The Promised Neverland anime made a lot of changes to the story of the original manga. With major story changes that cut out characters and even entire arcs, the remaining characters were bound to change as well. Norman is no exception. Although he is still the Lambda Facility escapees leader, he met Emma later and under different circumstances in the manga.

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Thanks to his experiences, Norman feels like a different character. Things do not happen conveniently for him the same way they do in the anime, and he has to struggle to find ways to save the orphans and save himself.

10 Norman Doesn't Save Emma And Ray From Demons

Norman greets Emma and Ray

In the anime, Norman reunites with Emma and Ray a mere seven episodes after their tearful goodbye. In the manga, they were supposed to meet a few arcs after the Jailbreak Arc. Rather than being rescued from a couple of demons by Norman and the children he rescued from the Lambda Facility, Emma and Ray meet him at the Paradise Hideout.

Although Norman did go out of his way to save as many orphans as possible, the children from Grace Field House got to the hideout by themselves.

9 The Cure For Norman's Condition Is Found In Minerva's Pen

Krone holds Minerva's pen

Strangely, the original cure found in the manga is completely missing in the anime. In the anime, Minerva's pen reveals the cure for the condition causing the Lambda Facility children's bodies to deteriorate. In the manga, this cure was found in the form of another child, Adam.

Although he was subjected to the same experiments, he was exempt from the splitting headaches and violent coughing the others experienced.

8 Norman Never Created A Drug To Degenerate Demons

Norman has a hand over his face

In the manga, Norman never created a drug that degenerated demons, which permanently robbed them of their ability to think rationally. Norman did capture and experiment on various demons, but this was only so that he could learn more about the enemy and their weaknesses.

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Norman planned to kill the demons since he believed there was no way for humans and demons to coexist peacefully. He learned that their eyes were their weak point, and he utilized the power of other demons by coercing some demons into starting a rebellion.

7 Norman Established A Heavily Populated Hideout

Emma arrives in Paradise Hideout

Norman had already gathered orphans from various farms before his reunion with Emma and Ray. He offered the orphans that he saved refuge, and as a result, he was seen as a well-respected leader.

He discovered the hideout location from one of William Minerva's followers, and the hideout had enough supplies to allow the children to live comfortably. He indiscriminately saved everyone he could, including people who didn't want to be saved.

6 He Is More Of A Bitter And Hardened Realist Who Is A Foil To Emma's Optimism

Norman thinks deeply

In the anime, Emma describes Norman as a scared, lonely child. In the manga, Norman is more accurately described as a boy who was forced to grow up too soon to survive. He pushed himself to be stronger and smarter, his mind constantly at work thinking of ways to save the other children.

He is hard on himself, going many nights without sleep and spending months working on his plan to eliminate the demons. Once he made the plan, nothing could sway him, as he felt that trying to find a peaceful resolution would get everyone killed.

5 He Used William Minerva's Name

William Minerva records a message

After escaping from the Lambda Facility, Norman decides to take on William Minerva's name. By doing so, he was able to keep his true identity a secret as he raided various farms, leaving no demon alive. Using this name was also intended to give hope to orphans struggling to escape and survive.

The name was also useful in negotiations with the demons, as it is a factor that convinces Geelan to agree to rebel against the demon royalty.

4 Norman Doesn't Tell Emma And Ray That Going To Goldy Pond Is Useless

Emma in Goldy Pond

Emma and Ray decide to go to the second location that Minerva tells them to go to a little after they arrive at the first hideout. Not satisfied with living in hiding for the rest of their lives, Emma goes to Goldy Pond before she learns that Norman is still alive.

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She realizes that it is no longer a safe location, as demons made the location into a private hunting ground. In the anime, when Emma expresses the desire to go to Minerva's second hideout, Norman tells her that there is no point in going there.

3 He Sent His Followers To Kill Mujika

Mujika smiles

Despite Emma's insistence that Mujika and Sonju are good demons, Norman is unable to believe them. Unwilling to allow an unpredictable factor to exist, he sends his followers Jin and Hayato to accompany Don and Gilda in their quest to find these demons.

Norman doesn't go this far in the anime, especially since Emma and Ray also travel to find the two demons. Rather, he takes advantage of their absence to attack the nearby demon town.

2 Norman Goes Straight To The Corrupt Royalty

Legravalima surrounded by servants

Aware of the corruption present in the Royal Capital's nobles, Norman decides to focus on attacking them. This is a far more suitable target for him than a random town. The nobles were the ones who encouraged the consumption of humans to retain their power over the masses.

Norman manages to kill most of the demons present in the Royal Capital, but in the anime, Norman cannot bring himself to eliminate every demon in the town.

1 Norman Never Pities The Demons

Norman in a cloak

Norman never wanted to kill anyone, but he explicitly stated that he had no regrets. This was because none of the demons in the Royal Capital displayed any redeeming qualities. He still believed that he did the right thing, as the demons never showed any remorse either.

In the anime, he expresses deep regret over the bloodshed that he caused. His drug made families turn on each other, and rather than direct anger towards him, the demons are only capable of mourning. Norman, in his guilt, apologizes to the demons.

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