When one thinks about intelligent characters within Ouran High School Host Club, Tamaki Suoh isn't exactly their first choice. Especially not when characters like Kyoya and Haruhi act as the mental backbone of the club. It can be hard to remember that Tamaki's intelligence is actually on-par with theirs. It's simply that his form of intelligence is displayed much more frequently in his emotions and being able to read and help others despite his wealthy and somewhat disconnected background, rather than book smarts or cold business tactics.

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While it's true that the club wouldn't be able to hold itself together without Kyoya's financial support and top-of-the-class intellect, it also couldn't support itself without Tamaki's emotional intelligence. He's responsible for some of the sweetest moments in the entire series and is typically the one to rally everyone together through passion and determination alone.

10 He Taught Himself Japanese At An Incredibly Young Age

Tamaki acting surprised.

Although Tamaki has no problem using Japanese to sweep every customer who enters the Host Club off their feet, his Japanese was actually entirely self-taught. He grew up in Japan and didn't actually move until he was fourteen, and as his father would regularly make trips to Japan, he'd bring back books and DVDs that Tamaki could then use to teach himself. He's shown to be quite confident in his abilities even upon first transferring to Japan and Ouran Academy.

9 He Realized Haruhi's Fear Of Thunder & Comforted Her

tamaki and haruhi hugging ouran

During a trip to Okinawa, the Hitachiin twins manage to rope the rest of the club, Haruhi excluded, into playing a game to discover her fear. Since she's typically so stoic and strong, their natural curiosity grew to a point where they felt they had to test her to figure it out.

By mistake, Tamaki was the 'victor' of that contest, as Haruhi was shocked by an oncoming thunderstorm as he went to leave the room, which caused her to grab onto his clothes and subsequently hide in the closet. After he asks why and she replies that she's used to being alone, he manages to coax her out and make her feel safe, and it's one of the first moments where their relationship truly deepens.

8 He's Second-Ranked In His Class, Only Behind Kyoya

tamaki hugging onto kyoya ouran

It can be easy to look at Tamaki and Kyoya and assume they're opposites on the intelligence spectrum, but that isn't true. In fact, there's a good chance that Tamaki would actually rank higher than his best friend if he were truly applying himself.

Kyoya is the top of his class, unexpectedly, but the second-place spot is actually taken by none other than Tamaki himself. It's also stated that Tamaki really doesn't study at all beforehand, unlike Kyoya, who used to devote all of his time to his studies.

7 He's Incredibly Good At Winning Others Over

tamaki gazing at haruhi ouran

Reading and pleasing people is a skill that not many truly possess, but it's an art that Tamaki can master with absolute ease. If there's ever a moment that calls for undeniable charm, Tamaki's the one out of the club to call.

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Although he can lose his cool when things relate to Haruhi, as seen in how he bumbles around her father and the Zuka Club, he has a surprising ability to win others over. This is seen particularly with Haruhi's landlord when they draw a large crowd upon visiting, as he's able to offer a swift apology- she even offers to drop by again later to provide them with snacks.

6 He Helped Nekozawa & His Younger Sister Become Closer

nekozawa and kirimi from ouran

Nekozawa and his younger sister are a rather tragic tale, as one is forced to remain shrouded in darkness while the other's fear of dark and scary things keeps them from becoming closer. Nekozawa wants to become closer to his sister's idea of a 'handsome, princely big brother' but always gives in to his cowardice.

That is until Tamaki can inspire newfound courage within him, and he dashes out into the sunlight to save her from a stray animal. It's a heartwarming arc that takes place over the course of an episode, and one that wouldn't have existed at all if it wasn't for Tamaki's help.

5 He Sees Past Honey's Facade To His True Self

tamaki and honey from ouran

Originally, Honey-senpai's future was set on a completely different path. He was set to lead the famous Haninozuka Dojo due to his status as both the elder brother and a master of martial arts. However, this was never something that truly made him happy, and it was Tamaki who first noticed this.

He asks Honey what he thinks strength is, and when he gives a generic, forced response, Tamaki's able to break through his shell. He replies that he believes true strength is simply being true to oneself, and these words deeply impact Honey and help him choose life for himself rather than for others.

4 He Helps The Twins Open Up Despite Them Never Having Done So

tamaki and the twins ouran

When the Hitachiin brothers first entered Ouran Academy, they really didn't interest in anything or anyone aside from each other. They admitted that they viewed everyone else as inferior or less interesting than them, and no one ever took the time to really get to know them.

Of course, this was until Tamaki noticed what they really needed and reached out to them. Even after being denied countless times, he never gave up, and it's thanks to him that the twins enjoy life as honestly as they now do.

3 He Makes Haruhi's Mother An Active Part Of Their Relationship

tamaki blushing from ouran

Even before Tamaki and Haruhi officially get together, he's shown to pay her late mother a great deal of respect, as he feels it's only right. Before the group heads out to the supermarket from Haruhi's home, he pauses to pay his respects to her, and they share a heartwarming moment.

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When Tamaki confesses to Haruhi and wishes to pursue a further relationship with her, the two visit her mother's gravestone. While there, he tells her mother that he has feelings for her daughter and wants to be with her as if asking for her blessing.

2 He Helped Push A Tragic Couple To Get Back Together

kanako and her boyfriend from ouran

Early on in the series, Haruhi is introduced to Kanako and her fiance, who was going to study abroad but was too nervous to tell her. Although it's Haruhi who talks to him and ultimately carries out the plan, it was Tamaki who noticed the rift that was forming between them and gave everyone their role to play. He also set up the entire end of the dance to include a moment to confess his feelings for her, and the reunited couple shared a heartwarming dance.

1 He Noticed How Badly Kyoya Was Suffering

tamaki and kyoya from ouran

When Kyoya first met Tamaki, he wanted absolutely nothing to do with him and thought he was little more than an over-excited, bumbling idiot. Over time, though, it was revealed to him that not only did Tamaki understand him better than anyone else, but he recognized and understood Kyoya's suffering better than even Kyoya himself. He called him out for being the one who had given up on everything and helped pull him out of an incredibly dark place. The two became inseparable friends afterward, and although Kyoya likes to pretend they're opposites, Tamaki's kind-hearted nature is one they both share.

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