Romance seems to be the highest trending genre on the hit webcomic app, Webtoon. Many of its highest-rated toons are from the romance genre which has been the main reason people discover the app. The differing toons are all free, allowing readers to binge series to their heart's content, and are typically updated on a weekly schedule, depending on the comic's creator. Readers can choose to make in-app purchases for coins in order to "Fast Pass" the next three chapters of a comic that they are reading.

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Many people do not quite know where to begin when first discovering Webtoon. There are so many to choose from, and so many different genres to uncover, and it can get a bit overwhelming when picking the first one to dive into. Here is a list of the most popular romantic ongoing toons on the app.

Updated by Brianna Albert on September 26th, 2020: Romance is always going to be a hot topic that stirs any given fanbase into a tizzy. With the recent interest in the app Webtoon from South Korea and its exposure to worldwide fans, Webtoon has become a place for basically anyone to create their own comic, manga, or manhwa.

The app is convenient and meant to be read on phones, as one scrolls instead of turns pages. There are many stories to choose from amidst a wide variety of popular genres — with romance being the most prominent on the application. Here are the 15 best ongoing romance webtoons.

15 The Abandoned Empress

Girl and boy walking together

The Abandoned Empress follows an unfortunate girl named Aristia who is killed after an unknown woman decides to take her place as Empress. However, when she is sent 7 years back into the past, it is up to her to figure out who took her life and why they did it ー and also find some love along the way.

From Carsein De Rass to Ruveliss Castina, there are a few fans that have a bone to pick with who she chooses in the end, but it is up to fans who haven't read it yet to find out.

14 Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady With The Lamp

Blonde girl hugging dark-haired boy

After a woman is sent back in time to relive her past life as Princess Elise with the memories of the youngest doctor in South Korea, she decides to use modern medicine in a time where it was not available ー but of course, it cannot cure everything, such as a love-struck heart.

Now able to make amends with the people she wronged, Elise has a lot more on her plate than she bargained for as she also ends up making Linden D Romanoff fall in love with her.

13 The Man Who Cleans Up Makeup

The Man Who Cleans Up Makeup has been serialized since 2018 on Naver Webtoon. The plot focuses on a girl named Yeseul, a college student who is overwhelmed when she realizes every woman around her is wearing makeup. After meeting a makeup artist, Yuseong, he becomes her muse and they participate in a makeup competition.

However, with the pressure to wear it and the toll it takes on someone, this webtoon not only focuses on romance but the struggle to look perfect in a society that seems to demand it.

12 Seduce the Villain's Father

Girl and boy smiling happily

This manhwa may be new and released at the beginning of this year, but with a name like Seduce the Villain's Father, there's no wonder why it's making waves. Originally a South Korean manhwa, it is also a webtoon that is available to read online. Despite the title, the plot is quite pure.

After a woman awakens in a web novel she loved 20 years before the plot takes place, she decides to marry the villain's father so her country does not get destroyed. However, along the way, the farcical romance develops into something real.

11 I Belong To House Castielo

Blonde girl holding a stuffed bunny

When a young girl is sold by her mother, she is bought by duke Ein Castiel, who happens to be her actual father. Now being raised as a daughter of House Castielo, Estelle must make her place known, as she is a child of the house.

Of course, I Belong to House Castielo also features a romance between her and the person she meets at the house.

10 My Dear Cold-Blooded King

Currently awaiting its third and final season, this romance story is filled with love triangles and intrigue. Being born a humble peasant with a deceased brother who worked for the terrifying Blood King's guard, Kihara Mei has found herself in the limelight.

The Blood King has his eyes on her and has requested she be his stand-in bride-to-be in order to draw out royal assassins. To make matters even more confusing, there are two Blood Kings, a real and a fake. And they both have special heart eyes for Mei.

9 Sub Zero

Clove is the last princess of her Azure dragon bloodline and Kyro is the crown prince of the Crimson bloodline. The catch is the two kingdoms have been mortal enemies and at war for years. That is, until their families decide to make a truce by marrying the two of them off.

Clove hates Kyro, but is determined to marry her greatest enemy in order to save her people. But this is a romance, after all, and the enemies-to-lovers trope is strong in this one as Clove begins to see Kyro in a new and softer light.

8 Freaking Romance

This Webtoon is another in the romance genre in Webtoon. Zylith moves into a new, amazing apartment. The only issue is she thinks it is haunted by a beautiful boy. Zylith thinks she is going crazy but discovers that the boy, Zelan Lycas, is from another dimension.

He cannot see her, but he can hear her. Meanwhile, Zylith is totally caught up in her own crush with her best friend, Verose. Unbeknownst to Zylith, Verose and Zelan discover the others' feelings for Zylith and it becomes a race for her heart. Freaking Romance is currently on hiatus after the season two finale and is in preparation for its third season.

7 Spirit Fingers

Spirit Fingers is actually labeled as a drama on Webtoon, but it has one of the sweetest romances on the site. This toon features a girl, Amy, who is not too confident in herself. Her older and younger brothers are both incredibly intelligent and good-looking, while she is a little more than just average. Her mom does not really make her feel valid or pretty, and due to this, Amy does not see it within herself until she joins the Spirit Fingers.

After accidentally running into an extremely welcoming and diverse group of artists on the street, she decides to join their art club which meets weekly for croquis drawings. With this new club, Amy begins to discover the beauty within herself. She never physically changes; there is no makeover, but readers can see how she develops based on her mentality alone. The romance in this story is also extremely heavy, with Kevin Nam being one of the best romantic interests in all of Webtoon.

6 Age Matters

Somehow, Rose Choi ends up having to take over for her best friend as a maid to the next-door neighbor who is the young CEO of LIME Corp., Daniel Yoon. She cooks and cleans for him, and now he has requested she become his personal assistant as well. Of course, there are some rules to this. The most prominent one: no romance.

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After proving herself time and time again, both at work and emotionally, Daniel begins to see Rose in a more endearing light. Rose is nearing the age of the 30, and as a hopeless romantic, she sees the good in everyone. Readers will fall in love with her just as Daniel does.

5 I Love Yoo

I Love Yoo is an incredibly "slow burn" in the romance field. Due to this, its genre has shifted from romance to drama. It follows a troubled protagonist, Shin-Ae, who has an extremely rough life. She meets a set of brothers, Kousuke and Yeong-Gi Hirahara, whose father owns a massive company.

The two boys have extremely different personalities, one is too cold and the other overbearingly warm. Shin-Ae must discover how to accept people's help and friendship while tackling issues in her personal life. It is still unclear which (if any) of the brothers she will end up with. The romance in this Webtoon feels more gradual than forced, with the love coming after friendship.

4 Devil Number 4

This webtoon is a supernatural romance. Hanna has signed a contract with a devil, but the only issue is she does not have anything she wants. After having a troubling past, Hanna has had to take care of herself in every aspect of life. Finances, studies, and overall health have been completely on her since she was young.

Now as a college student, her job has fired her, her apartment sucks, and she doesn't really have any friends. All it took was a handsome devil to come into her life and make it all better. All it will cost is her soul.

3 True Beauty

Jugyeong doesn't quite find herself to be that pretty, especially by Korean beauty standards. Like a normal teenage girl, she has acne, no double eyelids, and, in her opinion, is just "ugly." That is, until she binge-watches makeup videos and tries it out on herself. She becomes unrecognizable as she moves on to high school and becomes a "True Beauty" of her new school.

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That is, until she utterly freaks out because the stand-off hottie of the school meets her with her true face and wants to be friends. This Webtoon reads like a Korean drama, and the love triangle gets really intense.

2 Let's Play

Sam is extremely shy, and not the most confident. After having her first video game, Ruminate, be ridiculed by the famous "Viewtuber" Marshall Law, Sam discovers that he becomes her new next-door neighbor. Sam, and the rest of the cast, struggle to defeat their inner demons in this Webtoon, such as anger, mistrust, depression, and fear, to name a few.

But that is not the only complication Sam has gotten herself into. She has also decided it is time she wants a boyfriend, and it seems like there may be as many as three potential suitors from which to choose. Let's Play is perfect for any gamer and geek, with pop culture references riddled into the mix.

1 Lore Olympus

Lore Olympus is iconically the most popular Webtoon on the app. It features a retelling of the infamous Greek myth of Hades and Persephone and their love story. Persephone is a new goddess. After being raised on Earth by her mother, she is awarded a scholarship to go to Olympus to attend school and learn what it is like to live amongst the gods.

While Persephone is there, she must work. And who better to work for than the God of the Underworld, Hades. The two quickly become smitten by each other, but obstacles seem to keep getting in their way.

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