Ray is one of The Promised Neverland's best characters. He was the first kid at Grace Field to know that he and his siblings were being harvested by demons and decided that he would help Norman and Emma break out. Over the years, he became one of the smartest kids at the orphanage, all so he would have more time to save his loved ones.

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While he planned to sacrifice himself to save them, he ended up being able to leave the farm with most of his family and protected them against the dangers they faced in the Demon World. Some chapters in the manga contain his greatest moments, such as these ten.

10 Norman And Emma Told Ray About The Demons In "Chapter 4: The Best Option"

Ray (The Promised Neverland)

After learning that Grace Field was actually a farm, Norman and Emma decided that the first person they'd tell was Ray, not knowing that he already knew. However, when they did, he disagreed with them on bringing everyone, feeling that it would be much safer if the three left the orphanage on their own since they didn't know what the outside world was like. Though Emma refused to leave without everyone going with them, Ray still helped them plan their escape, hoping he'd be able to change her mind.

9 Ray Revealed Why He Worked With Isabella In "Chapter 14: Trump Card"

TPN Ray is the traitor

After Norman found out that Ray was secretly working with Isabella, Ray revealed that he only did it so he could prepare for their escape. A few years prior, he made a deal with Isabella that he wouldn't be shipped out and he'd get rewards as long as he helped her. With these rewards, he was able to figure out what he could obtain from the outside world and learned how to break the tracking device in the children's ears.

Knowing this, Norman understood how valuable Ray would be to escaping, but in order to get him on his side, he would need to trick Emma. Even though he worked hard to help them escape, Ray would prefer Norman and Emma to be shipped out than to die right after leaving Grace Field.

8 Ray Revealed How He Knew The Truth About Grace Field In "Chapter 28: Concealment, Part 1"

When Norman asked Ray how he found out the truth about Grace Field, Ray told him and Emma that he knew about it since he was born as he never experienced infantile amnesia. Emma and Norman were shocked to know that their sibling had been suffering his entire life as they believed in all of Grace Field's lies. Ray then gave Norman the invention he made with the rewards he got in order to get rid of his tracking device after he pretended to escape.

7 Ray Started The Fire That Burned Grace Field Down In "Chapter 32: Action, Part 1"

TPN Ray about to burn himself

On the night before Ray's twelfth birthday, he spoke with Emma about how they hadn't given up escaping. For two months, they pretended that they didn't care anymore in front of Isabella, while Don and Gilda worked behind her back. However, Ray's plan for leaving Grace Field was very different from Emma's.

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Ray wanted to burn the house with him in it while Emma and the others escaped. This was his true plan all along and he spent his entire life ensuring that it would happen. After handing her the photographs he took of their family with his camera, he started the fire.

6 Ray Was Able To Escape With His Family In "Chapter 36: Action, Part 5"

Ray and Norman

Emma and the other children were able to stop Ray from killing himself and only burned the house down. He was surprised to find out that they were executing a plan that Norman secretly came up with, knowing what Ray intended to do.

After exploring the wall, Norman found an area that they could cross by using coat hangers and rope as a zipline. As Ray saw his siblings reach the other side, he imagined that Norman was with them and was impressed with his plan, as well as Emma's persistence, which resulted in the escape he never thought could be accomplished. Most of his family was free and they would go back to save the younger children that were still at Grace Field within two years.

5 Ray Regretted His Plan In "Chapter 38: Forest Of Vows"

The Promised Neverland S2 Ray

Once they got to the outside world, Ray was shocked to see his surroundings as they weren't like anything he read about. When he got the chance to speak with Emma in private, he apologized to her for not believing in her and regretted that he was going to let their other siblings be eaten by the demons, especially when they wished him a happy birthday. He then vowed to live for his family and protect them no matter what. However, moments later, most of his siblings seemed to vanish.

4 Ray Was Chased By Demons In "Chapter 44: The Girl In The Hood"


When the children were discovered by a group of wild demons, Ray ran away from his siblings so the demons would chase after him. While he ran, Mujika saved his family. Though Ray tried as hard as he could to get away from the demons, they eventually caught up and surrounded him.

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Ray collapsed to the ground and was told to give up, but he refused, despite it seeming like he lost. Luckily, Sonju came to his rescue and the two were able to escape.

3 Ray And Yugo Helped The Kids At Goldy Pond In "Chapter 86: Firepower"

TPN Ray smiles

After Emma went to Goldy Pond, she met the children that were being hunted by the Poachers and helped them in their plan to escape. Meanwhile, Ray and Yugo did everything they could to rescue her. Once they got to Goldy Pond, they met Violet, who informed them of their battle against the Poachers, that Lucas was still alive, and that they needed to kill Nous immediately in order to save him and Emma. Knowing this, Ray and Yugo were a huge help in saving all of the children at the hunting ground.

2 Ray Convinced Emma To Talk To Norman In "Chapter 123: An Important Choice"

After Emma confessed to Ray that she didn't want to kill the demons but didn't know what to do, he suggested that they talk to Norman about how she felt. The two were also concerned about Mujika and Sonju, and knew that they needed to make sure Norman knew about them before he went through with his plan. However, when they visited him, he wasn't around. Instead, they spoke with Cislo, Barbara, and Vincent, who were eager to learn about Norman's past but hated the idea of letting the demons live.

1 Ray Solved The Mystery Behind The Seven Walls In "Chapter 136: Maze"

TPN Ray old

When Ray and Emma went to the Seven Walls, they found themselves in a labyrinth based on Grace Field and Goldy Pond. While traveling, their ages would change. This caused Ray to realize that the Seven Walls were actually space and time, solving one of the greatest mysteries he ever faced. In order to meet The One, he and Emma would need to transcend time and space.

They eventually left the places that they were familiar with and went to a desert. Upon arriving there, Emma turned into a baby, and Ray turned into an old man and started to forget what was going on. Luckily, Emma figured out what to do, allowing her to make a new promise.

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