of parts from different animals. This is a direct tie-in to how Tamaki turns himself into a "hybrid" to execute the aforementioned super moves.

1 His Popularity

Being a side character who doesn't get a lot of time in the spotlight, Tamaki obviously isn't one of the most popular My Hero Academia characters.

However, in the most recent poll of Japanese readers conducted by Weekly Shonen Jump, Tamaki actually managed to place 22nd with 292 votes, higher than both Mirio (25th with 245 votes) and Nejire (38th with 67 votes). Maybe he's finally getting the attention he deserves? Only time will tell...

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