Eccentric Russian figure skater Victor (Viktor) Nikiforov has won numerous awards in his life by pouring his heart out on the rink. As a prominent skater in the world of professional ice skating, Victor has his own worries, which leads to his temporary absence on the ice.

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It's thanks to this decision that he has the time, motivation, and curiosity to coach Yuri Katsuki. By doing so, Victor helps Yuri regain his confidence and love for the ice, as well as rekindle his own passion for skating. Yuri!!! on Ice centers around the relationship between Yuri and Victor, but there's more to Victor's character than what meets the eye.

10 Love At First Sight

When Yuri faces himself on the ice rink after a devastating loss, his performance is recorded and uploaded to social media. It spreads like wildfire, and catches the attention of none other than Victor, especially since the performance is one of his own.

Although Yuri and Victor previously met, viewers (and Yuri) don't know this until later in the series. That being the case, the first episode illustrates Victor in the throes of love at first sight.

9 Initially, Not A Coach

Victor's post-Yuri days include spending time on the ice, developing his own choreography, and taking advice from his coach, Yakov. Yuri's fall from grace becomes Victor's opportunity to find the passion that kept his love for skating alive.

Considered a legend in the arena of ice skating, Victor has years of experience to fall back on when it comes to promoting himself to Yuri's coach. Becoming a coach has its own set of responsibilities and challenges that Victor learns to wade through in his efforts to foster Yuri's growth and talent for figure skating.

8 Incorrect Subtitles

The creators behind the beloved figure skating anime never intended for Victor and Yuri to fall in love. That part of the story occurred all on its own. Mangaka Kubo worked to create a world where only love exists, and the notion of gay or straight don't interfere.

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This ideal is seen as those around the Victor x Yuri pairing wholeheartedly support their relationship. Another instance includes mistaken subtitles, where Victor asks Yuri if he's ever had a girlfriend. What he really asks is if Yuri has ever had a romantic partner, bypassing specifying a gender.

7 Skipping A Season

A plethora of reasons come to mind as to why Victor would consider skipping a figure skating season. It's true that he's lost the passion that drives him to skate and that he's concerned for his body, as the sport takes a toll on the ligaments.

However, the true reason behind his skipping a season is Makkachin, Victor's incredibly adorable poodle. Makkachin is Victor's important family member, but just like Victor, Makkachin is aging. Thus, this much needed time off allows Victor to spend time with his family and rekindle his love for the ice.

6 Future Compositions

Looking into future programs, Kenji Miyamoto, a retired Japanese figure skater and the person behind the detailed and choreographed performances in the anime, has expressed working with orchestral pieces such as Beethoven's 9th when it comes to Victor's performance pieces.

Victor is created to exude confidence, which is done by exemplifying his character proportions to model that of a Greek sculpture. The defining features, along with his personality while on the ice, impress the creators with future ideas for Victor's advancement in his career as a figure skater.

5 Victor Is Bougie!?

Bougie, short for the bourgeoisie, refers to people with a disposition towards luxury and materialism. As a renowned figure skater, it's clear that Victor has money and plenty of it to spend. But whoa, who could have seen this coming?

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Victor's free skate costume averages around 600,000 yen, or around $5,000. Although common in the realm of figure skating, it's still a pretty penny. The blades on the skates also differ for each character, with Victor's custom-designed pair a gleaming gold with an image of the Russian flag.

4 A Homage To Johnny Weir

A striking resemblance to Johnny Weir, an American figure skater, occurs in episode 7 of the series. During the Europe Championships, Victor wears a rose crown, which is similar to one Johnny wore in the 2010 Olympics.

In the 2006 Olympics, Weir designed his own costume, which Victor also wore to perform in. Once the comparisons were made, and Weir found out that he'd inspired details of the anime, he became an avid fan of the show.

3 Creating Victor: John Cameron Mitchell

Another homage presents itself in character development when mangaka Kubo bases Victor's character design off American actor and director John Cameron Mitchell.

Kubo found this inspiration while attending a performance of Hedwig And The Angry Inch and saw how the audience was captivated by Mitchell's performance. She wanted Victor to possess that same innate charisma, and thus took from Mitchell's features, especially his hairstyle.

2 A Deredere?

Those around Victor often categorize him as a forgetful person; however, it's clear that he possesses a positive, energetic personality. This leads to the much-beloved character trope of a deredere.

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The deredere's optimism knows no bounds, nor does their kindness. Although they react to negative impacts in their lives, they don't dwell on them for long and will seek the light at the end of the tunnel. Victor is much the same as he supports those around him, while also facing the harsh reality of growing older.

1 Career Troubles

Kubo has confirmed that canonically, Victor and Yuri support each other and that one cannot exist without the other, even with speculations concerning a future season where another main character barges in to complicate their relationship. If not for Yuri, Victor would not have returned to figure skating. Without Victor, Yuri would not have returned to the world of figure skating.

Victor's support for Yuri and Yuri's support for Victor ignite the passion for the ice within them. This support helps them overcome their worries and move forward in their careers, even if worries loom on the horizon for this happy couple.

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