The world of My Hero Academia is a world infested with heroes and villains. Heroes endure to preserve the society that keeps the balance of the world, while villains seek to destroy said society. It’s a cycle of good and bad in which the entire series is premised upon. The same good old narrative of good versus evil that we just don’t get enough of.

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That being said, good is not always absolute and neither is evil. Villains, in particular, vary in evil and intent. Some villains have dreams and choose evil as a means to accomplish said dreams, while others are straight-up chaotic; harboring nothing but ill intent towards the world and its residents. Here’s a list ranking the major villains of My Hero Academia, from least to most evil. (Manga Spoilers ahead)

10 Gentle Criminal

While Gentle Criminal technically was a villain, his evil, if it exists at all, can mostly be shrugged off. He is a self-proclaimed vigilante who accomplishes his own version of good through villainous acts-- which are nothing compared to crimes done by true villains.

But as he is a significant villain who heads an arc on his own, Gentle very much deserves a mention. Even if it was an honorable one.

9 Dr.Compress

Out of all the members of the League, Dr.Compress appears to be the sanest. He is loyal to Shigaraki and cares about his colleagues-- as seen when he attacked Overhaul in an attempt to take revenge for Magne.

Prior to making his criminal debut, Mr.Compress operated as an entertainer. And even after embracing the dark side, his crimes were theft and burglary for the most part.

8 Stain

Unlike Gentle Criminal who lacks both the ruthlessness and resolve to accomplish what he thinks is good, Stain does not. Known as Hero Killer, Stain murdered quite a few heroes and injured even more-- all for his biased reasoning.

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If a hero does not align in conviction with his own, then they are an otherwise corrupt hero. Though in spite of him committing multiple crimes, Stain was at least self-aware about his situation.

7 Twice

At first glance, Twice might appear as a mentally unstable villain with no morals whatsoever. But if one looks really closely, they’d realize that there’s more than what meets the eye with him.

Especially after his heroic (or rather villainous) death in the manga, fans formed an entire layer of respect for Twice. Sacrificing oneself for one’s comrades is an act that even some heroes would shy away from.

6 Himiko Toga

Himiko's villainy is often overlooked due to her ‘cutesy’ appearance, which is understandable. Deep down, no one would associate a highschool girl to a twisted lunatic who bats no eye to murder.

Himiko isn’t new to villainy either. She murdered quite a few people whilst showing no remorse about it. What makes her an ok villain is her occasional persona switch-- as seen during her encounter with Ochaco and Tsuyu.

5 Dabi

Dabi certainly is one of the most interesting members of the League of Villains/Paranormal Liberation Front. His character design is one that is destined to stand out; contrarily to some of his counterparts. Furthermore, he is always accompanied by an air of mystery-- one that makes him even the more intriguing.

Dabi is quite the sadistic individual as well as one of the few villains in the series who actively commit crimes. His position is well-deserved.

4 Re-Destro

For a previous leader of an enormous organization with thousands of members, Re-Destro sure is a narrow-minded person. He went as far as murdering a subordinate -one that served him for years- for a very silly reason.

Moreso, Re-Destro is also a master manipulator who shies away from nothing in order to push his aspirations. No heinous act is too extreme for this entrepreneurial villain.

3 Overhaul

As the lead antagonist of one of the darkest arcs in My Hero Academia, Kai Chisaki, otherwise known as Overhaul, is a front runner in this list. Amongst the many atrocities he committed, his actions against Eri stand out the most. These actions were a testimony to his lack of any form of human empathy. You know a villain is corrupt when even children are not exempt from their malicious acts.

2 Tomura Shigaraki

Tomura Shigaraki does not bother to sugarcoat his villainy with catchy phrases such as ‘purging the society’ and the likes of it. He desires one thing and one thing only-- destruction. Destruction of the society, heroes, and the world itself.

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He is the most primal kind of evil; one that does not care about mundane matter. One that only seeks chaos.

1 All For One

Last, but definitely not least, is the one and only, All For One. He is the grand villain of the series as well as an entity inseparable from evil. Murder, theft, blackmail...etc; All For One has done it all. What’s even more terrifying about All For One is his intense cynicism. He seemingly cares about nothing in this world; not even his staunchest of followers. Furthermore, despite being one of the series’ main villains, we still know nothing of vale about All For One and his motives.

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