Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu created a lot of amazing characters in The Promised Neverland, with the protagonist of the series being Emma. After learning that her home, Grace Field, was a farm where demons harvested children, Emma helped all of her siblings escape.

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Despite facing a lot of obstacles and losing loved ones as she went on her adventure to free all of the humans in the Demon World, she also tried to see the bright side of things, making a lot of fans like her. However, there are a lot of things that both manga readers and anime viewers don't know about her, especially if they've only experienced one of the adaptations due to how different they are.

10 She Likes Giraffes

Emma looks up

When Emma was a little kid, she often wondered what the world outside of Grace Field was like and what she'd want to do when she got to go there. One day, she, Norman, and Ray talked about what they thought of the outside world when they went to the gate.

Emma told them how the thing she wanted to do the most was to ride a giraffe. The creators revealed that this was still a goal of hers as she went on her journey to get to the Human World.

9 She Was The First Kid From Grace Field That Learned How To Hunt

TPN Emma holding bow arrow

After the children escaped Grace Field, they met Mujika and Sonju, two demons that became their friends rather than their predators. The demons taught the children a lot about the world and how to survive in it.

The thing that Emma thought was the most important to learn was how to hunt, so Sonju taught her how to shoot a bow and put gupna in the creatures she killed.

8 She Didn't Like The First Photo She Was Ever In

Ray holding a camera

In order to get rid of the tracking device that Grace Field put into the children's ears, Ray secretly made a device of his own using parts from rewards he would get from Isabella. The last thing that he needed was a camera. In the 8th side scene of the manga, he showed the camera to Emma and Norman, who were very interested in it.

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Ray offered to take a photograph of his friends but as they got ready, he told them to be careful and that taking a picture can steal one's soul. Despite being an obvious lie, this scared Emma. Her reaction to hearing this was perfect for Ray to take a photo of, and she wasn't very happy about that.

7 She Was Originally Going To Leave Grace Field Alone

Emma looks determined

A lot of information about how The Promised Neverland was made was revealed in the interviews with Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu in the special edition of volume 13. When Shirai first came up with the idea for the manga, Emma was going to leave Grace Field on her own.

She would still meet Mujika and Sonju, and traveled around the Demon World. Eventually, she would return to Grace Field to discover that Gilda was a sister and Krone was a mother. These differences changed the story a lot.

6 She Almost Died At Goldy Pond

Emma in Goldy Pond

A lot of things that happened in the manga were cut out of the anime. One of the best parts of the series was when Emma went to Goldy Pond, a hunting ground where a group of demons, the Poachers, fought children that were taken there. For years, some of the children planned to fight against the Poachers, and with Emma on their side, they could finally execute their plan.

Emma ended up fighting against Leuvis, one of the strongest demons to ever live, and almost died. The anime would have been much better if this arc was in it.

5 She Would Have Accepted Being Eaten By Sonju And Mujika

TPN Emma and Mujika

From the moment she learned that Grace Field was a farm and her siblings were being treated as valuable food, Emma was afraid that she'd be eaten.

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However, because of her friendship with Mujika and Sonju, she learned that the demons weren't evil like she thought they were. She even told them towards the end of the manga that if she had to be eaten, she wouldn't mind if they were the ones to do it.

4 She Didn't Look For Sonju And Mujika In The Manga

After reuniting with Norman, Emma told him about Sonju and Mujika, hoping that she'd be able to convince him not to kill the demons. However, this only made him think of Emma's friends as threats. While in the anime, Emma, Ray, Don, and Gilda searched for Mujika and Sonju so they could stop Norman's plan, only Don and Gilda looked for them in the manga.

Instead, Emma and Ray went on their own quest to find the Seven Walls and make a new promise with The One.

3 She Lost Her Memory In The Manga

The children reunite with emma

The promise that Emma ended up making with The One in the manga was to bring all of the humans to the Human World, in exchange for her losing her memories of them. She didn't tell her friends and siblings what would happen after they got their freedom, causing them all to work together for the next two years to find her.

During this time, Emma was taken care of by an old man that found her. When the two of them went shopping, she ran into Ray, Norman, and her other loved ones. Though she didn't remember them, she felt like she belonged with them.

2 She Spent A Lot More Time With The Demons In The Anime

Emma smiles at Vylk

While the anime removes a lot of great things that happen in the manga, it also adds some new things as well. One of the things that those that have only read the manga wouldn't know is that Emma spends a lot more time with the demons in the anime. She made another friend, a demon named Vylk that doesn't appear in the manga.

He was one of the best demon characters in the entire series, being quite funny and helping her out a lot at the end of the anime. After saving her loved ones, she decided to stay in the Demon World and help the rest of the humans there. Mujika and Sonju joined her on this new quest, but unfortunately, little is known about what they actually did since it was only shown in the final moments of the series.

1 She Made A Different Promise In The Anime

promised neverland emma the one

One thing that was shown in Emma's final adventures in the Demon World was that she actually did meet The One. In the manga, the humans weren't able to leave the Demon World until she made her promise.

However, they were able to leave in the anime, before Emma was able to make a deal with The One. Because of this, it is unknown what the two of them promised each other in the anime.

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