Raven has awesome powers. They come with a pretty heavy-duty list of caveats, not least of which is she got them from her father, who is a demon. A long-running member of the Teen Titans as a hero and sometimes villain, Raven is complicated, loveable, scary, and most of all, extremely powerful in the art of magic.

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Her list of powers is long and variable depending on what medium she's in - and she's been in a few now, thanks to her leap from the comic books to the animated series Teen Titans and more recently, the live-action DC Universe Titans series. Here are ten powers you didn't know Raven had.

10 Telekinesis

This isn't a power Raven is as adept at as say someone like Jean Grey. In fact, she's really only shown her telekinetic prowess on a couple of occasions in the comic books, both against her teammates. Maybe it's best she keeps this one under wraps. In one episode, she threw fellow Titan Nightwing into a wall, and then in another, she used her power on the whole team. This situation was slightly different though; she suspended the Titans in mid-air to prevent them from falling.

9 Seeding

This is a pretty crazy power that thankfully Raven has only utilized when she's turned evil, which is a thing that sometimes happens. It's not pretty for anybody - Raven implants others with the Seed of Trigon, the spirits of her father's hundred dead children who came before her. Yikes. The Seeds require superhuman hosts and some of her friends have been the target. Most notable was Starfire, who Raven seeded (at Starfire and Nightwing's wedding!) and sent back to her Native Tamaran.

8 Precognition

As part of the considerable magical abilities that Raven inherited from her father, she has a limited sense of precognition that allows her to predict future events. Generally, these are events about to happen as opposed to things far in the future. One of the first and most notable examples of this was when she predicted that her father Trigon was going to invade Earth-Two. She has no control over this ability; her visions, such as they are, are random and involuntary.

7 Soul-Self

Perhaps Raven's most well-known  - but less understood - power is her ability to summon and project darkness from her body. This darkness isn't an abyssal void, as it sometimes seemed in the Teen Titans animated series, but a reservoir she can use to release her soul-self, an astral projection that appears as a giant, dark bird.

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Through this bird, Raven can see through and directly affect objects and people. Despite being intangible and, well, a soul, Raven is susceptible to magical attacks in this form.

6 Flight


A complicated (but cool) ability Raven has is the capacity to project something called a Third Body. It's the 'third' thanks to her ability to distinguish her second (Soul Self). The Third Body echoes Raven's human form, however and with it, Raven has the ability to fly. This is a power that she is routinely able to deploy in current continuity, but in the past, had been an ability she could only manifest when she was at the mercy of her father Trigon.

5 Empathy

Raven and Kid Flash

Despite her dark and moody persona - and especially her comically brooding disposition in the animated series like Teen Titans Go! - Raven is a very feeling person. In fact, she's one of the most powerful empaths in the DC universe. Sometimes this is good, as she's able to sense the emotions of others, and sometimes it's not so much. She's made Wally West and Nightwing both fall in love with her against their will. This was toned down with continuity revisions, but in the New 52, Raven has retained her abilities.

4 Psionic Power

Raven may be a natural telepath and telekinetic, apart from her magical abilities, but it isn't entirely clear. What is clear is that in addition to her empathic powers, Raven can read minds. She's not exactly Professor X, but then again, the extent of her psionic powers is by and large unknown. One indication of how extensive they might be though came when she was able to effortlessly defeat Doctor Psycho when he tried to gain control of her mind, something he generally has trouble with.

3 Teleportation

As if reading minds and controlling other people through their emotions wasn't enough of an advantage, Raven also has the ability to teleport herself and others. That cloak hides a lot (magical cloaks tend to). She can teleport herself or others to different locations, though this is much more taxing than her other abilities.

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Her teleportation is actually a byproduct of her Soul Self. Instead of converting herself into the bird, she can direct that same magical energy and transport herself and others across enormous distances.

2 Chronokinesis

Proving she's not just another magician with a bag of tricks, Raven has the power to move through time and space. This is a product of leveraging both her Soul Self and her own demonic nature, giving her an extraordinary ability that makes her one of the most powerful beings in the DC universe. Raven can even bring passengers along for the ride, making her a living time machine. Thanks to her demonic heritage, she suffers no chronological effects from doing this.

1 Magic

Raven is a living force of demonic power and perhaps a natural meta-human as well. But beyond that, she has an even greater ability - she's a powerful magician. Like Zatanna and other prominent DC sorcerers and sorceresses, Raven can perform magical spells and acts. She is able to conjure and manipulate magical and mystical forces at will, making her one of the most formidable opponents in any battle (it's probably good for the Titans - and everybody else -  if she's on their side).

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