In The Seven Deadly Sins, Gowther - goat's sin of lust - is actually a doll created by a great wizard. He was created in the likeness of the wizard's love, thus has a feminine appearance, even though Gowther is a male. Gowther is a character that cannot read a room, which oftentimes has him come in as comic relief in stressful situations.

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Although a member of the seven deadly sins, some of his actions are less than heroic. Gowther has a way of playing with our emotions. Should we love this eccentric doll for his moments of greatness, or root for his downfall with his traitorous moments? Let's weigh the reasoning out by exploring Gowthers areas of heroism and traitorous moments.

10 Hero: Strange Sense Of Obligation

Although not entirely revealed in the anime, Gowther did not join the sins voluntarily, but nonetheless follows its creed to help others. In a way, he's selfish in traveling with the sins, because he hopes that it will help him understand human emotions and bonds.

This gives Gowther a strange sense of justice. In this way, his obligations take away the baring of a heroic act, as the motives and motives are vastly skewed. Gowther is seen as a free spirit that does things on his own time, but that doesn't make him evil. If anything, this characteristic makes him seem almost human.

9 Traitor: Does Not Possess A Heart

As a doll, Gowther does not possess a heart. This points to the root of most of his character flaws. Without a heart, it's no wonder why he's incapable of comprehending emotions and oftentimes creates misunderstandings. Gowther, although the sin of lust, is missing the core trait of what a heart stands for - compassion.

This in itself is not enough to make one a traitor, but the effects of not possessing a heart will lead Gowther down a path that's all too certain to turn him into one.

8 Hero: Immortality

Okay, maybe not total immortality, but it takes more than a simple severed head to kill off this doll. So, he's not quite on Ban's level, but he's got a solid set of defenses.

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Although it's not a staple trait for a heroic character to possess immortality, it's not an uncommon one, either. When it comes to offense and defense, Gowther has a knack for excelling in both positions against an enemy. In a pinch, Gowther is a great last line of defense, because even if he's knocked down, chances are he'll get back up.

7 Traitor: Lack Of Understanding

Gowther's lack of understanding does have ties to his heartless disposition, but that doesn't excuse all the seemingly harmless misunderstandings he comes across. It's not exactly traitor territory, but it does lead to some rather destructive tendencies for this sin.

For instance, Gowther casts Nightmare Teller, which allows him to observe people when they face their greatest fears. It's because he tries to understand how emotions work that this becomes a harmful tactic. He doesn't cast it with the intent of harming another, but this lack of understanding can cause unintentional harm on his part.

6 Hero: Rapid Communication

By using his power, Gowther is able to read the thoughts and memories of others. This makes him the perfect trump card when facing an impossible foe. With invasion, a mind-reading technique, Gowther can detect a makeshift plan or last ditch effort without revealing the plans to their enemy.

Invasion manifests as a purple lightning bolt and zips between the members to instill any thoughts or memories Gowther needs to grab onto. With the same technique, Gowther is able to plant new thoughts and memories into someone, which seems like a traitorous move, but is used more so for the sin's benefit.

5 Traitor: Test Subjects

After an act of heroism, Gowther takes a turn. He's hell-bent on learning the boundaries of love. This is already an impossible project for him to take on, considering he doesn't possess a heart. He becomes attached to a former Holy Knight - Guila - and slowly alters her memories for his experiment. Basically, Gowther brainwashes Guila into loving him.

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Besides this, Gowther always appears to seek out a test subject in order to sate his endless curiosity about human emotions. In this way, it could be said that his sin of lust is more of a lust for knowledge than any desire of the flesh.

4 Hero: Emotionless Equals Carelessness?

Gowther does not have a huge capacity for emotions, nor does he particularly understand them. This often sways his actions for better or worse. But, his emotionless character is not to be confused with carelessness. Gowther does take care in many situations when he's called to action.

It's clear that Gowther has a sense of what is right versus what is wrong. Yet, when it comes to his curiosity, this view is drastically skewed. He's not a careless character, so those times that he does take care shed a bit of light into the being that is Gowther.

3 Traitor: Missing Memories

When Diane confronts Gowther about the importance of memories, he decides to treat Diane as his next test subject by erasing hers. This causes Diane to run off back to her home territory during a perilous time. It's one of Gowther's many experiments, but it's done with a bit of malicious intent. He has a clear goal, but Gowther does this more as a sort of punishment to Diane, and to test the importance of memories - even the painful ones.

Even though Gowther specializes in manipulating people's minds, he fails to understand the invasion of privacy this creates.

2 Hero: Cross-dressing

Gowther tends to strike cutesy poses when introducing himself and cross-dresses as a woman, or wears gender neutral clothes. At the Boar Hat - Meliodas' traveling tavern - Gowther often wears the waitress uniform, which goes well with his magenta colored hair. This is more of a heroic move for Meliodas' sake, as Gowther helps out with the work and brings in customers as well.

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With his feminine features, it almost seems all too natural for Gowther to dress in female clothing. He enjoys it, and most others could care less about his girly preferences.

1 Traitor: His Ultimate Plan

Thus far in the anime, we don't see a ton of traitorous acts from Gowther, but his offenses seem like child's play in the grand scheme of the storyline. For those who've gone further than the anime and have turned to the manga, there's a side of Gowther we've yet to see.

Spoiler Alert: Gowther is a demon and one of the ten commandments. Gowther, and his creator, have plans that are 3,000 years in the making, but this contradiction to his character may or may not spell doom for him.

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