The 10 Commandments are the strongest members of the Demon Clan. Antagonists in The Seven Deadly Sins series, the 10 members were handpicked by the Demon Lord. Each member possesses a commandment and can endue on whoever breaks it. Additionally, each commandment is immune to the other’s commandment.

This list looks at the strength of each commandment at their max power level. The list is based on The Seven Deadly Sins manga and may contain spoilers for the anime. Like our previous The Seven Deadly Sins, Ranked According to Strength article, the list will look at combat class to determine who is the strongest.

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10 Fraudrin – 31,000

The weakest of the 10 Commandments is Fraudrin, the commandment of Selflessness. Occupying the body of the Holy Knight Dreyfus, he is the replacement for Gowther. Fraudrin’s commandment causes selfish people to lose their sense of self, including their memories and feelings. Fraudrin’s combat class is 31,000. 13,000 in magic, 15,000 in strength, and 3,000 in spirit. His main ability is Full Size allowing him to grow increasing strength and range. Fraudrin dies in a single hit from Meliodas, being completely obliterated to ashes.

9 Melascula – 34,000

Once a small snake, she grew to be a giant hooded snake that can also appear human after being exposed to Miasma. Melascula has the commandment of Faith. When in her presence, anyone around her must show faithlessness, otherwise they have their eyes set on fire. Melascula has a combat class of 34,000. 31,500 in magic, 500 in strength, and 2,000 in spirit.

Her main ability is Hell Gate. When used, Melascula can form portals which she can use freely. Merlin captures Melascula in a test tube after Gowther, Elizabeth, and Elaine paralyze her, returning her to her original form.

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8 Grayroad – 39,000

Locked away after losing the Ancient War is Grayroad, the commandment of Pacifism. If nyone who kills in the presence of Grayroad, their life is sped up until they die. Grayroad has a combat class of 39,000. Like Melascula, most of her power comes from magic. She has 26,500 in magic, 10,000 in strength, and 2,500 in spirit.

Grayroad’s main ability is Curse. This allows her to fight by causing diseases, meaning she won’t break her own commandment. Grayroad is captured in a test tube after a one on one battle with Merlin.

7 Galand – 40,000

Galand in his normal form is the weakest of the 10 Commandments with a combat class of 27,000. 1,000 in magic, 24,000 in strength, and 2,000 in spirit. As the commandment of Truth, anyone who is aware that they are telling a lie is turned to stone. Galand’s main ability is Critical Over, and achieving Critical Over raises his combat class to 40,000.

Galand set the rules in a battle against Escanor, stating that the battle will be over when one of them dies. However, being petrified of Escanor’s power during the day, Galand tries to flee the battle and is turned to stone by his own commandment.

6 Gloxinia – 50,000

Gloxinia was the first King of the Fairy Forest before becoming the commandment of Repose. His commandment of Repose wasn’t revealed before his death. Gloxinia died along with Drole fighting Chandler, Meliodas’s former master. Gloxinia has a combat class of 50,000. 47,000 in magic, zero in strength, and 3,000 in spirit.

He wields the Spirit Spear Basquias. Like King’s Spirit Spear, it can change form. Gloxinia often keeps the form of tentacles wrapped around his body. His main ability is Disaster, a power he shares with King. He can manipulate nature.

5 Derieri – 52,000

Rocking an awesome hairstyle and partially covered by her own darkness, Derieri is the commandment of Purity. Like Gloxinia, her commandment rules weren’t revealed before her death. After Estarossa is revealed to be Mael, Gowther, King, Sariel, Tarmiel, and Derieri team up to fight.

During the fight, Mael pierces the heart of Derieri, claiming her commandment. Derieri has a combat class of 52,000. 1,500 in magic, 48,000 in strength, and 2,500 in spirit. Her main ability is Combo Star. If she can attack consecutively, 200,000 pounds of force is added, resetting if interrupted.

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4 Monspeet – 53,000

The gentleman demon Monspeet is the commandment of Reticence. Those who opposed reticence by expressing inner feelings or emotions would have their voices blocked. Monspeet has a combat class of 53,000. 34,000 in magic, 16,000 in strength, and 3,000 in spirit. Monspeet has two main abilities. Hellblaze allows him to create black flames. Hellblaze is used by other characters in the series, but Monspeet is known as one of the greatest users of it. If Monspeet uses Trick Star, he can switch two objects at will. In a battle against Estarossa, Monspeet sacrifices his life to save Derieri.

3 Drole – 54,000

The giant Drole is the commandment of Patience. Drole’s commandment rule also wasn’t stated before his death. As stated in Gloxinia’s entry, Drole was killed in the fight with Chandler alongside Gloxinia. Drole’s combat class is 54,000. 14,000 in magic, 36,500 in strength, and 3,500 in spirit. His main ability is Ground. Like Diane’s ability to work ground, Drole can manipulate the earth and use Creation to create power dwarfs. Drole is also known for Drole’s Dance, often used by Diane, which raises his power.

2 Zeldris - 61,000

The younger brother of Meliodas, Zeldris is the commandment of Piety. This commandment makes anyone who shows their back to Zeldris a slave to him or the Demon King. Zeldris has a combat class of 61,000. 10,000 in magic, 47,200 in strength and 3,800 in spirit. Zeldris has access to Hellblaze and two other main abilities. God is a portion of power lent to him by the Demon King, making him able to nullify magic attacks. The second is Ominous Nebula which creates a vortex slicing anything in its path.

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1 Mael (Estarossa)– 88,000

Mael is the strongest of the 10 commandments, as well as priorly one of the Four Archangels. Mael is the commandment of Love, and anyone who possesses hatred will be unable to inflict damage in a fight. Mael’s combat class starts at 60,000, being slightly weaker than Zeldris; 3,000 in magic, 53,000 in strength, and 4,000 in spirit.

After absorbing Galand, the commandment of Truth, his combat class increases to 88,000. Mael’s main abilities are Hellblaze and Full Counter. Unlike Meliodas’s Full Counter, Mael’s Full Counter can only return physical attacks.

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