There are three major princesses from the Mario Universe that are considered beloved... Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, and Princess Rosalina. Rosalina is a lot different than the other two princesses she is always grouped in with and compared to. There is a lot to learn about the space-loving darling.

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Princess Rosalina indifferent when it comes to her love life, her height, her age, her superpowers, and so much more. She was also introduced into the Mario Universe many years later after the other two princesses everyone knows and adores. Here's everything a true video gamer should know about her!

10 Rosalina Was Introduced In 2007


The first time anyone ever laid eyes on Rosalina, it was back in 2007. She hasn't been around as long as Princess Peach who has been around since Super Mario Bros in 1985. Rosaline was first introduced in the game Super Mario Galaxy.

Princess Daisy first appeared in the game Super Mario Land in 1989 which continues to prove how much newer Rosalina is in comparison to the other princesses of the Mario Universe.

9 Rosalina's Watches Over And Protect The Cosmos


Rosalina is in charge of the Comet Observatory which is a place located in outer space that continually orbits around the Mushroom Kingdom. Princess Peach might be in charge of the Mushroom Kingdom but Rosaline is in charge of the space around it.

Since she watched over the Comet Observatory, she protects the cosmos as well. She is the best character who could possibly be up for the task.

8 Rosalina Was Supposed To Be A Brunette


Rosalina has light-colored blonde hair that is even lighter blonde than what Princess peach has. Peach's blonde hair is a bit more yellowish while Rosaline's is a more platinum color. Rosaline is definitely recognized from her blonde hair.

Interestingly enough, Rosalina was not originally meant to be a blonde -- she was originally going to be a brunette with long brown hair. Character designers avoided that because Daisy already had brown hair.

7 Rosalina Has 9 Different Names From Different Countries

Rosalina has been called several different names since she has existed. In the United States, she obviously goes by Rosalina. In Japan, she goes by Rozetta instead and in Spain, she is called Estela.

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In France, Rosalina goes by Hermione, like from the Harry Potter movie saga, and in Italy, she goes by Rosalinda. Rozalina is the name she goes by in Russia, Rojelina in the name she goes by in Korea, and Lujo Jieta is the name she goes by in China.

6 Rosalina Is The Only Princess In The Mario Universe Without A Boyfriend


Mario and Princess Peach are the cutest video game couple pretty much ever. Which other fictional video game couple is better than them? Luigi and Princess Daisy are a couple as well, according to video game storylines.

That leaves Rosalina without a partner or love interest! She is technically the only princess from the Mario Universe who does not have a boyfriend of her own. If anyone deserves one, it is her -- she is so selfless and helpful!

5 Rosalina Is Almost As Tall As Waluigi


Rosalina is a tall princess! When she stands next to Waluigi, they are very similar in height. He has super long legs and very lanky appearance. Rosalina doesn't appear to be so tall and lanky but in reality, she actually is! If she is almost as tall as Waluigi, that makes her taller than 7 feet.

4 Rosalina Has Helped Mario Save Princess Peach

rosalina and peach

Rosalina is not a lazy princess! She actually steps up to the plate and helps Mario when he needs assistance. On more than one occasion, she helped Mario on his rescue missions to get Princess Peach back to safety. In the 2007 game where players first saw Rosalina, she was helping Mario save Peach from Bowser.

3 Rosalina Gifted Mario With A Luma Creature


Mario has been gifted some cool things over the years across various video games. He's received magical items, food items, objects to save Princess Peach and more. He received a very cool alien creature from Rosalina though. She gave him the creature to help him on his mission.

2 Rosalina Is Hundreds Of Years Old


Every hundred years, the Comet Observatory makes its way around the Mushroom Kingdom. That means that every hundred years, Rosalina comes out of the woodwork to do her job! This obviously means that Rosalina is old enough to have orbited the Mushroom Kingdom a few hundred times.

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Regardless of how old Rosalina might be, she looks just as young as the other two princesses she is around -- Princess Peach and Princess Daisy.

1 Rosalina Has Superpowers Including Flight


Rosalina has a multitude of superpowers that are very impressive. She isn't just a lazy little princess who sits around doing nothing while the other characters around her do their thing. Her coolest power ever is her ability to fly. She can soar through space if she needs to.

Rosalina can also make objects levitate! She can make tennis balls float and she can even make Mario and Luigi both float if the situation calls for it. Rosalina can manipulate gravity, space, and she even manages forcefield creation.

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