Ban is a member of The Seven Deadly Sins, known as the Fox's Sin of Greed. He grew up having no choice but to steal from others in order to stay alive, and his knack for stealing eventually led to him meeting Elaine. He wanted to drink from the Fountain of Youth, but although he came close to stealing it, gave up on drinking it when he learned about the consequences.

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He fell in love with Elaine, and after she saved his life with the Fountain, he dedicated himself to finding a way to bring them both together again. As a reckless and greedy immortal, Ban often finds himself in situations that show off his inability to die.

10 He Treats Normally Fatal Wounds Like A Mild Inconvenience

Ban looks forward

Ban has gotten injured too many times to count. For his alleged crimes against Elaine and her forest, he was even executed multiple times, but he would always regenerate. Even when King stabbed him with his spear, Ban didn't even flinch. He seemed to care more about his ruined clothes than about the injuries since he is able to recover from them no matter what kind of injury it is. The only lasting scar he has is from Meliodas, but it doesn't seem to bother him either.

9 He Didn't Eat Or Move In 5 Years While In Prison

Ban escapes prison

In order to experience pain that would make him feel alive again, Ban purposely allowed a group of Holy Knights called The Weird Fangs to capture him. They held him in Baste Dungeon, and despite multiple executions and the lack of food, Ban decided to stay there until he heard news about Meliodas. Immortality does not mean that he is immune to pain, but he decided to seek out the kind of pain most people wouldn't be able to handle.

8 He Always Starts A Fight With Meliodas

Ban and Meliodas fight

Whenever Ban is reunited with his Captain after a long time apart, the two do not hesitate to exchange blows. They even have an arm-wrestling competition, which is so intense that people need to evacuate the surrounding area in order to feel safe.

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Their roughhousing is powerful enough to even destroy Baste Dungeon. Despite how dangerous this is, Ban and Meliodas keep doing it and have done this enough times for Diane to be used to it.

7 He Thought Jericho Was A Male After They First Met

Ban is shocked

When Ban first met Jericho, he completely humiliated her. He tricked her into cutting off all of his hair, and then he proceeded to steal her armor from her. The armor was too small to fit him, so instead of returning it, he just tosses it aside. He seems to have no regard for her feelings, and all of his attention seemed to be focused on finding something decent to wear. When they met again, he was surprised to find out that she was a woman, which should have been easy for him to tell much earlier.

6 He Tells The Other Sins Not To Dig Into Another Sin's Past

Ban as a child

Ban reminds the Sins that one of their rules was to never dig into another Sin's past. However, he only brings this up once, and the Sins continue to break that rule, especially when it comes to the mysterious Meliodas. Even Ban broke this rule before, and he had the scar to prove it. He was so curious about the sword hilt that Meliodas carried around that he tried to steal it. However, Meliodas did not take kindly to this.

5 He Doesn't Try To Steal The Goddess Horn

Hawk And Ban in front of the goddess horn

Ban is the type to steal just about everything. He tells Elaine that he will steal her from death, he steals power from others, and he steals clothes if he thinks they are fashionable enough. However, he doesn't even once consider stealing the Goddess Horn. With his abilities, he would easily be able to do so, but he states that he would rather have the horn as a reward for fighting the corrupt Holy Knights in the kingdom.

4 He Stays Sane In Purgatory

Ban finds Meliodas

In order to retrieve Meliodas' emotions, Ban volunteers to go into Purgatory since he is the only one capable of surviving there. Over and over again, his body experiences the pain of burning, freezing, and breathing in poison. He remains here for 200 years, to the point where he becomes used to the pain.

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He is even capable of sleeping through it. He states that Elaine is what keeps him together during this time, but he also has an extremely high pain tolerance.

3 He Can Handle Attacks From The Demon King

Demon King Meliodas piercing ban with his hand

Even after giving up his immortality to save Elaine's life, Ban has no problem going up against the Demon King. He is completely mortal but capable of physically handling whatever the demon throws out him. Even when the Demon King makes the air toxic, Ban doesn't even blink, stating that it was nothing compared to the things that he went through in Purgatory. His experience seemed to make him superhuman, but all it should have done was dull his sense of pain.

2 His Friends Consistently Give Him Mortal Injuries

King stabs Ban

When Ban is immortal, he gets brutally injured so many times that it is almost a daily routine. Even his allies do not hold back on him, as both King and Meliodas have hit him with enough force to take down a weaker man. Now that he is mortal, they will have to hold back, or at the very least, hope that Elizabeth is somewhere nearby. Unfortunately, they are about as careless as Ban himself is, so he is likely to continue to get more injuries from the other Sins.

1 His Soul Is Mortal

Melascula prepares to steal Ban's soul

Despite drinking from the Fountain of Youth, only his body became immortal. His soul was unaffected, leaving it susceptible to getting eaten by the Ten Commandments. His soul is still human, and can be forced out of his body. This indicates that the soul is completely separate from his body. Even odder is that his father's soul comes to save him, even though Melascula was reviving people by forcing their souls back into their bodies.

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