The Quintessential Quintuplets fandom features many fans who fight over who is the best girl daily. Some of the characters' popularity is a given, such as Miku, who gained favoritism from the first season of the anime, or Nino, who people switched over to after her tremendous growth in the manga.

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But there is always one girl who other's considered the outcast, as she hit the bottom in favoritism overseas. Yotsuba, the fourth sister of the quintuplets, is this character. But numbers mean nothing - what matters is what makes her best girl material. This list is going to state 10 reasons why Yotsuba is the best quint. And for those who haven't caught up fully to the manga, be wary of spoilers down below.


Yotsuba excels in sports, she's physically fit, has excellent stamina, and is good at running. Because of this, a lot of clubs ask her to fill in for a missing player or to join because they want her on their team. Yotsuba can be seen running around all the time doing things for other people, although most would think she's being the boisterous girl she always acts like.

At first, Futaro thinks it's because of her personality and she enjoys being active, but by digging deeper into her character it's quite sad that she always puts other people before her wellbeing.


Yotsuba claims she's stuck in the past and that she's the only one out of the quints to not have grown in 5 years. Although she may be great at sports and communicating with others in a cheerful manner, she admits to her shortcomings when it comes to studying and other activities the other quints may be better at doing.

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She also puts herself down a lot, showing she has low self-esteem, and echoing the statement that she hasn't grown. Yotsuba does, however, never give up on bettering herself and instead tries to improve upon her faults after recognizing them.


Along with her quirkiness, Yotsuba has to have a unique trait to go along with her personality. Yotsuba doesn't laugh like any other quint in the group. In fact, she doesn't laugh like any other normal character in a harem anime or manga. Just as her name has the number "4"  in it, whenever she laughs she makes the noise for it: "shi shi shi."

Most wouldn't pick up on the Japanese joke unless you read the translators' note, but the fact that she goes out of her way to laugh like that makes her a very odd, yet unique girl indeed.


Yotsuba loves her sisters very dearly, even pushing her own feelings for Futaro and sabotaging herself just so the others can express themselves and have a higher chance of winning - and all with a smile on her face. In order for Miku to confess her feelings to Futaro, Yotsuba cheers her on and takes the back seat. It's the same with Nino when she inevitably falls for his charms, too.

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No matter how much you may love your family, Yotsuba's ability to sacrifice her own feelings for a lifetime is a trait not many characters possess in harem anime.


Unless you have read the manga, the reasons why Yotsuba shines so much and the great traits she has wouldn't be known to many. Although the first impression of Yotsuba is the energetic and stupid girl trope, it's deeper than that. For those who have read the manga, they know that her cheerfulness is sometimes a facade to cover up her confidence issues.

The way Yotsuba is written in a way to confuse you also goes to show how much thought went into creating her as a character. Not all of her cheerfulness is a lie though -- Yotsuba is a genuinely happy-go-lucky person all around, with even a name ("Yotsuba" as in "four-leaf clover") to fit her personality to a T.


She accepts Futaro as a tutor, perhaps with good reason. She did manage not to score at all on any of her tests - she didn't even get a single point for writing her name, something that shows she's the worst at studying in the bunch. No matter how well Yotsuba does in sports, she doesn't have a lick of excellence in studying.

That doesn't make her completely stupid, however, as Futaro gives her homework to study and helps her with any questions she may have. Wanting to learn despite her hinderances is a great aspect Yotsuba possesses.


Despite her score of 0% on her school tests besides Japanese, her best subject, Yotsuba wants to learn. She wants to improve, and with good reason. She retook the tests Futaro gave her as well as asks questions when she doesn't know the answer.

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Unlike the other quints, Yotsuba was the first to honestly ask for Futaro's help in raising her grades and helping her learn. Although at first Futaro deems Yotsuba stupid and a lost cause, her determination was the one quality he could commend her on over the others who ran away and ignored him as well as his tutelage.


Yotsuba arguably makes the best teasing expressions throughout the entire anime and manga, even beating Ichika. Because she's a wild card and you can never tell what she's thinking when she does make these expressions, there's always an allure to them, on top of her usually innocent and airheaded demeanor.

For example, when Futaro was sick, Yotsuba confessed her love for him with an enigmatic smile. After a few seconds though, she retracted her words by telling him to brush it off as a joke, confusing him as well as the fandom on if it was an honest confession or not.


This is a girl who loves watching anime, drinking carbonated fruit juice, picks camels as her favorite animal, and speaks to plants while she's watering and giving them life. What else could be described as pure but Yotsuba?

She also seems to have the least amount of perverted thoughts in her mind, for when Nino accused Futaro of wanting to make a pass at her, Yotsuba believed he wouldn't do something like that. Whether it's her laidbackness or airheadedness, there's no doubt about the innocence of Yotsuba.


It's about time to reveal the main reason why Yotsuba is best girl, isn't it? Once again, for those not caught up to the manga, don't read this entry. Through many trials and tribulations into finding out who the girl in the photograph was, it turned out to be none other than Yotsuba. Yotsuba was the one who helped Futaro get out of a complicated situation.

They both also promised to improve their grades and help their families have a better lifestyle, but because Yotsuba felt she couldn't keep this promise, she decided to only help him with his school and love life. There is more to the story of course, but to feel the weight of Yotsuba's other decisions, it would be best to read the manga. For now, these are the reasons why Yotsuba can be considered best girl -- and with the manga coming to a close, who's to say she isn't the fated bride?

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