Sailor Moon Crystal brought a fresh perspective for many fans of the 90s Sailor Moon anime. Based on the manga version of the story, the anime remake is far more faithful to the original source material involving everyone's favorite Sailor Scouts, completely erasing some of the elements of the first anime adaptation.

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One of the characters who went through the biggest transformation, however, was Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon's eternal love interest and protector. While the change might've been disconcerting for many who were used to the Mamoru of the 90s, it showed a different side of him that anime-only fans wouldn't know about without Sailor Moon Crystal.

10 CHANGED: He Teases Usagi A Lot Less

Sailor Moon Crystal Mamoru And Usagi

Mamoru's personality had a drastic change from the original 90s anime. He resembles his manga counterpart a lot more in Sailor Moon Crystal, being much quieter and gentlemanly instead of his sarcastic behavior from the first Sailor Moon series.

As a result of his calmer demeanor, his pre-relationship interactions with Usagi have simmered down from loud bickering into politer arguments that usually end with Usagi running off and leaving Mamoru standing in the middle of the street. Once they get together, their dynamic turns tender and romantic, and they don't bicker as often.

9 SAME: He Still Makes Dramatic Entrances

Sailor Moon Crystal Tuxedo Mask

It's no secret to Sailor Moon fans that Tuxedo Mask's entrances have inspired a few internet memes. His majestic way of popping into any situation was hilarious in the 90s anime and hasn't changed much. He still comes in, red cape flowing in the wind like a superhero, and throws a rose just to top it off.

Perhaps he's not as memeable in Sailor Moon Crystal now that his personality has been toned down a little bit, but there's no denying the drama of his masked persona.

8 CHANGED: He's In High School Instead Of College

Sailor Moon Crystal Mamoru Chiba

Mamoru starts as a high school sophomore in the new series just like in the manga, a huge departure from the 90s version where he was a first-year in college. This change makes him around sixteen years old when he meets a fourteen-year-old Usagi, a far better age gap than the problematic one in the original show.

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A smart and talented student, Mamoru attends Moto Azabu Private Academy, a school known within the story for harboring some of the brightest minds in Tokyo. He's even considered a role model by Itou Asanuma, a fellow student at the school and friend of Makoto Kino's.

7 SAME: He's Still Looking For The Silver Crystal

Sailor Moon Crystal Tuxedo Mask

Most of Mamoru's backstory is still the same. He tragically lost both of his parents to a car crash on his sixth birthday and has been living on his own in a big apartment nearby ever since.

He lost most of his memories as a result of the accident and is now trying to find the legendary Silver Crystal, hoping it'll help him understand a recurring dream he's been having for years. As Tuxedo Mask, he meets Sailor Moon for the first time during one of his escapades in search of the Crystal, yelling at her to stop crying and battle the enemy. Sailor Moon does and develops a crush on the masked hero who helped her.

6 CHANGED: He's A Better Father-Figure To Chibiusa

Sailor Moon Crystal Tuxedo Mask and Chibiusa

Now that he's a lot less acerbic than his 90s self, young Mamoru is a much better parental figure for his future daughter Chibiusa, whose personality has also been toned down and sweetened in Sailor Moon Crystal.

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He cares for Chibiusa and constantly entertains her, taking her on arcade and amusement park visits, much to Usagi's jealousy and chagrin. Whenever Chibiusa is feeling down over what happened to her mother, Mamoru is always the first to comfort her. On one occasion, he even cheers her up using a Tuxedo Mask puppet and one of his signature roses.

5 SAME: He's Still On His Way To Becoming King Endymion Of Crystal Tokyo

Sailor Moon Crystal King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity

Apart from his moonlighting as Tuxedo Mask, Mamoru also has another persona he isn't aware of until much later in the story. He's revealed to be the reincarnation of Prince Endymion, the Prince of Earth who ruled during the Silver Millenium, once the Silver Crystal reappears and returns everyone's memories from their past lives.

Now reunited with Princess Serenity as Usagi, Mamoru is set to ascend to the throne of the future Crystal Tokyo once Usagi takes over as queen. The Silver Crystal grants them longevity, allowing them to reign well into the 30th century.

4 CHANGED: He's Now A Magical Boy With His Own Signature Move

Sailor Moon Crystal Tuxedo Mask La Smoking Bomber

Compared to the Sailor Scouts who all have their own set of powers, Mamoru from the original anime didn't have anything other than a quick transformation sequence and his unusually sharp roses, which announced his every entrance in the series.

In the new adaptation, Mamoru gets to live his magical boy fantasies. He's awarded his own attack — an energy blast from the palm of his hand that is adequately named "Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber." Now that he has powers, Tuxedo Mask is far more useful in fights than his 90s counterpart and has even defeated powerful enemies like the Black Moon Clan's Esmeraude.

3 SAME: He Can Still Use Psychometry

Sailor Moon Crystal Mamoru Chiba

While not particularly useful in combat, Mamoru has the power of psychometry, an extrasensory perception that allows him to sense feelings and see something or someone's history by touch. This power has appeared in all versions of the character and is the reason why he's able to see the future through dreams or when in physical contact with Chibiusa.

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During the Black Moon Arc, his psychometry seems to also grant Mamoru the ability to heal others and connects him to Earth, being able to sense its current status even when he's out of the planet.

2 CHANGED: He Knows His & Sailor Moon's Identities From The Start

Sailor Moon Crystal Tuxedo Mask and Usagi

The revelation of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask's identities is a big deal in the 90s anime, but in the manga and in Sailor Moon Crystal, it's only a mild surprise for Usagi. Mamoru finds out about her identity pretty early on but doesn't mention it until he rescues her and explains why he's looking for the Crystal.

Furthermore, Mamoru knows of his own alter ego from the very start, unlike his 90s version. In the first anime adaptation, Mamoru lived unaware of being Tuxedo Mask, transforming unbeknownst to him whenever Sailor Moon was in danger and suffering from amnesia while he was transformed. In Sailor Moon Crystal he makes the conscious decision of using this persona to continue his search.

1 SAME: He Still Loves Usagi The Most

Sailor Moon Crystal Tuxedo Mask and Usagi

If there's one thing that has never changed across the many Sailor Moon adaptations, it's Mamoru's absolute devotion to Usagi. Their love for each other transcended their Romeo and Juliet story and allowed them to find each other again after their rebirth in the 20th century.

While their romance happens a lot quicker in the new adaptation than in the 90s show, it's just as heartfelt, especially their tragic past during the Silver Millenium. Mamoru and Usagi are eventually able to defeat the powers of evil trying to keep them apart, get married and have a family, and rule the new Crystal Tokyo side by side into a prosperous future. Not many anime couples are this successful.

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