Based on the hit video game series, Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel is a trilogy of films released in 2017 and 2020. Adapting a story element from the hit visual novels, the movie served as the fourth anime iteration of the Type-Moon franchise. Set in a world involving mages and a Holy War, the Heaven's Feel trilogy reimagines the main series' story with a darker, more shadowy threat.

Announced several years ago, the trilogy finally concluded last year, bringing its version of the Holy Grail War to a close. The series still has many fans, however, many of whom have yet to see the trilogy's finale. Here's how fans can legally watch each movie in Japanese and English, as well as where the DVDs and Blu-rays can be purchased.


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Fate/Stay Night Heaven's Feel's Story


The Heaven's Feel films are based on a route -- the final route -- of the same name from the visual novels. Like the previous tellings, it focuses on Shirou Emiya, a young mage who finds himself involved in the Fifth Holy Grail War. This conflict is a battle royale against the various mages involved and their Servant spirits. Driving Shirou's ambitions is a desire to win the war in the name of justice and defend his abused friend Sakura. All the while, a mysterious darkness begins to invade the land, with the pestilence it brings affecting Sakura.

The ensuing sequels see Shirou, now ousted from the Holy War, more determined than ever to defend Sakura as her sickness grows and merciless shadows begin killing people. Things only intensify as a dramatic incident happens to Sakura, with Shirou and others pledging to end the Holy Grail War for good.

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Where to Watch the Heaven's Feel Trilogy

The film trilogy was announced in 2014, with the first movie, presage flower, releasing in 2017. The second and third films, lost butterfly and spring song, came out in 2019 and 2020 respectively, with each of the movies being fairly well-received among fans and critics. Unfortunately, the movies are a bit difficult to come by online at the moment, with none of them currently available on major streaming platforms like Netflix or Hulu.

presage flower can be purchased and streamed through Vudu and Apple TV, while the DVD and Blu-ray collections can be purchased through Amazon and Rightstuf Anime. It's worth noting that it's currently the only one in the trilogy to be dubbed in English, however. lost butterfly can be streamed through the same sources, as well as through Google Play, Microsoft and YouTube. It's DVD/Blu-ray are also available through Amazon and Right Stuf. The same goes for spring song, though the film won't receive a physical release until next month. It will, however, have a limited theatrical release in America starting July 18. Until then, fans can catch up with the first two movies before finally enjoying the last part of the Fate/stay movie trilogy.

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