Sakura Haruno from Naruto is one of the main three characters in the series. She has seen a ton of growth from when she was just a 12-year-old kunoichi to the time she is a fully-fledged ninja in Boruto. Sakura goes through a ton of changes, both in her physical strength and personality throughout the three Naruto shows and as she grows older.

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But though she changes, Sakura still stays true to herself. She deeply cares for Sasuke, is arguably Naruto's best friend, and supports her friends to the best of her ability. Once she becomes a mother to Sarada in Boruto, Sakura does anything she can to protect and shower her daughter with love and affection, giving Sarada the attention and love she deserves.

10 Changed: Became A Super Loving Mother

Between the time of Shippuden and Boruto, Sakura and Sasuke had their lovely daughter, Sarada Uchiha, while traveling with one another. Sakura absolutely loves her daughter and heavily focuses on her and her wellbeing throughout Boruto while Sarada fights to become a great shinobi like her parents.

Because Sasuke is often away on missions for the village and has little time to spend with his family, Sakura tries to step up to the plate to make sure Sarada feels completely loved by both of them at all times.

9 Stayed The Same: Still Loves Sasuke

One thing that definitely hasn't changed for Sakura throughout her time in Naruto and Boruto is her feelings for Sasuke. She still deeply cares for him and now the two share a greater bond than ever before as husband and wife.

Through all of their ups and downs, Sakura's love for him has never faltered and that continues even while he is away from the village for months — if not years — at a time. Now, Sasuke officially reciprocates her feelings and it just fuels her to be even stronger and supportive to her family.

8 Changed: Opened A Mental Health Clinic

Sakura has always had a knack for health and medicine in the ninja world after she studied under Tsunade and trained her medical ninjutsu. After Shippuden, Sakura opened up a mental health clinic along with Ino to help the youth of Konoha seek help whenever they need it. Imagine if this clinic was around while Naruto and Sasuke were children, and how much heartache and trouble it would have saved them to seek help for the sorrows of their past.

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Gaara actually saw the mental health clinic and asked Sakura and Ino to create one as well in the Sand Village as he too was affected by traumas in his youth.

7 Stayed The Same: Still Naruto's Best Friend

Sakura and Naruto have stayed close throughout all the years of them being part of Team Seven and beyond. She arguably is Naruto's closest friend, probably even closer than Sasuke though the show focuses heavily on their dynamic.

Sakura and Naruto have always been there for one another and are able to easily be themselves around each other, just like Sakura and Ino. They have a bond that runs deep and she still supports him while he is Hokage and will do anything for him, Hinata, and their family.

6 Changed: she becomes way more independent in Boruto

Sakura, especially in the original series, always needed support when fighting against foes or going through emotional turmoil. She sacrificed herself a number of times to save those on her team, like in the Forest of Death and when Gaara was about to kill Sasuke, but in Boruto she is less reliant on others.

She still may need help when going against god-like opponents who really only can standoff against Naruto or Sasuke, but she can definitely hold her own more now.

5 Stayed The Same: Still Has A Temper

Sakura destroys her house

Sakura definitely still has a temper in Boruto and the Cha-Spirit is still ragingly strong within her. In Boruto, she even breaks her entire house down after getting frustrated and letting her incredible strength get the best of her.

She punches the ground right outside the house and with just one hit, the entire place collapses. Sakura passes out due to stress at the realization that the loan hasn't even been paid off yet in a pretty funny sequence that acts as comic relief after an intense moment with Sarada.

4 Changed: Became A Jonin

In truth, all of the Rookie Nine and Team 10 should have become jonin within the first Naruto series after all the dedication they showed to the village. It's kind of mind-blowing to think that in most of Shippuden almost none of them are actually even chunin, yet though they save the world countless times.

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In Boruto, Sakura moves up in the ninja world and officially gets the title of jonin which really fits since she is able to completely protect and defend Konoha and is the head of medical sciences in the village, making her the top medical ninja.

3 Stayed The Same: Sakura has always been selfless throughout Naruto & strove to protect those she cared about, especially in Shippuden

Sasuke and Sakura

Sakura realized that she asked Naruto for something too big for him to handle alone when she asked him to bring Sasuke back, that she tried to find any way to make him give up that mission and handle it herself. And later, Kakashi even tells Sasuke that Sakura always wanted him to be happy and okay.

She never confessed to him to make him want her, but rather for him to know that he was cared for and that she wanted what was best for him. This trend continues in Boruto when she continues to be selfless and help both Sarada and Sasuke achieve what they desire.

2 Changed: Became An Uchiha

After Sakura married Sasuke, she also took on his last name and became a second member of the Uchiha clan. Sasuke's entire clan was wiped out and that kind of began his whole character arc for revenge in the original series.

Sakura joining him and becoming one as well expands the whole idea that Sasuke isn't alone as together they are starting the clan over again. She wears the Uchiha crest on the back of her outfits just as she wore the Haruno crest before.

1 Stayed The Same: Still Amazing At Medical Ninjutsu & Immune To Genjutsu

Doctor Sakura Uchiha Boruto

At the very beginning of Naruto, Kakashi noted just how great Sakura was at chakra control and detecting genjutsu. The series kind of dropped this plot, but picked it up again towards the end of Shippuden and Boruto, once again making Sakura immune to most genjutsu as she can see through it easily.

Because of her amazing chakra control, she also became well equipped for becoming a medical ninja. She studied under Tsunade and was able to replicate most of the Hokages powers. In Boruto, she is head of the medical department in the village and is easily the best medical ninja in the village, not to mention she packs one hell of a punch.

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